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Bulletin for 5


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Rotaract club of Aurangabad Airport …

Rotaract club of Aurangabad Airport
District 3132

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Club Treasurer’s Ability Unlimited Appeal We choose ‘Ability unlimited’ as our club theme for this year. As these two words correctly describes our club. We believe that we have the potential & the ability to transform our thoughts into action. We Rtr. Sumita have proved it in the past by conducting some difficult projects on our own & we will continue Kindly pay your to do so in the near future. remaining fees before March 2011
  • 2. Dear All, Its alarming now ! Petrol prices are increasing almost every week. There Warm Rotaract Greetings... has been an enormous increase in the demand for Petrol as a result of industrial Yes!! It was indeed a great challenge for me to lead development and population growth.Our club.The training session at the District Assembly in Wai Basically petrol is manufactured from crude oil. Currently in India only 5really motivated and guided me to the right path. Also IPP companies extract crude oil.Rtr Saurabh,our club members and our RCC Rtn.ShaileshDeshpande sir believed in me, which really helped me toguide the club.Now speaking about club activities that mostof the things we tried were actually out of our reach, but the support and enthusiasm shown by each and every one made usto convert dreams into reality. One of such example was the Chess Competition atS.B.High school. And another one is the one for which we are working is CLAP. Those are - Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Oil India ltd, Indian Oil Corporation,And right from the start of this tenure we have tried our level best to bring new Reliance Industries & Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation. These five companiesmembers into action and so had and is happening. extract almost 30% crude oil of the total need. Most of India’s crude oil reserves At last i would just say that "Hey!! Rotaractors just come together, work together and are located offshore, in the west of the country, and onshore in the northeast.lets show something different about us to this world....“ India’s largest oil field is the offshore Mumbai High field, located north-west of Rtr. Hrishikseh Todewale Mumbai and operated by ONGC. Another of India’s large oil fields is the Krishna- President (2010-11) Godavari basin, located in the Bay of Bengal operated by Reliance Industries, began oil production in September 2008. The pie chart besides shows that we Hey Rotaractors, import most of our crude Warm rotaract greetings! oil from middle-east but This is my first year as a secretary and till now it has been amazing the maximum - 22% of to say the least! In the last seven months we have achieved almost all the targets the crude oil is imported we had set for ourselves at the start of the year. We made a from different Russian and Siberian plains, China determined effort to think out of the box, to create our own and Kazakhastan. In 2010, footsteps rather than following someone elses and we India was the sixth largest succeeded in it. Infect we were so busy in doing it; that net importer of oil in the every once in a while a point came where we managed to world, importing nearly surprise ourselves! And that I believe is what we all live for. 2.1 million barrels per Theres no greater satisfaction than surprising yourself by day, that was about 70%, doing things which others and at times you too thought of its oil needs. you couldnt do! Though the crude oil is god gift for middle-east, we can restrict the increasing oil Enough of the philosophical stuff, being the secretary I would like to congratulate prices by conserving the oil that we have. Crude oil is used directly and indirectly for many and thank all the project presidents, clubs BODs and members for putting up a purposes like Electricity Generation, LPG manufacturing etc. So saving Electricity, LPG would great show this year and providing president, Rtr. Hrishikesh and myself all the help a lot. We must use the public transport system and bicycles in city and control the use support we needed. I am sure we are going to do the same in the future! of Private vehicles. In this way we can restrict the Oil prices and help in progress of nation’s economy. Dreaming to be a Superpower in 2020, we must act like we think in our life. LONG LIVE ROTARACT! - Rtr. Chaitanya Gosavi Rtr. Viraj R Deshpande
  • 3. We got the following resolution by this assembly : - ‘” The root causes of terrorism are poverty, Illiteracy, religious extremity “. It is the youth to take the leadership against terrorism by creating awareness, initiating dialogue. Empowering young generations through stable economy, quality education, safe & healthy society is the key to end terrorism . Clap A Short Film Festival featuring for Aurangabad film makers . . . . . ! Ven ue S. B. Collage Drama Theater, Aurangabad Date: 20-02-2011 Time : 4.00 pm
  • 4. Both the chess competitions were huge success for our club as wesinglehandedly carried out both the competitions without any misconduct. Wecongratulated project chairmanRtr. Rohit and his team for this achievement.
  • 5. Sponsored By Club Bulletin Issue 1 18/02/2011President Secretary Editor
  • 6. Sponsored By Club Bulletin Issue 1 18/02/2011President Secretary Editor