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  • 1. Ministry of Education and Training Faculty of Literature and Human science of Kairouan Tunisia Department of advertising and multimediaIt is my great pleasure to write this letter of appreciation for Rahul Budhiraja. I came across Rahul onthe FLARToolKit-Userz group(http://groups.google.com/group/flartoolkit-userz) and he agreed tohelp me with my graduation project for free.I am a student of advertising and multimedia in the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences ofKairouan Tunisia and my research involves investigating Interactive Media and their applications inadvertising and marketing .My current focus is on the impact of Marker-Based Augmented reality inMarketing. I am trying to understand all possible places where organizations could use augmentedreality to promote their products such as Advertising Hoardings, Menus in Restaurants, Clothing etc...After researching about the available Augmented Reality Toolkits, I decided to use FLARToolkit fordeveloping my application combining clothing and AR.The application is targeted for usage in publicgatherings such as museums, festivals and conferences. Markers would be used to represent thecompanys logo and when these shirts would be shown at a booth where the application would beinstalled. When shown to the camera, a promotional video of the company or its product would bedisplayed in place of the marker.Rahul was responsible for making the application in Flash. He is hardworking, personable anddelivered the final product before the agreed deadline. We got along well and I hope to work with himin the near future on my AR projects.Halioui Mohamed Firas30/05/2010Email: fh.jp@hotmail.co.jpAddress : Street of Sfax 3100 Raggada Kairouan Tunisia Web site: http://www.flshk.rnu.tn