Newgen Insurance Spectrum


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Newgen Insurance Spectrum

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Newgen Insurance Spectrum

  1. 1. Newgen SoftwareDriving transformation throughOperational Excellence 1
  2. 2. Newgen Overview • Software Products in Business Process Management (BPM), Investors Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Customer Communication Management (CCM) • Global footprint with 900+ ECM and BPM installations in 52 countries across Verticals Offices • Over 400+ customer’s in BFSI USA • Over 100+ mission-critical SSC processes deployments UK UAE • Credited with some of the world’s largest implementations Singapore • Innovative culture, Consistent R&D investments, 35 patents India • Employee strength 1200+ • Certified for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005 and CMMI Level3
  3. 3. Industry Recognition 2010 BPM and 2009 & 2010 ECM MQ Reports Very Large Installations Emerging India Award for IT, ITeS and ICE Fastest Growing Market Leader in DM & WF Market Leader Innovator in ECM Innovator Significant player in Banking Significant Player Global Leader in BPM & DMS Global Leader “Newgen brings strong support for content interactions within the process (due to its heritage in the EDM market). OmniFlow is proved for large-volume, document-centric workflows. Newgen has a good focus on and an understanding of BPM needs in emerging geographies. Newgen consultants are well-trained in the design and architecture of solutions using Newgens BPMS.” Magic Quadrant for Business Process Management Suites, 2010
  4. 4. Enterprise Scale, Proven Deployments Banking Financial Services Insurance 100+ processes 18 Financial & 2,000+ users, leaner (e-Serve); pioneering Accounting branches, 97 offices work processes across 4 20,000 checks in 4 Continents hours; Loan Proc 200 million 700+ branches customers, 4 billion 14,000 branches automated in 2 pages archived, archiving 300 report years; 40,000 loans 2000 branches types (25GB/day) per month 55 processes across 30 min consumer Claims processing LOBs implemented loan approval in 4 through 40 low in just 8 months countries bandwidth branches Reports Archival for 5000 users, 300 450 branches in 22 10 yrs. Automated 9 branches, 20 million countries, 4 core processes for documents, retrieval languages registration time 3 sec
  5. 5. Insurance Industry Deployments DMS Installation for archival of 200 Big Bang approach aiming at ready million policy records, 4 billion pages platform for DMS and Workflow to across 2000 branches start the India operations Phased approach starting with DMS for DMS for Centralization of document Archival of Policy dockets. Now going for intensive operations over 100 branches Workflow. for Policy Documents Workflow automation across 2,000+ users, Complete life cycle Management of leaner branches, 97 offices policy documents using DMS 45% reduction in Turn around Time Full Fledged DMS and Workflow deployment for Motor Insurance Enterprise DMS for Archival of Policy underwriting process. dockets across India handling load of 20,000 per day Enterprise wide Document Management Deployment for Policy Dockets Unleashing Workflow for all business processes like New Business, Claims, Policy Automation of Motor, Household and servicing and Customer Query Resolution Healthcare insurance Processes using WFM Solution – WFM 5
  6. 6. Insurance Automation Solutions Across LOBs Medical Motor Marine Cargo Customer Service Renewal of policies & related New Policy Issuance & actions underwriting Enrollment New Business & underwriting Membership Services Reinsurance Services Auto Response to Queries & Medical Claims Deficiencies in Proposals Claims Renewal of policies & related Customer Query Resolution actions Documents Management for Fraud Tracking & Monitoring Customs Handling Cross Promotional Products Motor claims Life Insurance Personal Accident New Business & underwriting New Policy Issuance & Underwriting Claims Claims Auto Response to Queries & Deficiencies Fraud Management & Tracking Fraud Tracking & Monitoring 6
  7. 7. Insurance – Need for Workflow Head Office Approval/Rejection/ New policy Excepton Follow upCustomer Response Front Office Corrective Action Response BACK OFFICE FRONT OFFICE Back Office Users Reminder Reminder Inspection Reminder Underwriting Finance 7 7
