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repositioning of cadbury

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Cadbury ppt

  1. 1. Brand Repositioning: Cadbury
  2. 2. Name Enrolment Nos:Rahul Shrivastava 12BSP0950Sanket Jakkanwar 12BSPSaurabh Singh 12BSPYogesh Shitole 12BSPSudhanshu Mishra 12BSP1264Tanushree Borkar 12BSP1318
  3. 3. Index1. Repositioning of Brand 6. Cadbury Dairy Milk Cadbury 7. Cadbury Gems2. Why Brand Repositioning? 8. Cause and Effect of Repositioning3. Timely Repositioning 9. Success/Failure of4. Changing the Target Repositioning Segment5. Decision Concerning Repositioning
  4. 4. Repositioning of Brand CadburyIn marketing positioning means the process by whichmarketers try to create an image or identity in the mindsof the target market for its brand, product ororganization.Repositioning on the other hand involves changing theidentity of the product, relative to the identity ofcompeting products in the collective minds of the targetmarket.Examples: Airtel, Vodafone, Maggi Noodles, etc…
  5. 5. Why Brand Repositioning?Not to beat off competition;Sales increasing but at a slow pace;Segment not big enough to provide fastergrowth.
  6. 6. Timely Repositioning"If a brand does not reposition at the right time, it maynot get a second chance"The company decided to reposition the brand in atimely manner and target new market segment. Thisdecision was taken in lieu of the lagging sales.
  7. 7. Changing the Target SegmentShifted focus from its traditional market segmentof children towards new market segment of adults.Depending on children as market was risky.
  8. 8. Decisions Concerning Repositioning Strength of the company Competitive context Consumer perception
  9. 9. Cadbury Dairy Milk“Kid in all of us”“Spontaneous joy” (girl dancing in the cricket field)“Real Taste of Life”A girl is shown breaking the security barriers and entering thecricket field to celebrate the victory of the country in the crickedmatch under the tag line “Kuch Khaas Hai Zindagi mein”. Thiscampaign went on to be awarded The Campaign of theCentury, in India at the Abby (Ad Club, Mumbai) awards.
  10. 10. Cadbury Dairy Milk“Khaane Waalon Ko Khaane Ka Bahana Chahiye”“Kuch Meetha Ho jaye”“Pappu Paas Ho gaya”“Radha Miss Palampur ban gaye ““Meetha hai Khaana aaj pehli tarrekh hai”
  11. 11. Cadbury Dairy MilkAfter capturing most of the adult market segmentit seemed like Cadbury’s had done it all but still itcame up with a new ad campaign, this timetargeting the festivals through ads like“Is Diwali aap kise khush kar rahe hain”Sister tying rakhi to her brother and receiving abox of chocolates in return.
  12. 12. Cadbury Dairy MilkCadbury’s Dairy Milk Silk chocolate range“Shubh Aaarambh”
  13. 13. Cadbury GemsSurprising decision to reposition Gems.Reasons:Sales have reached maturity point;Market expansion
  14. 14. Cadbury GemsThe move is fueled by two ad campaigns:oGems Sculpture;oGems Lady" Raho Umarless"Another perspective is that the brand brings outthe child in you.
  15. 15. Cause and Effect of RepositioningCadbury Dairy Milk Cadbury Gems On top of the pile.  Not been able to achieve desired results. Overwhelming market share of 70%. Sales shot through the sky.
  16. 16. Success/Failure of RepositioningCadbury Dairy Milk Cadbury Gems Resounding success  Failure Ad campaign was spot on  Weak attempt to attract adults Proper logic  Salient features missing Reason to consume the  Did not provide any product compelling reason to buy the product.