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Medical Devices: Technology, Emerging Sectors,  Patent Trends and Roadblocks
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Medical Devices: Technology, Emerging Sectors, Patent Trends and Roadblocks






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Medical Devices: Technology, Emerging Sectors, Patent Trends and Roadblocks Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Medical Devices Technology, Emerging Sectors, Patent Trends and Roadblocks© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 2. Medical Device Technology Areas - 1 • Computerized devices, IT systems Electronics • Robotic devices • Wireless systems SYNTHETIC • Artificial organ, Organ Assistive Devices ORGANS/TISSUES • Biocompatibility technologies COMBINATION • Infection-inhibiting devices PRODUCTS INVASIVENESS • Photonic devices, Acoustic devices REDUCING • Molecular therapies TECHNOLOGIES • Miniaturized devices, Imaging Devices/Systems© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 3. Medical Device Technology Growth Asia • Consistent Growth Rate of 14% • From 2005-2007, created 80,000 new jobs & a workforce growth of 20% US • From 2007-2009, R&D investment increased by 9% • Now facing unprecedented challenges that could prove catastrophic© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 4. Medical Device Technology Areas - 2 DECENTRALIZED- • Home/self care devices CARE • Portable/mobile devices TECHNOLOGIES • Telemedicine systems DEMOGRAPHIC • Aging-related devices TECHNOLOGIES • Enhancement/augmentation products DETECTION, • Genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, epigenomics DIAGNOSTIC, • Early detection and diagnosis, Personalized medicine MONITORING • Sensor technologies, Patient monitoring systems TECHNOLOGIES© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 5. Medical Device Technology Areas –Emerging Sectors LDT Personalized Laboratory Medicine Developed Medical model: Tests In Vitro Diagnostics Customization of (IVDs) healthcare Medical decisions, Classified as Practices, Products Medical Devices by tailored to the FDA, USA individual patient© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 6. Medical Device Technology Innovations - 1© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 7. C-Pulse Patents - US7740575Fluid pressure generating meansA fluid pressure generating means (10) for a heart assist devicehaving blood pumping means. The pressure generating means(10) includes a housing (11), defining an interior volume (18),and having a substantially rigid first housing portion (12), asubstantially rigid second housing portion (14), a flexible thirdhousing portion (16) extending between the first (12) andsecond (14) housing portions and an inlet/outlet port (15)adapted for fluid communication with the blood pumpingmeans. The pressure generating means (10) also includes a fluidfilling the housing and a motor (20) disposed within thehousing (11) and connected between the first (12) and second(14) housing portions. Actuation of the motor (20) moves thefirst (12) and second (14) housing portions relative to oneanother to generate fluid pressure changes at the inlet/outletport (15). A related heart assist device and method for thetreatment of congestive heart failure, myocardial ischemia andlike conditions are also disclosed.© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 8. C-Pulse Patents - US7765003Synchronization control systemThe invention claimed is:1. In an apparatus for controlling the pulsations of aheart assist device to alternate between compression of ablood vessel and withdrawal of compression of the bloodvessel in a timed relationship with the pulsing of apatients heart, wherein said heart assist devicecomprising: a pump for generating fluid pressure; aninflatable cuff for applying said pressure to blood in ablood vessel; a fluid for transmitting said pressure betweensaid pump for generating fluid pressure and saidinflatable cuff for applying said pressure,the improvement comprising a microphone positionedwithin said fluid, the microphone being adapted todetect heart sounds in said blood vessel conveyed to saidmicrophone through said fluid.© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 9. C-Pulse Patents - US8016739Heart assist devices, systems and methods An apparatus and method for use in assisting a human heart are disclosed. The apparatus comprises an aortic compression means which may be fully implanatable, a fluid reservoir and a pump means adapted to pump a fluid from the reservoir to the aortic compression means so as to actuate the aortic compression means at least partly in counterpulsation with the patients heart. In addition, the device is adapted to be wholly positioned within the right chest cavity of the patient. The aortic compression means of the device may be curved along its length so as to substantially replicate the curve of the ascending aorta.© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 10. C-Pulse Patents - US8206278Wrap for a heart assist device A heart assist device in which an inflatable balloon or chamber is held against an outside surface of a curved arterial vessel by a wrap (20) formed from a flexible sheet-like material. The wrap (20) having a first end portion (22), a second end portion (30) and an intermediate portion (26) connecting together the first and second end portions (22, 30). The intermediate portion (26) comprising at least three separate elongate sections (26a-c) arranged in side by side array each connected at each end to a respective one of the end portions (22, 30) of the wrap (20). The improvement in that the laterally outer ones (26a,b) of the elongate sections are longer than the central one (26c) of them. As a result, if the wrap (20) was laid on a planar surface, the central (26c) one of the elongate sections would lie substantially in that plane and the laterally outer ones (26a,b) of the elongate sections would, intermediate their ends, project above that plane. And many more Patents….© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 11. Medical Device Technology Innovations - 2Spyder –WIRELESS ECG SENSOR & DISPLAYby WEB Biotechnology Pte Ltd, Singapore• World’s smallest, wireless ECG sensor and display• Displays ECG waveform• Provides accurate measurement of heart rate and metabolic rate on the fly• Uses advanced wireless technology• Capable of recording ECG information continuously on a mobile phone andtransmit the data in real-time to a computer server• Vital information such as a patient’s ECG rhythm can now be accessed byauthorised physicians or specialists at anytime.© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 12. Spyder Patent - PCT/SG2011/000105ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHIC MONITORING SYSTEM According to one aspect of the invention, there is provided an electrocardiographic monitoring system including: a housing configured to be attached to a creature body part, the housing including: a plurality of electrodes confined within the boundary of the housing, the plurality of electrodes arranged a distance apart from each other and accessible from a same exterior surface of the housing; a signal processor configured to receive signals from any one or more of the plurality of electrodes and transmit signals to any one or more of the plurality of electrodes; and a transmitter configured to transmit signals from the signal processor.© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 13. Medical Device Technology– Latest Trends Renewable & Sustainable Energy Combination Revolutionary Remote Patient Devices Healthcare Monitoring Medical Robotics© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 14. Innovative Medical Devices– Latest Trends Remote Fetal Monitoring Adaptive Remote Wireless Innovative Cardiac Pulse Medical Monitoring Devices Monitor Electro Enphagraphy (EEG)© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
  • 15. Medical Device Technology Innovations –Roadblocks High Complex Price Regulations Talent & Medical Development Gap Errors Market Uncertainty© Tech Corp Legal LLP (www.techcorplegal.com) info@techcorplegal.com
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