Rahul deodhar nmims ftmba presentation june2013
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Rahul deodhar nmims ftmba presentation june2013



NMIMS FT MBA batch 2013 induction/orientation presentation

NMIMS FT MBA batch 2013 induction/orientation presentation



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  • School was designed in Industrial age to build conformist workers.Textbooks!Today we are in knowledge time – we need diversity
  • Once you have got into a B-School…Engineers and AccountsEngineers must choose Fin/Mktg/Ops/HRPerformance in MBA does not matter
  • SethGodin – hold back a little (a little higher)
  • Talk with CEOs talk with chaiwala
  • Randy PauschTime to goal vs managing clocks / keeping timesheet
  • Sir Ken Robinson
  • AtWorkSchoolLife
  • Who do you keep in the network?Are you friends your network or is your network your friend
  • Bill Clinton campaign slogan
  • Robo signingTeaser Interest RatesNINJA Loans
  • Modern Portfolio TheoryRisk fudgingReal Estate PricesStatistical interpretation
  • Trickle-down economicsInflation and money supplyGrowth and jobs
  • Trickle-down economicsInflation and money supplyGrowth and jobs
  • $30 added to the credit card bills randomly.
  • Human Performance10 sec barrier at 100m sprint200 runs in ODIs6m barrier in pole vault
  • Cholestrol
  • Understanding trends and discontinuities
  • EarthquakesPotholed road
  • What is risk? – Nelson’s eye Risk Management – Risk is not WYSIWYGDonald Rumsfeld – known-unknowns and unknown-unknownsMargin of Safety
  • Nicolas Taleb
  • Book by that name – for Finance
  • Single window clearance at Panvel Post
  • Modern Portfolio theoryClosed system vs open systemMarkets – self correctingConvergence of micro and macro economics
  • Our view of job world is apprenticeship but it is changing to independent consultant.Company will not supply the moral compassGet your own and use it
  • Transfer from partnership to company in Investment bank
  • Corporate disclosure and norms for young managersWhen are you allowed to speak for your companyLegal implications
  • V/s let evil not be done through you
  • Hand held devicesAll MBA students have smart phones / laptops / portable connected computers
  • Ask Mr. Google
  • How much data you can digestFollow curators Who are curators – Tech sites such as Engadget, Wines – Gary, etc
  • So what is the goal? Tech used to achieve the goalGoal is NOT to put fishing pictures on FB Goal is to be connected to mentors / educators / experts and have them at the tap of your phone
  • Video is most potent communication toolChris Andersen TED talk about videoDon’t make cat videos
  • Annie McCrossan
  • How to blow the whistle?Legal connotationsSpeaking for yourself / your company / society
  • Medicine causing more harm than disease
  • Curse of the CassandraHerd Mentality vs sticking out your head
  • Since theories are changing there will be a clashOld mindset vs new mindsetHow to choose sides
  • Cut loss strategy
  • Supply chains are global, companies are global, therefore global politics and economics is more relevant than ever.
  • Learning new skills – of making videos
  • Takes 26 hours for innovations to travel across the world
  • Chris Guillebeau
  • We want to Work LessBut we want to doMore of stuff we enjoy – Seth Godin calls it Art

Rahul deodhar nmims ftmba presentation june2013 Rahul deodhar nmims ftmba presentation june2013 Presentation Transcript

