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Assyst E 2 0 Share Point Solution

  1. 1. ASSYST SharePoint Solution for Enterprise 2.0INTRODUCTIONEnterprise 2.0 refers to the concept of moving Web 2.0 tools and technologies into the enterprise to help employees,partners, suppliers and customers work together to build networks of like-minded people and share information. Insteadof a one-way conversation, Enterprise 2.0 lets you implement a multiparty conversation to share information andmanage knowledge inside and outside the organization using blogs and wikis, social networking and tagging, ratingsystems and the like. The link among these tools is the ability of the individuals involved to participate and to control theprocess while they work together, share information and create networks of people with similar interests.Enterprise 2.0 removes the size and complexity of earlier systems. You do not need experts such as systems analystsand consultants to make these systems work and to maintain them. Unlike most corporate initiatives, Enterprise 2.0tools, at least in their current incarnation, are not expensive to implement.Businesses are bringing Web 2.0 capabilities from the consumer realm to business applications to address the enduser and IT challenges. The idea behind Enterprise 2.0 is incorporating a range of Web 2.0 technologies such asenterprise search, Web-based collaboration, mashups and other concepts into business applications to improveefficiency, effectiveness and productivity.CURRENT STATE OF ENTERPRISE 2.0In Enterprise 2.0, social networking and collaboration are becoming an intrinsic part of end-user computing. Drivingthis trend is the increasingly pervasive and routine use of social networking and collaborative tools (wikis, blogs,microblogs, RSS, etc.) in end users’ day-to-day work and in business applications. Enterprise 2.0 offers tremendousopportunities for businesses to realize creative ideas and boost productivity and competitiveness. Achieving it,however, requires companies to adopt a different approach to collaboration. As long as collaborative tools remain Advanced Software Systems Inc., 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166. Phone: 703-230-3100 Fax: 703-230-0640 email: marketing
  2. 2. separate entities, often deployed in an ad hoc manner and maintained by the end users themselves, organizationscannot achieve all the benefits of collaboration.The ChallengeToday, most businesses use a piecemeal, silo-based approach to collaboration that cobbles together an assortment ofincompatible tools and platforms, each with its own database, directory and administration console. This type ofstrategy creates an IT environment that is chaotic, costly and counterproductive: user productivity suffers; data isdifficult to locate; tasks slip through the cracks; miscommunication and missed connections happen all too frequently.IT staffs struggle to maintain what amounts to a grab bag of collaborative tools and systems with differentarchitectures, dependencies and interfaces. Uncontrolled collaboration threatens security and compliance. In the face ofescalating hacker threats and ever more stringent government regulations, many companies are moving toward holisticgovernance, risk management and compliance programs.Enter Enterprise 2.0A typical organization could easily have five or six platforms for collaboration applications, including email, file sharingapplications, IM, conferencing and wikis—making it that much harder for IT departments to manage information andenforce a consistent set of compliance and security policies. An Enterprise 2.0 platform provides smooth andthoughtful integration between financial or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and the spreadsheets, portalsand document editing tools employees use on a daily basis. This enables a knowledge worker, for example, to segueseamlessly from working on an expense report to joining an impromptu online team meeting, or easily load theresults of a business process onto a portal or blog.Enterprise 2.0 tool makes it easier to share and organize information. Tagging and rating provide a straightforwardway to find content and make judgments about what to look at. Blogs and wikis are natural collaboration andcommunication platforms. Social network tools help staff find the right individual or group of people. Enterprise 2.0has the potential to provide knowledge and content management for less using Web-based tools. 2.0ASSYST SHAREPOINT SOLUTION FOR ENTERPRISE 2 .0ASSYST E 2.0 SharePoint solution addresses features of E 2.0 for an effective ECM, WCM, & social collaborativesolutions using SharePoint and thereby addresses your collaboration needs. 2.0 Features Business Benefits Blogs / Business Wikis Facilitates top-to-bottom communication Enterprise Search Securely access structured & unstructured info across enterprise in a single search Social Bookmarking Provision to store important documents and pages, and allows putting a document into multiple categories, if needed. RSS Constant updates to end user Mashups Provides dynamic customization People Database To extend relationships Survey To analyze trends or generate opinion poll Advanced Software Systems Inc., 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166. Phone: 703-230-3100 Fax: 703-230-0640 email: marketing
