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GOA-tourist destination--consumer perspective
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GOA-tourist destination--consumer perspective


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this presentation depicts about Goa as a tourist spot.

this presentation depicts about Goa as a tourist spot.

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  • 1.  Tourism is defined as a short-term movement of peopleto places some distance from their normal place ofresidence to indulge in pleasurable activities. It mayalso involve travel for business purposes.
  • 2. TRAVEL BUYING BEHAVIOURTravelsatisfactionoutcomeandevaluationTravelpreparationand TravelexperienceTraveldecision(choicebetweenalternatives)InformationcollectionandevaluationstageFeltneed/traveldesireTravel Agency
  • 3. TYPES OF DETERMINANTS OFTOURIST FOR MAKING A DECISIONThere are two types of determinants:1.Those factors which determine whether or not someonewill be able to take a holiday or not2.Those factors which determine the type of trip, if thefirst set of determinants allow a holiday to be taken.
  • 5. MARKET SEGMENTSHedonistic touristsFamilymarketBusinesstourist.ThebackpackermarketWedding TouristVisitingfriends andrelatives(VFR)ReligioustouristsEducationaltouristsday-trippers
  • 6. Tourism – A convenience productShopping products Convenience ProductsLow Problem Solving High Problem SolvingLow Information Search High Information SearchLow CustomercommitmentHigh CustomercommitmentHigh Purchase frequency Low Purchase frequencyHigh Brand Loyalty Low Brand LoyaltyHigh Speed DecisionProcessLow Speed DecisionProcessHigh Rapidity ofconsumptionLow Rapidity ofconsumptione.g. Bank , postal services;washing powder,cigaretttes etc.e.g. HOLIDAYS, HotelAccomodation,Airtransport etc.
  • 7. ABOUT GOACapital PanajiArea 3,702 km² (1,430 sq mile).Population (2001) census 1.4 million (25th)Density 363 km squareDistricts TwoTime zone IST (UTC +5:30)Location of Goa 15.29° N 73.49° ELargest city Vasco da GamaOfficial languages Konkani, MarathiMain rivers Mandovi, Zuari, Terekhol, Chapora and Betul
  • 8. IntroductionGoa, the beautiful state located on the western coastof India, is blessed with many attractive touristattractions. That includes: sun kissed beaches churches forts temples lavish hotel resorts colonial monuments.
  • 9. GOA GOA’S CONNECTIVITY Air : Goa s international airport is 29 km from Panjim atDabolim. The airport is well connected to other metro cities. Rail : Goa has two main stations at Margao and Vasco da Gama. The760 km long Konkan Railway project between Mangalore(Karnataka) and Mumbai has given a major boost to train travel toGoa . Road : There are interstate bus services to Mumbai (16 hrs),Mangalore, Bangalore, Pune, Londa, Hubli, Hampi and Hospet. The best time to visit Goa is during the months of October toApril, when temperatures range between 21 and 32 C.
  • 10. TOURIST SEASON Begins in late September and carries on through early MarchWeather : The average temperature varies between 25`C to 30`C dry and pleasantly cool.
