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digital marketing for Pharma (abbott pharma) social media digital marketing for Pharma (abbott pharma) social media Presentation Transcript

  • Increase touch points with doctors Connect and engage with them. Repeatedly Create and Curate a destination for doctors in your network From Detailing to E Detailing Be present where they (doctors/your influencers) are already Need
  • Mobile is the new Stethoscope
  • Pharma : Mobile Channels Reference Decision Support Compliance Monitoring Novartis Oncological Medical Information Mobile app Pfizer Oncology RSS app curates content Behavior reengineering apps as pills and reminder Mhealth applications
  • Pharma : Digital Channels Media Messaging Web E Detailing Online Events Videos Email Nurturing SMS Info sites Information apps Esampling Reference apps Ebrochures Landing Pages Search Ads blogs Mobile Social Media Community of interest Networking
  • GSK for example, when it’s asked about prescription medicines through its Twitter account, responds with “We are prohibited from discussing prescription medicines. Please speak to a health professional for advice on this matter.” social media and following regulations can be done professionally and effectively.
  • Sanofi’s use of its YouTube channel which contains a number of adverts that specifically don’t mention product names but instead give a general overview of the business; thus working within the Guidelines. social media and following regulations can be done professionally and effectively.
  • Pfizer on the other hand support a microsite dedicated to employees who blog about the work they are currently doing. Pfizer is proud of its efforts to create a personalised approach to the exposure of its brand through social media: social media and following regulations can be done professionally and effectively.
  • Johnson & Johnson, for example, were one of the first regulated healthcare companies to launch a YouTube channel Pfizer are ‘proud to be active and responsive on all major social networking platforms’ - utilising YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to interact with customers. North East based pharmaceutical companies Quantum Pharmaceuticals and The Specials Lab both offer online ordering of special medicines, showing that using ecommerce is also a viable option
  • GIST Calculator – Novartis Helps calculate risk for Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumours Medscape – Wen MD Offers CME activities for doctors ACE – Genentech Patient Management Go Meals – Sanofi Track Nutritional Info, monitor fats, proteins etc iChemoDiary – Merc Medication and keep track of symptoms Novartis Oncology – Novartis Profive doctors timely medical information, e detailing and updates
  • IT’S NOT JUST HEALTH CARE, MHEALTH IS SELF-CARE 9,000 +4,000 consumer health apps currently in the iTunes store expected by next summer These apps offer a mind-boggling array of health support, like: • Calculating calories burned during exercise • Creating soundtracks to help people fall asleep • Displaying pictures that can elicit memories from Alzheimer’s patients • Quantifying pain over time
  • A Third of Internet savvy doctors have changed patient’s treatment as a result of Internet Source :Hall & Partners 2011
  • 1 TOOLS, NOT TALK Physicians want to use your brand (not just hear about it). • What can your brand create that makes running the practice easier. • Or conversations with patients more powerful? • Demonstrate it in the detail and leave it behind with a short URL.
  • 2 BE LOGICAL, NOT LINEAR Conversations never follow the path you sketched out on a white board. • Hot spots and callouts let reps drill down into the data or ideas the physician is most interested in. • Multiple paths create a sense of discovery. • All while keeping the detail in the 2-minute window.
  • 3 SHOP, DON’T DROP Short are the days of Trunk Stock. Today’s docs want a more personal, flexible leave behind. • We have content physicians want: tools that support their patients. • How can we merchandise that in a way that lets docs choose? • And deliver it to them any way they want.
  • 4 STORY BUILDING, NOT STORYTELLING The iPad can create a virtual lab, an interactive AR, or any other space you might want to collaborate in We can build scenarios together. • That reflect the practice’s real patients. • And demonstrate the impact of a therapeutic.
  • FIRST MOVERS IN HEALTH CARE Truly mobile sites By 2015, more people will access the web from mobile devices than from computers. Over half of physicians are already accessing the mobile web more than 5x/day in their practice. BUT: Only 4% of pharma websites are mobile friendly. Morgan Stanley, 2010 Manhattan Research, 2011 The Lathe, 2011
  • FIRST MOVERS KNOW: It’s not just about the experience. Desktop websites are not designed for small screens. Some say that mobile could become a mandate. • Logo • Branding • Claim • Indication • ISI
  • BEST PRACTICE: MERCK’S JANUMET • Great, touch-friendly design with big buttons, clear graphics • Safety information snippets at top of page. • Phone numbers are active – just tap to start a call
  • BEST PRACTICE: SANOFI-AVENTIS’ LANTUS • One of the first mobile sites and still one of our favorites • Dashboard-style navigation • App-like navigation
  • BEST PRACTICE: NOVO NORDISK’S VICTOZA • Strong branding • HCP focus • Easy scroll text pages
  • TOOLS THAT EMPOWER PATIENTS Sanofi-Aventis created GoMeals to support people managing their diabetes. The clever app has calculators and tools that make mealtime decisions easier. ~3,000 people per month visit the GoMeals site. The app itself has 264 reviews across two app stores with an average rating of 3.5 – 4 stars.
  • TOOLS THAT POWER BETTER CONVERSATIONS King Pharmaceuticals’ PainBalance site brings together an incredible collection of tools – from clinical aids to surveys, educational content, REMS, and more. The site’s visual aids are the most impressive components – they’re exam room ready and in formats for nearly every device. The site has earned a lot of time and attention – rating as many as 15,000 visitors in a month and 4-6 minutes of time per visit.
  • Invest Earn Own Internet Advertising Social Media (Pages and Feeds) Brand and Product Websites PPC - Search Marketing Word of Mouth Mobile Brand and Product Websites Mobile Advertising User Forums Proprietary Mobile Applications News, PR, Announcements Customer Care Services Blogger Relationships Proprietary Digital Content Sponsorships Paid Applications
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