  3. 3. ASSYST E 2.0 SharePoint SolutionThe ASSYST E 2.0 SharePoint solution’s architecture is designed by taking into consideration even the minuterequirements of a collaborative, social networking site with good ECM and WCM capabilities. The architecture of thesolution embeds in it the best practices for the most critical factors like Performance, Security and Scalability. Thesolution architects and makes extensive use of the SharePoint 2010 best practices in each of its components added.The customized solutions and web parts of the ASSYST E 2.0 solution are also well designed and make use of theIndustrial standards and best practices.Rich UIASSYST believes that look and feel of a web site must match the corporate style of the organization. So ASSYST E 2.0SharePoint solution provides Rich interface for seamless user experience and brand the look and feel of thecommunity to match your identity. The UI of the solution is wealthy with easy site editing, including theming &branding, Office Ribbon UI for faster training & adoption of SharePoint 2010. Advanced Software Systems Inc., 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166. Phone: 703-230-3100 Fax: 703-230-0640 email: marketing
  4. 4. PersonalizationMy Site of ASSYST E 2.0 SharePoint solution is enriched with Rich User Profiles, user specific data, Organization detailsof the employee, charts. The user can store personalized documents, incorporate Tags and Notes, add colleagues &Memberships. The site also shows the Recent Activities of the user, Organization Chart so on. The My Site has linksto other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter. User can manage their favorite photos and videos and share itwith his colleagues and friends. The user can enter keywords that help to share their interests, responsibilities andactivities and give a much better way to discover the right people within large organizations. The users can putreminders required in their site so that alerts are sending across to the users in time. The users can use the Calendarin their My Site to set their events and share the event details to a group of people.StandardsThe ASSYST E 2.0 SharePoint Solution provides an Industry Standard (SaaS based) Scalable Technologies usingWindows platform, SQL Server and IIS. It has interoperability with standards support like XML, XHTML. The sitesare accessibility compliance for WCAG 2.0.CollaborationThe ASSYST E 2.0 SharePoint Solution acts as a single platform with intuitive collaboration and navigation acrossIntranet, Extranet and Internet. Enhanced Wikis and Blogs in the site help to create community knowledge. Taggingcan be done for element such as sites, documents, videos, blog posts. We can get Blogs RSS feeds in Outlook. Fewother collaboration features of the solution include Vote and Flag, Rating, Social Tags and Notes, Multi-browsersupport, Multi-language support. Users will be able to rate artifacts and recommend it to others using the site’scollaborative features.ASSYST E 2.0 SharePoint solution provides Mobile Accessibility with document sharing, people search, SMS messaging,alerts that helps effective collaboration, resource sharing and help people to stay up-to-date with news feeds andalerts. The solution components enables social interaction through collaboration services like DocumentCollaboration, RSS support, Interactive Discussions using discussion boards, Project Task Management, Contacts,Calendars and Tasks, E-mail storing Management, Online instant Messaging so on. The solution provides features likeFeedback and Survey to find better answers and for employees to have a participatory role in the organization.SearchThe search capability of ASSYST E2.0 solution uses the extensive usage of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search. Thesearch solution provided is extensible, scalable and customizable that helps the users to perform social and peoplesearch with varied options and thereby assist the organization to utilize the resources in a better way.The people search provided by the solution helps to surface the tacit knowledge stored inside your people byallowing those people themselves to be found. It also provides options to easily build and access your businesscommunity and to easily find expertise.Other features of ASSYST E 2.0 solution’s people search include Phonetic People Search, finding colleagues by theirname, responsibilities, interests or skills. Search