  • 11. Beaches in goa Anjuna- Located in to the southern side of the village, a realhappening place with eating joints, restaurants and bars. Calangute- Vast and sandy, the beach stretches out far off toCandolim. It offers opportunities for sunbathand swimming Candolim- it is a fairly busy beach. There arelots of wandering sellers and massagers offeringtourists massages Dona Paula- It gets the visitors a view of the MormugaoHarbour and the Zuari River. It is a spot to sunbathe and justrelax. Vagator- it can be seen as a little more peaceful one. It is amongthose beaches that are quite much immersed in the rave andrambling Goan culture
  • 12. Churches in Goa Basilica Of Bom Jesus- it is dedicated to the infant Jesus. Built in1605, it is famous as an important pilgrimage point throughout theRoman Catholic world Se Cathedral- dedicated to St. Catherine, it was built in 1510, is thelargest church of Goa and perhaps the whole Asia Church of St. Alex- It is the church of Goa that displays themagnificent beauty of its architectural style and ornated altars. Ries Magos Church- Built in 1555, it is also famous with the name of the Three Magi Kings
  • 13. Hotels in goa The Leela Palace- is the first of luxurious resorts of Goa. It recreatesthe architectural splendor of Vijayanagar palace in the 13th centurywith the Mediterranean style of design in the 18th century Taj Exotica- Taj Exotica is an extraordinaryholiday resort. It is perhaps the best one ofits kind in India. Cidade de Goa- offers beautiful sceneryamongst gorgeous green hills and deep bluesea. It offers all the best and modern facilities
  • 14. Shopping in Goa The streets of Goa are well decorated withshopping goods and usually hustle bustlewith to and fro buyers The local markets of Goa have a riot of multi hueswith exotic and striking product range The local markets you will like the best are NewMarket at Margao, Anjuna flea market andMapusa Friday Market. The fantabulous local handicrafts of Goa are the most famous souvenir items. You canfind here the terracotta, brassware, crochet, shell work, carved furniture, papier-mâché,and bamboo work products. The Mapusa Friday market is full of beautiful products made of raw wood. You can findhere the wooden products like the coir mats, wood furniture, wooden carvings and hatsmade of straw Another item that is on the top of the lists of tourists who come here is a pack of famouscashew nuts. Even in plain nuts, you can have flavors and a wide variety of tastes thatrange from plain to salted and also Masala
  • 15. Wildlife in Goa Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary- it is spread in an area of 240 sq. kms. It isthe largest wildlife preserve of Goa. Located at the foot of the WesternGhats, the evergreen forests and lush green trees surround the sanctuary. Molem National Park- lies in the heart of Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary.Taking a tour of the sanctuary is a great experience in itself, as one can seethe running herds of deers. Malayan giant squirrels, clusters of monkeys,black panthers, cobras and pythons are the common sight here. You caneven spot the elephants and tigers in their natural adobe Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary- covering the area of just 8 sq. kms. You cansee here the Indian bison, jackal, black-faced langur, wild boar anddifferent species of deer. Besides animals, tourists can also enjoy sights ofmultiple species of birds and butterflies Dudhsagar Waterfalls - With the most meaningful name, The Sea ofMilk‘, It is a Goas popular destination for nature lovers, hikers and trekkers
  • 16. Goa carnival Goa carnival, designated as oneof the most popular festivals ofIndia, is a three day long fest. Takes place in February, theGoa carnival beckons you to enjoyinexhaustible fun and frolic The festival of Goa generally begins onSabado Gordo, also called Fat Saturday.It further concludes on Shrove Tuesday orthe Fat Tuesday, the first day of Lent season Colorful marches and prolific floats paradeall through the streets of Goa Masked people sing, dance and mark the hilarious and glitzyGoan celebration and Music fills the air
  • 17. TASTE & PREFERANCES OFPEOPLE IN GOAWater Sports Water sports have seen a stupendous growth all alongthe Goa and have been largely responsible for the firstWindsurfing Regatta, now an annual event. This,along with the Open Board Sailing Competitionthat lasts up to a week, are events that all waterenthusiasts have come to look forward to. The best season for enjoying water sports in Goa isfrom October to May when the skies here are cloudlessand blue, and the waters placid.
  • 18. Popular water sports Wind Surfing- The morning breeze in Goa is light and steady. just right for learners; while stronger winds that set in during the afternoons offer a perfect challenge for the more experienced. Dinghy Sailing- A pleasant change from windsurfing is dinghysailing, often referred to as beer and sandwich sailing. With thewinds in Goa gentle most of the time, this particular sport offers itsparticipants much time to relax. Scuba diving- It is also fast gaining popularity. Underwater visibility in the more tranquil of Goa’s bays and lagoons ranges from five to 10 meters. Attractive coral heads, lobsters, bright coloredfish, and other marine life can be conveniently explored in theseshallow waters. Water Skiing-For the speed freaks Goa offers the thrills of venturinginto the sea on speedboats. Other Water Sports-High fliers amongst the speed lovers can optfor Parasailing. A more recent addition is the water scooter. Theyare readily available at Dona Paula and Candolim beach.
  • 19. Goan Cuisine The cuisine of Goa has an interesting mix of influencesfrom all the cultures that it came into contact with. Thereare two separate traditions in cuisine influenced by therespective religions of Hinduism and Christianity. ThePortuguese cooking has a strong and telling influence onGoan Cuisine . Goan food is simple but one has to bear in mind thatmost, though not all, of it is chili hot, spicy, and pungent.A typical Goan would prefer seafood to all other meatsand would use a lot of coconut & tamarind for cooking. With over a hundred kilometers of coastline its noshocker that fish and seafood are staples here. A Goanmeal is incomplete without Fish, Rice and Curry cookedwith coconut. Apart from fish though Pork is Widelyavailable and eaten mainly among the Christians.
