services in industrial markiting
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services in industrial markiting



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    services in industrial markiting services in industrial markiting Presentation Transcript

    • Industrial services
    • Contents1- Classification of industrial services2- Characteristics of services3- Marketing implications of industrial services4- Marketing strategies for industrial service firms
    • BusinessMarketing Is the marketing of goods and services to individuals and organizations for purposes other than personal consumption
    • Business services... Are used to manufacture other products/services Become part of another products/ services Aid the normal operations of an organization
    • Customer servicesPre – sales During – sales After – sales services services services
    • Classification of industrial services Products supported by services Equal parts of Pure Industrial products services services and services Major services and minor products
    • Characteristics of services •intangibility: difficult to sample and to evaluate •inseparability: difficult to separate services from the service provider; mainly direct sales; staff are essential to the delivery of quality services •Heterogeneity: virtually every service is different; very difficult to standardize quality •Perishability: those not sold can not be stored •Fluctuating demand: demand for some services fluctuates by season, or even by time of day
    • Marketing implications of industrial services • Intangibility - 1-Buyers looks for evidence of the service quality 2- service providers try to tangibles the intangible 3- use personal sources more than nonpersonal sources 4- creating strong organisational image. • Inseparability - 1- effective buyer- seller interaction depends on the service provider 2- requires effective recruitment and training of service providers. 3- use multisite locations
    • • Heterogeneity – 1- standardisation of output and uniformity in quality are difficult to achieve. 2- service provider should emphasis on quality standards, develop system to minimise errors, and try to automate.• Perishability - 1-when demand fluctuates service firms have difficult problems, use strategy to cope with fluctuating demand. 2- plan capacity around peak demand.• Non – ownership – 1- service marketer should communicate advantages of non ownership – reduction in labour and overheads, and flexibility.
    • Marketing strategies for industrial servicefirms Company Internal External Marketing Marketing Employees Customers Interactive Marketing
    • Service promotionSegmenting and targeting industrial services Service distribution Service pricing Service differentiation
    • • Service Packages Execution Stage Planning Stage Full Launch people Design product tech Develop- nolo gy system Analysis ment
    • Thank you
    • • References1. Internet2. Industrial marketing (Krishna k havaldar)3. Industrial marketing (Reeder )