Fras advantage of air ambulance


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Fras advantage of air ambulance

  1. 1. Flymed Rescue Ambulance Service FRAS- Advantage of Air Ambulance
  2. 2. INTRODUCTON This ambulance service attend for critical suffer patients need of medical assistance. They offer the services for those patients which transfer from one place of hospital to another place of hospital from airlift through stretcher with complete medical facility and CPR support as well. They also provide the service old aged as well as physical handicapped people to transport their native hospital in there Country. They have specialized medical staff which provides the necessary first aid in time of extremes cases that need pre-hospitalization care for reaching to the medical center s. The vital time of life saving support is only possible with the ready of availability of medical equipments and doctors in our ambulance. They have different types of transportation and escorting services in terms of air ambulance. • Air ambulance in Chartered Plane • Air ambulance in Commercial Plane • Air ambulance in Helicopter/choppers • Benefits from Air ambulance in Delhi , NCR India
  3. 3. Air Ambulance in Chartered plane In the service they transport the patient from one state to another state through the charter plane and also have good experience in number of years.
  4. 4. Air Ambulance in Commercial plane This ambulance service for those patients who required oxygen support or cardiac support or intravenous infusion equipments can be carried with specialist medical staff in complete supervision. They have ICU support as well on commercial flights with complete administrator in case of extreme urgencies.
  5. 5. Air Ambulance in Helicopter/ Choppers This ambulance specialized in short distance only for offering the immediate support for patients in remote areas or national Highway which are far from hospital . This is the plus point because they don’t used the airport but due to limited space as well as medical facility they diagnose the patient condition and they decide to give this services or not.
  6. 6. Benefits from Air Ambulance in Delhi, NCR India Looking for complete medical facility in time of emergency is a heavy task when increasing traffic disorder in the city like Delhi , by this obtaining for urgent healthcare after traveling some distance seems to be highly impossible . Shifting the patient from one hospital to another hospital in an unproblematic manner who is in needs of instant health care facility is possible as per the precise health care need. They have all updated aircraft with all advance medical aids for first-aid treatment in every aircraft.
  7. 7. Contact Us Dr.Vikas Kataria Address:- H-113 , ASHOK VIHAR PHASE-1 , NEW DELHI 110052 Phone:-9899856933