  • 20. Goan Cuisine The most popular Goan dishes are- Pork Vindaloo Fish Recheado Prawn Balchao Sorpotel Chouricos (Spicy Goan Sausages) Chicken Cafreal Dodol(Goan sweet) An accompaniment to wash down all Goan food isthe locally brewed “Feni”. Though other forms ofliquor are readily available across the state, theGoans are as emotional about their feni as they areabout their food.
  • 21. Goan Nightlife Nightlife in Goa is exciting and there are many ways toliven up the evening. Goans enjoy going out . Almostevery third house has a bar-cum-restaurant. The place may not be anything special, usually just a roomin the house that has been opened to the public with acouple of chairs and a table. But the atmosphere is great -totally relaxing and extremely conducive to an enjoyablenight out with friends and family. Most of the places serve exquisite seafood and other Goandelicacies and have well stocked bars. The hottest place to visit and to be seen at in Goa today is“Titos” which is right on the beach. Tito’s, a legend thatstarted the party fever in Goa, is usually jam-packed withpeople. Theres also a new discotheque TheBeachotheque where you can dance the night away. Oryou could check out Lidos in Dona Paula. Beach parties happen at Anjuna, Morjim and Palolembeach with just music and drinks.
  • 22. Goan Nightlife Ingo’s Saturday Night Market at Arpora has hundreds ofstalls, with all kinds of accessories and is abuzz with musicand food. You’ll see the most outlandish sights and someinteresting people walking along with a drink in one handand a shopping list in the other! The Indian part of the market has Kashmiri items, woodenarticles, silks, pashminas, masks, antiques and homeaccessories. The part of the market run by foreigners has leather masks,clothes popularized by hippies, amazing hand-made shoes,furniture, paintings, CDs and clothes galore.
  • 23. Goan Music Goa is often considered as a nest of singing birds and thecredit for that goes to the melodious Goa Music. In otherwords, music is an essential part of the life of Goa and onecant be left untouched by it during Goa Trip. Some forms of songs and music of Goa: - Suvari- the Folk Music Mando- the Latin Taste Other Popular Music Forms:Banvad, Cantaram, Dasra Vadan, Gadya Ramayan, GaunKani, Gudulya Geetam, Jat, Pavada, Lavni, Bhajan-Dindi,Lagan Geet and Carol Singing are some of the other formsof Goa music that you hear in Goa.
  • 24. How to attract more tourists??? SafetyIt has been seen that many of the tourists fascinatedby blue water of beaches take a plunge into sea withoutbeing aware what awaits them.experience has shown that most of them have neverseen sea water before and have been risking their liveson self assurance of pleasurable dips which in mostcases have resulted in fatal deaths.
  • 25. Goa government should start in integrated beachsafety. It should provide well trained lifeguards, welltrained security personal on beaches modern watercrafts, modern communication gadgets,24 hrselectronic surveillance.
  • 26. Government should take concrete steps to stop terrorattacks.CHECK ON HOSPITALITY INDUSTRYSome of the stakeholders of hospitality industry placetheir rates as exorbitantly high under the guise of peakseason therefore deterring the tourist from visiting theplace and thus tagging the place as expensivedestination. There is no justification for some of themcharging 2-3 times the card rate during the so calledpeak season.
  • 27. SEEING BEYOND THE BEACHESHinterland of Goa is quite different from coastal Goa.Tourist all over the world have been attracted toPortuguese customs and and traditions. This is USP ofGoa
  • 28. HERITAGE TOURISMGoa has many heritage buildings, temples andchurches. Government can identify old homes. Theycan be opened for on seeing and can even be given onrents to the tourists.
  • 29. MULTILINGUAL SIGNAGE SYSTEMSThese systems are adopted by Russia andScandinavian nations. In these system informationabout a destination is given in various languages.ECOTOURISMGoa has a rich flora fauna and culture. Governmentshould promote ecotourism
  • 30. DEPORTED TO CLASSROOMORDERED BY GOA TOURISM POLICEREASON: The tourists want to stay beyond their permissibleSTAY ! !