Dog shot marketing


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A backward approach to love thy customers...

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Dog shot marketing

  1. 1. DOG SHOT marketing A ‘backward’ approach to love thy consumers!Contains no artificial flavourFilled with action in different positionsBacked by ANALyticsThis document is not justified (only in terms of formatting)Lots of sppeling meestake (copywriters are damn expensive!)Uneven fonts and colors (Does anyone know a good eye specialist???)Rahul Singh
  2. 2. Before you waste your time on this document:Technology today has made each one of us ‘evolved citizens’; hence no longer can a firm survive on the hysteresis of its brand value. The days ofhaving usernames like ‘Iamhot24’ are gone and Internet today is an arena where each one of us wants to showcase, share, learn, interact andact. The following document proposes an action plan to delight the consumers of today and hence create a referral chain by not just consideringOnline & Offline Medium as an alternate marketing channel but as an integrated strategy to create the power of 1. I dedicate this document to:  My cable operator – for broadcasting content that made me connect this document to the ‘Dog Shot’ analogy  Pundit at a Ganesh temple at Mumbai – reason mentioned at the later part of the doc (Who else did you expect me to thank… Philip Kotler!) Caution:Professionals and B-school dudes – Please do not copy any content to make your presentations. This document contains path-breaking insightsand no gas, so it might sound pointless to your bosses and faculty. Please mail me at “” if you need cheerful gasfor presentations. P.S: You need not be biologically 18+ to read this document, well only mentally!
  3. 3. The theory of evolution – Charles Darwin always wins!We no longer watch TV filing nails, we rather chat online; play games follow @rakeshjhunjhunwala on our mobile simultaneously. This is how connected we allare today! This is only expanding. So, is digital media = cheap mass media?If yes, then why didn’t:
  4. 4. Create a 360 degree view of your customers Combine who, when, and where…and you’ll know whyThe backward approach says – Put yourself The DOG SHOT marketingin your consumers shoes and give him whatyou would LOVE to have! When youprovide a customer experience that theylove; customers share it with their people. Take a shot of the end users’ needs! Even if you claim to be in B2B – Hey that’s extinct! Understand your end consumer for B2B its your customer’s customer.In the earlier part of this document I mentioned thanks to a Pundit in a ganesh temple, this is why:In a very small temple located in an average residential locality in Mumbai, remember people in Mumbai are always in a rush and seldom findtime to even meet their wives. Also considering this was a really small temple it had almost none coming. Pundit out there tried to understandwhat the people in and around need, so he started three things one – 1) Serve free herbal tea via a local vendor (costed him Rs. 3 each) from 7AM to 10AM 2) Keep 2 copies of newspaper (English and local language) 3) Distribute tofee as prasadYou might have guessed, this attracted people during their morning walk (especially the old crowd), Kids and local workers - doing jobs likecleaning. This started building a community at the temple and people started donating in very small amounts on a daily basis to the temple andthat temple today has become a hub where most people gather to interact. All this in lesser than a year – that’s what a 360 degree customerunderstanding provides!
  5. 5. Love thy prospects backwards… and they will love you back!CONFUSED… AWWWLove thy prospects backwards  Understand their needs and the way they percieve you, get an inside out view, what the consumers think aboutyou? Then, support them with ‘desiredly different content’ and ‘a memorable message’ And they love you back by acting as your best sales representatives!
  6. 6. ANALytics… And, Plan – Action = Shit!
  7. 7. So, what is ‘DOG shot’? Divide Optimise GratifyTake ur shot… DIVIDEThe power on one essentially means that all units waor as a single force but how does this start, ironically by dividing!!!Divide your customers – Treat each one as an individual. The age of segmenting customers as ‘all men living in metro in the age group of 25-30’are GONE. Today, each user is characterised by a separate set of attributes owing to the vast variety of touchpoints (TV, outdoor, apps, SM,reference group, web…)Divide your channels – Every channel might have a different set of impact on a customer at different times. Banking on mobile phones wereirrelevant till lately, are used somewhat today and might be the ‘preffered channel’ tomorrow. Even the most ardent email user till yesterday isnow using emailing as an indispensible part f their lives. So, putting efforts is not enough today, piping it through the right channel is the key!Divide your resources - More than 70% of the consumers mention about brands when they interact on social media… and many CMOs eventoday without a shot-of-a-doubt assign 1% of the marketing budgets to it. Technology has evolved and so has the consumer but most marketershave not, since they are still channelising their resources traditionally assuming innovation to happen!
  8. 8. OPTIMISE your message –So we all love zoozoo… Every telecom operator in india is advertsing 3G as an important landmark and a service with almost almighty features.Mobile number portability (MNP) is being agressively advertised with a ‘come to me’ message!Breaking News “All this is only increasing customer churn!”Because, when you use 3G, the speeds are terrible and you need to be a superman to get the network… When you switch from one operator toother using MNP, all you find is ‘same shit again’. So, evangelising, mentioning the biggest possible lie and cracking the best gimmick doesn’thelp…What does is communicating the deliverable in the most creative manner. Continuing with the telecom example, Loop mobile (A local Mumbaioperator) almost tried to do the best for its users by offering 50paise for every dropped call post the launch of MNP – they know that call dropsare bound to happen once in a while so its no point communicating a lie, rather compensate and strive for the best service. Age old Un-optimised messageThis is exactly not what we need and this is what marketers are doing since ages. So, when a FB user puts a status update – ‘I got a job’, its notjust a username or a data point or a mere status update! It is an individual expressing his emotions off… As marketers, one needs to understandthe implicit need behind each expression of emotion. A new job may imply that the person needs an investment plan or a new gadget or a newhouse or a credit card upgrade. Listen and Act, is the new age mantra, since consumers have matured… they are no more a baby, so STOPSPOON FEEDING! Be Disruptive, not Interuptive…
  9. 9. GRATIFYHere’s the ‘Helicopter Shot’… Reward your customers, Surprise them, Delight them, Hand-hold them, BUT DON’T SATISY THEMAccording to a Harvar Business Survey in 2010, 65% of customers who respond to surveys say that they are “satisfied,” with their currentsuppliers. What is even more interesting is as many as 80% of customers who switch suppliers report that they were satisfied with their previoussuppliers! ( BTW… Its only for your customers, not your GF! Satisfy her else you will be dumped, like me  )Obviously, I don’t mean that you start distributing free iPads on twitter… It’s a lot more than that! Listen to their query, Address in real-time,create communities of your fans, energise C2C interactions, reward the most loyal customer!Perhaps… These aspects are the one that force you to go back again and again to McD, Zappos, Apple, Toyota, HSBC, Coke and few others; youjust keep saying you love them! It’s Satisfaction that repels… It’s delight that pulls!
  10. 10. I take this opportunity, to beg your pardon for wasting your invaluable time because of this document. I hope it was not a KLPD, and even if it was – pleeeeeeeeese don’t sue me, Im a Mumbai based marketer and need to survive and run a family in this era of inflation! Just in case you were crazy enogh to like it, send your reviews – Will soon release my next document: “Database – Now in 3D!” Thank You!