  • The Post Crisis ManagerRahul Deodhar
  • What is induction?
  • Things you need to know:All your education was wrong.You need something else to succeed.You may get it at NMIMS if all of you work for it.3
  • MBABasicsCrisisThirdWavePostCrisisMBAsMustDo forMBAs
  • MBA Basics
  • B-School Myths
  • Raise you right hand!
  • Attitude matters
  • Pyramid Principle – Barbara Minto
  • Life is unfair. Get over it.
  • Inter-personal Skills
  • Sheep, Tiger and the Lions
  • Give Respect
  • Listen
  • Be genuine
  • Time Management
  • Time to goal vs. time sheets
  • Sweat Work vs. Think work
  • Power of Routine
  • Multi-tasking
  • Time Management - Randy Pausch
  • Career
  • Who do you want to be?
  • Finding your Element - Sir Ken
  • Get yourself a Mentor
  • Build a Network
  • You are the average of the five people youspend the most time with. – Jim Rohn
  • Salary V Profile
  • It’s the Economy stupid!
  • The Crisis
  • Legs of the Crisis4
  • Regulatory subversion1
  • Robo-signing
  • Teaser Interest rates
  • Marked to Market
  • Theoretical Over-reach2
  • Hoodwink the probability of default
  • Real Estate Prices
  • Derivative Pricing
  • Insuring risks – AIG story
  • Broken Economic system3
  • QE vs. Inflation
  • Monetary vs. Fiscal stimulus
  • Growth and Jobs
  • Trickle-down economics
  • Illegal activities4
  • Overstating Income
  • Credit Card Frauds
  • Front running
  • Selling Junk
  • Lessons6
  • Data, statistics, probability1
  • Data in Modern Research
  • Historical vs. future behavior
  • 1 in a million event
  • Understanding Risk2
  • WYSIWYG Vs Nelson
  • Unknown-unknowns & Black Swans
  • Margin of Safety
  • Regulation as constraint3
  • Upcoming regulatory backlash
  • Claw-backs and caps
  • Single window clearance
  • Theory in flux4
  • Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Closed system vs. Open system
  • Markets are self-correcting
  • Morals and Ethics5
  • Company’s moral compass vs. yours
  • Remoteness of damages
  • Proactive stance
  • Ownership V. Management6
  • Liability of Board Members
  • When in doubt - disclose
  • Do no evil
  • The Information Wave
  • Ubiquitous Connectivity
  • Portability
  • Big data
  • Spam threshold
  • Technology is a tool
  • Power of Video
  • The Post-Crisis Manager
  • Blatant Integrity
  • Ode to the Whistleblower
  • Iatrogenics
  • Cassandra
  • Love Adversity!
  • Fail fast, Fail often, Fail safe
  • Global Politics and Economics
  • Learn - Unlearn
  • Crowd Accelerated Innovations
  • How does success look like?
  • Make Art!
  • Must Do MBAs
  • Read! Yes, but what? how?
  • Mags? Books? Blogs?
  • Research Papers – JSTOR /SSRN
  • G+, Feedly, Twitter, Kindle
  • Interact – Email, G+, Hangout, Twitter
  • Use your smart phones - smartly
  • Must Read Books• Personal Development– Snapshots from Hell – Peter Robinson– Man’s search for meaning – Victor Frankl– Alchemist – Paulo Coelho– Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins– How to win Friends and Influence People– Sir Ken Robinson – Find your Element• Manager basics– Straight From the Gut – Jack Welch– Nuts – Kevin Freiberg– Maverick – Ricardo Semler– Goal – E. Goldratt– Seth Godin - Lynchpin / Icarus Deception– Charles Handy– Peter Drucker – ALL Books– The Lords of Strategy – Walter Kiechel– Organisation Man – Whyte– Porter - ALL• Marketing Basics– ZigZagler– Seth Godin - Permission Marketing / Triiibes /Blog• Finance Basics– Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki– Phillip Fisher– Benjamin Graham– The Shipping Man – Matt McCleery• Financial Crisis– Liars Poker – Micheal Lewis– A Call for judgment – AmarBhide– Too big to Fail – Andrew Ross Sorkin– Econned – Yves Smith– Faultlines – RaghuramRajan– Subverting Capitalism and Democracy• Global Crisis– Disaster Capitalism – Naomi Klein– Superclass – David Rothkopf• Changing World– The Long Tail – Chris Andersen– Understanding Firms– Alvin Toffler– Dan Pink
  • Must Read - Regularly• HR / Job related– Evil HR Lady– Penelope Trunk• Marketing– Seth Godin• Must Read Magazine– Economist– FT– Mint– Business Standard• General Readings– Tom Peters– Fred Wilson (and Gotham Gal)– Mckinsey Quarterly– Knowledge@Wharton– Project Syndicate– Edge.org• Shameless Plug– rahuldeodhar.blogspot.com– Understandingfirms.blogspot.com• Finance– Gillian Tett– Martin Wolf– Michael Pettis– Paul Krugman– Scott Sumner• India– SubirGokarn– SonalVarma– AbheekBarua– TusharPoddar– A.V. Rajwade– Ajay Shah– IlaPatnaik
  • Must Watch• Randy Pausch– The Last Lecture– Time Management• TV Shows / Videos– Wealth Track– Max Keiser– The Daily show– The Firm (India)– Moneylife Foundation• HBS video-cast (various topics)• Bird and Fortune– Financial Crisis– Subprime Crisis• TED Talks– Hans Rosling– YochaiBenkler– Sir Ken Robinson– Bill Stone – Moon– Bill Gates on climate change• Bill Moyers• Seth Godin on Triiibes• Documentaries– Pots Pans and Other Solutions– Micheal Moore – Capitalism the love story– Smartest guys in the Room Enron Story• Podcasts– EconTalk– Stanford on business– Economists– Bloomberg News– FT– Business Insider– Zite• Videos in general– Jeremy Grantham– Hugh Hendry– Marissa Mayers– Sheryl Sandberg
  • Questions?
  • Success comes to those who prepare for it!It’s time to PREPARE!