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Emerging trends ver1

  1. 1. Emerging Trends
  2. 2. Emerging trends in Market• Internet-• E-commerce• Social Networking• Technology for reach Shopping Experience
  3. 3. Internet• Worldwide internet is growing at the rate of 7% with a base of 150 crs unique internet @ home & office• Asia Pac growing at 7.5% and BRIC growing at 9.7%• India with 10% internet penetration growing fastest among BRIC and most popular among youngsters 1. Internet usages is growing at rate of 50% 2. Total time spent is growing at the rate 33% -Avg 26 Min per day 3. Total Page View growing at the rate 28%- Avg 25 page per day 4. Young Audience- 75% visitors are 15-34yrs old – 61% are male Audience – Highest growth seen among 15-24 male and female segments 5. Growth is coming from Smaller town (Less than 10 lac)
  4. 4. Mobile device has overtaken Internet usagesWith Cheaper smartphone and lower data charges mobile is gradually becomingPrime internet access Point Source: Kleiner Perkins study
  5. 5. Leading Website in India• Google is the single biggest website followed by facebook• Facebook and wikimedia/ Times internet is the fastest growing website
  6. 6. Online Trends across categories in India• Social Networking ,News & search are driving usage – SN is having highest reach followed by news and search• So the key drivers being content and accessibility – Games and News are growing fastest
  7. 7. E-commerce-Online Retail• Below world averages reach 60% and higher growth 43% , shows immense potential in Indian online retail category• To will be driven by convenience for customer
  8. 8. Online Retail-Subcategories• Online retail Apparel has been fastest growing subcategory retail with reach of 13.4% in India
  9. 9. Online leading Retail Brands• Flipkart is second biggest after only to amazon• Jabong and Myntra in the lifestyle category respectively• Aggressive marketing and consumer need have led to this unprecedented growth
  10. 10. Ecommerce• Direct debit or Net banking is the most popular format of the payment• COD/Cash payments are more popular in the retail category• IRCTC averages at $17 per transaction and Flipkart stands at $35 per transaction
  11. 11. Social Networking
  12. 12. Online Social Networking• Facebook has emerged as the market leader in the SN category• Facebook users spent 3.8 hrs on an average in July 2012 and 17.4 visits per person• Linkedin has also shown over 36% growth in the last 12 months• Pinterest and G+ yet to make noticable presence in India
  13. 13. Mobile Device and internet
  14. 14. Mobile Engagement - The Growing Phenomenon
  15. 15. Facebook• CRM – Integrate Face book fans and Loyalty programme customers – Let real customer talks – Get sales impact of posting done on face book• Interactive facebook applications – Contest – Games
  16. 16. Online Entertainment site• Entertainment category has 89% reach, still lower than WW average of 94.1%• Entertainment sites growing by 25% and video views are growing by 79%• Youtube leads the pack with highest reach in the category with 53.7 % reach• The growth comes from bollywood video and music content, more sites to come up with the opportunity.
  17. 17. You Tube• Build On the channel• Collect content from customers on this• Upload the BTL activity video in the channel
  18. 18. Technology for rich customer experience• Augmented realities• QR code/AR Code• Mobile application• Games or engaging /Utility application• GPS based notification• Integrating CRM with Digital• Centralized Music system across all stores• Smart TV• Digital Brochure• Internet Radio
  19. 19. Augmented Reality• Virtually dress using AR and camera Technology, dont wait for some in store• This can be a kiosk in the store / at mall /Station /Airport• Increase interaction,build engagement, study consumer behaviour• Updating customer for latest collection
  20. 20. Augmented Reality Retail Mirror TechnologyThe new mirror developed byMIRRUS for use in Retail.Typically installed in dressingrooms provides the consumer withmatching or complementingaccessories for that particular item.www.mirrus.com
  21. 21. QR Code• Scan• Order• Pay• Dispatch• Deliver
  22. 22. Mobile Application• Catchment notification• Alert for new launch and new arrival• Gift voucher or Catchment offers• Real Loyalty points update• Store locator• Daily planner utility
  23. 23. Interactive website• Virtual 4 D Store tour• Fashion Design software• Fashion Tips• New collection
  24. 24. E-commerce Website• Convenience and online payments will drive the online apparel retail
  25. 25. Viral Video• Create Viral Video to increase brand awareness to promoter the activities of brand
  26. 26. Internet radio• Internet website which can provide same music across multiple location• In retail it will help to have contemporary music• Real time change in nation campaign• Do store specific campaigns
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