result pages also offer a great functionality regarding office webapplications by providing view in browser link option. This helps to open the office documents directly in the browserimmediately.The solution provides Federation with client side software including IE8, Firefox and Windows 7 plus federatedproviders including Bing, SharePoint 2010 and any searchable RSS feeds and SQL result sets. The solution isconfigurable to use SharePoint 2010 Fast Search technology and thereby provides high-end scalability. Some of theother enhanced capabilities include content-processing pipeline, metadata extraction, visual search and advancedlinguistics. Advanced Software Systems Inc., 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166. Phone: 703-230-3100 Fax: 703-230-0640 email: marketing
  5. 5. Configuration ManagementASSYST believe that configuration is better than customization and understands that every business requirement isunique. So we provide a well-defined and flexible configuration management and workflow management that help theorganizations to streamlining its business process.SecurityASSYST E 2.0 solution makes extensive use of the SharePoint platform’s security features and provides a securecollaboration system. This includes Target Audience, Managed Accounts, Item level Security; self managed dynamicpermission levels and user groups, multi-domain support so on. The solution integrates the new form ofauthentication of SharePoint 2010 called Claims Authentication that addresses the privacy and other compliance andas well as the integration of different security systems.Administrative Tools for Security Enhancement and MonitoringASSYST E 2.0 solution makes extensive use of the SharePoint 2010’s powerful administrative tools like AccountManagement, Analytics and Monitory - view up to minute activity, SharePoint Best Practices Analyzer, Query HealthReports, Database Query Optimizations, and Internal Timer Job Processing, dynamic web application user policies,content filtering, content blocking, change password settings, manage trusted site details, anti- virus settings and webpart security.The solution also enables the administrative users the rights to configure Information Rights Management that helps toprotect sensitive files from being misused or distributed without permission once they have been downloaded fromthis server. This safeguard helps insure that confidential company information can remain within the organization.Content ManagementThe ASSYST E 2.0 solution acts as an integrated space to create and edit millions of documents and provides space forhuge sizing up to terabytes in a farm. It is a true Enterprise Content Management System with the striking features likedocument sets, In-place record management, hold and eDiscovery, Content Organizer, Holds, audit and file-planreports, manage retentions, Metadata based navigations. It has an effective storage options to accommodatestructured and un-structured data. It provides remarkable digital asset management features with the help of newaudio and media content types, RSS Feed and podcasting, Silverlight integration so on.User Profile SynchronizationASSYST understands that the goal for many organizations is to optimize their social networking experience bycombining heterogeneous personnel information from different data sources like Active Directory as well as anorganization’s Human Resource Information System.ASSYST’S E 2.0 solution synchronizes user profiles from different user security storage directories like Active Directory.The solution also provides centralized picture library from which we will be able to push our pictures back to the userdata sources like Windows Active Directory so that other applications like Outlook or the Office communicator willbe able to use the same picture.Office Apps IntegrationASSYST E 2.0 solution utilizes the SharePoint 2010 rich offline support feature in an extensive way. Our solutionprovides two-way synchronization of office application data effortlessly. Our solution also provides a common workarea to share files, contents, resources & thereby helping the users in and out of the organization to share knowledge. Advanced Software Systems Inc., 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166. Phone: 703-230-3100 Fax: 703-230-0640 email: marketing
