PowerPoint Charts vs oomfo Charts


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PowerPoint Charts vs oomfo Charts

  1. 1. WHAT OOMFO DOESFOR YOU?(over and above what PowerPoint chartsoffer)
  2. 2. A great first impression Animated charts make your presentations look stunning Interactive options like click-able legends, tool- tips, editable charts etc. Beautiful gradients and smartly thought-out layouts that make your audience go wow
  3. 3. Animation – Column Chart
  4. 4. Animation – Line Chart
  5. 5. Create custom animations too You can create your own animation styles like fade-in, scaling effects and translation to impress your audience, the way you want
  6. 6. Custom Animation – Line Chart
  7. 7. Interactivity helps you communicatebetter with your audience oomfo brings interactive capabilities like you have never seen before in PowerPoint. Slice out a wedge in a pie chart, hide a series of data in a multi-series chart to ease analysis, show detailed data in tooltips and a lot more
  8. 8. Interactivity – Pie chart Click on a pie wedge to slice it out so that everyone knows which item are you talking about
  9. 9. Interactivity – Pie chart You can also rotate the pie chart to bring a data item in front using the right-click menu
  10. 10. Interactivity – Legend Click on any data series in the legend to hide all values for it – helps analyze the other series better
  11. 11. Interactivity – True 3D chart You can drag, rotate and zoom in to the True 3D chart below
  12. 12. Interactivity – Tooltips You can also show detailed info about a data set in the tooltips – hover over Product C, 2009.
  13. 13. Interactivity – Editable charts You can drag and edit the values of any of the columns – no need to go back to the spreadsheet
  14. 14. Interactivity – Zoom Line chart Zoom for a microscopic view of the data in the chart. Also, use the pin mode to select and compare non-adjacent data ranges
  15. 15. Advanced charts that PowerPointforgot to offer oomfo also offers advanced charts that PowerPoint doesn’t offer because of which you often have to use the wrong chart for presenting your data Example: oomfo offers the waterfall chart to show how a value has increased or decreased, the Pareto chart for everything 80- 20 and the Marimekko chart for marketing analysis
  16. 16. Advanced charts - Waterfall The waterfall chart shows how a value has increased or decreased to come to a final value
  17. 17. Advanced charts - Pareto The Pareto chart is used to show everything 80-20
  18. 18. Advanced charts - Marimekko The Marimekko chart is used for marketing analysis where 3 dimensions of data are involved