  8. 8. Unified Automation Framework Content Reporting & Customer Processing Archive Capture Monitoring Communication Collaborative Process Design Real Time Dashboard Unified Long Term Leading Indicators Framework Flat Files Preservation Spool Designer Execution Record Process Design Templates Classification Indexing Retention & Disposition Distribution Physical People Tracking Customer Business Process Management Communication Records Mgmt Mgmt Enterprise Content Management
  9. 9. Document Archival & Core Sys Image-Enablement onOmniDocsTMDocuments Archival Document Scanning• Rights-based archival •Centralized or bulk scanning • Policy Docs •Distributed scanning • Claim Docs •Web-scanning • Underwriting Reports • Premium notices •Off-peak upload • Agent Commission Reports• Remote Image RepositoryDocument Processing Retrieval•Centralized indexing post •Search and retrieval of branch scanning documents from•Maker-Checker approvals anywherePhysical Documents Mgmt Core Enablement•Lifecycle management •Associate & retrieve documents•Tracking of documents with Core System transactions (viz claim papers) while in transit or storage •Faster Query resolution 9 Documents Anytime, Anywhere
  10. 10. OmniFlow - BPM Product Suite 10
  11. 11. Visibility, Accountability and Improvements Operational Reports Default Reports Transactional Report Graphical & Tabular Reports Customized Dashboards Drill Down Reports for detailed Analysis & RCA Analysis for Load Monitoring, Process Optimization DASHBOARDS BAM/ Email Alerts, Color Code Alerts & Scheduled Reports Generation BPO Process ManagersOperational Reports Business Insights/ can monitor work-load Investigative Reports KPIs allocation Customer’s Process Owners review Processes through Summary Reports Trend Analysis Reports across locations & timeline Process Metrics like SLAs, Turnaround Times and other KPIs can be measured Auto escalations as per defined TATs / SLAs
  12. 12. Integration Capabilities Integration via Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)  Web Services  Messaging Services API Integration  XML API  Java Beans GUI based Integration  Custom Desktop  Automated workstep  Form based integration  Terminal Emulators Standard Adaptors  DMS Archive Connector  SAP Adaptors 14
  13. 13. Integration ExamplesSr. No. Customer Name Core Application Processes Automated Integration Methodology1 Fortune 100 company, largest Ingenium: Web based New Business, Owner Web Services: Integrated player in US Core Application Servicing and Claims desktop containing OmniFlow Process & Ingenium2 Premium General Player in Premia: Oracle Database Claims Processing Web Services Singapore based Core Application3 Purely Private Indian Life Asia: IBM DB2 New business, Servicing Table based Integration for Company, part of Multiple database based Core and Claims Processes. fetching data from Core Domain Business House Application Letter Generation System. OmniFlow used as the through OmniFlow Primary Desktop by End Users.4 India’s No1 Life Company: eFEAP: Cobol based Core Storage, Search & Text Buffer/Flat File Public Sector Organization Application Routing of Dockets, Documents Generation, Image Enabling of Core System5 Largest Airline of Kenya Multiple Legacy Systems Screen Scraping/Terminal like ICARUS, Unique, Emulator 15
  14. 14. 45% Reduction in Policy Servicing TATsChallenges:•Ambitious customer acquisition targets (LIC had the Benefits: monopoly)•Planning for 300-500% growth in operations in short • Policies issued within 24 hrs time frame•Lower costs and increased people productivity •Reduction in document handling cost•Reduce TAT of transactions•Adhere to strict response times defined by regulator •80% auto-work allocationProcesses Automated: •Automated Role and Group management New Business Acquisition Policy Servicing •45% reduction in Policy Servicing TAT Claims “… the front-end for many of our business processes…system allows us to closely monitor timeframes, given the substantial growth in the number of customers and rapid growth in the number and complexity of customer requests.” 16
  15. 15. Enhancing Scalability – 20,000 documents per dayChallenges Benefits• Quick Customer Service Easy Document Search and View• Difficulty in searching• Space constraint Seamless Flow and upload• Need for an effective system Instant Access for Re-insurance• Re-insurance cases turn around time Streamlined Processes & reduced TAT• Curb Cost Optimal Bandwidth UtilizationSolution Deployed• Document Management System for all the policy documents(handling 20,000 documents per day) Branch Office Policies issued uploaded on the Branch Office central DMS Server Document scanned from different locations Policies can be accessed online from different branches Solution Deployed Branch Office 17