  6. 6. IntegrationOur solution provides an Enterprise integrated platform for External Application that provides business content tocollaborate and bring information from enterprise applications to the end user. ASSYST E 2.0 solution can be integratedwith Microsoft and Non-Microsoft products alike. This is accomplished with the help of Assystized Web Services anda set of SharePoint provided services like Visio Services, Business Connectivity Services, Access Services, ExcelServices, Reporting Services, SharePoint Workspace so on. Integration with other Social networking applications likeFacebook, Twitter is also done which are also easily customizable.The solution has pages with customized mash up dashboards incorporating KPI indicators, BI Functionality, Reports,Charts, Media, drilldown reports and other components. This helps an organization to define and measure progresstoward organizational goals.PerformanceWhile deploying the solution to an environment, ASSYST takes comprehensive steps to analyze and incorporateperformance enhancement features and methods to the hosted web site.CustomizationASSYST understands the importance of customization that are not targeted to the mass market, but usually created forcompanies, business entities, and organizations for fulfilling their specific business requirements. ASSYST E 2.0 solutionarchitecture makes the best use of SharePoint 2010 OOTB features apart from the customizations to thecomponents required in a web site.The typical steps involved in the customization includes, meetings and discussions to analyze on the specificrequirements, check for alternatives, detailed design and development in Agile methodology/fashion, testing anddelivery of the system.Hosting and DeploymentASSYST believes that every environment is different and unique. So it requires detailed attention and planning before aweb site is hosted or deployed. ASSYST’S deployment and hosting methodology includes various phases like: Analyze Phase: Hosting environment and requirements are analyzed and steps are taken to prioritize the requirements. Planning Phase: This includes the input from the analysis phase and various best practices for making the web site execute in a secure, scalable and with enhanced performance. Testing Phase: This includes steps to simulate similar environment with the Planning Phase and verify the performance, security and scalability of the implementation. Delivery, Training and Audit Phase: This includes the actual implementation of the plan. Documents and checklists prepared in the planning phase / testing phase forms the input for this phase.Our E 2.0 solution is configurable to host in a stand alone, farm or a forest environment.High Availability & Disaster Recovery PlanData is the valuable part of any web site. ASSYST believes in taking steps to protect your business data from major orminor disaster. ASSYST analyzes and puts forth a well-defined process of disaster management and business continuityto safe guard your business. The disaster and recovery policy includes steps to minimize the downtime of the website.Our solution also makes use of SharePoint API for recovering data out of a database that isnt in the farm. The solutionis also configurable to restore from a snapshot. Advanced Software Systems Inc., 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166. Phone: 703-230-3100 Fax: 703-230-0640 email: marketing
  7. 7. CONCLUSIONThe benefits gained by an organization from E 2.0 technology are certain. Some of the key business benefitscompanies have gained from E 2.0 are: Greater ability to share ideas and collaborate Improved access to knowledge experts Reduce cost of communication, travel and operations. Decrease time to market for products Improved employee satisfaction Make people more productive in their work lives. Ease the networking of people, processes, and projects. Make the Relationship Enabled Network Effects (RENF).ABOUT ASSYSTASSYST is a CMMI Level 3 global information technology services company with an enterprise-wide focus on quality,and a deep commitment to continuous process improvement. ASSYST enhances the value of its clients IT investmentsand facilitates the alignment of their internal information technology with their overall business strategies.ASSYST provides clients with the ability to build an adaptive enterprise that responds quickly to change, and to seizenew opportunities using a combination of well-defined processes and best practices.HighlightsEstablished in 1993 MS SharePoint Center of ExcellenceHeadquartered at Sterling, VA Offices in CA, NJ SEI-CMMI Level 3D-U-N-S Number: 969115112 3 International OfficesGSA Contract #: GS-06F-0596Z 700+ Employees CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS: 22866 Shaw Road Sterling, VA 20166 Phone: 703-230-3100 Fax: 703-230-0640 NEW JERSEY 379 Thornall Street, 2nd Floor Edison, NJ 08837 Phone: 609-865-2365 CALIFORNIA 19925 Stevens Creek Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014 Phone: 408-725-7104 KOCHI II-138, Thaikkattukara P.O. Muttam, Aluva - 683 106, Kochi, India Phone: +91 - 4842628803 KOLKATA CJ-102, Sector-II, Salt Lake City Kolkata-700 091, India Phone: +1-703-230-3181 Phone: +91-33-65360459 HYDERABAD 1st Floor, Siva Towers HACP Colony, Kharkhana, Secunderabad 500 009 Phone: +91-40-27891984 Advanced Software Systems Inc., 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166. Phone: 703-230-3100 Fax: 703-230-0640 email: marketing