How To Prevent Bullying


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  • The most important thing parents can do is to pay close attention to your children and encourage them to confide in you. Bullying is something that has been around well. So, as parents you should teach your kids on what to do and how to react if they are being bullied.As a parent or caregiver, you can use stories to help your child learn how to respond to bullies in healthy ways.As a way of helping everyone especially the parents, who still find it quite hard to manage issues like this, I found this great application which featured a safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button. #SafekidZone, Check it here:
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How To Prevent Bullying

  1. 1. ==== ====For the greatest protection against Bullying, check this ====Are you a concerned parent looking for ways to help your child deal with bullying in school andother areas of his or her life? Can you feel the anguish that theyre experiencing? Well, if yourelike me, and scores of other parents dealing with the same thing, the answer is... "Of course?"Let me ask you a question then."What the hell does self-defense have to do with your child beating the crap out of a bully?"I know that that sounds brash, strong, and even a bit low-class? But... its nonetheless true!You see, I teach people how to not get beaten, broken, or killed by others who believe thatviolence, in any form, is acceptable in getting what they want. And, if your child is the target ofbullying, those responsible believe that they can get away with directing their aggression at yourbaby. But...That doesnt mean that you have to become a fighter to be able to do that. Sometimes it has moreto do with who you are, how you present yourself, and the signals you send to a potential attacker,as to whether or not youre chosen at all!You and I both know that these same bullies - the ones targeting your child - by-pass a ton ofother kids in the process. However, I know something that you may not. And that is that martialarts training can teach your child the important, life-changing lessons that will allow him or her tobe able to beat the bully - often "without" fighting at all.And here we are at my question again. Ill lighten the intensity a bit, but I want you to think about itfor a bit. Ready?"What does your child learning martial arts or self-defense have to do with them beating up thebully?"The reason that I ask the question is this...A lot of parents, teachers, and school administrators believe that if your child learns to defend himor herself - if they take up the study of martial arts and learn self-defense skills...Theyll become fighters and be just like the bully.Im confronted with this belief and oppositional mindset almost every day.
  2. 2. And, to this I say...What a load of crap!Again... I know, I know... too rough.But, you know what... if I tone this down and apply the same "political correctness" that allowsbullying in schools and elsewhere to exist... then I wouldnt be able to help you and your childsolve this problem nearly as well. And that, is the truth!To this objection about martial arts and self-defense training - about empowering the victim, ratherthan hoping to reeducate the bully - I say..."So, youd rather have your child targeted, humiliated, and even beaten, instead of being someonethe school bullies are afraid of, and others know they can go to for protection?""Would you rather whine, whimper, and "bully" the school, the government, the police - soundinglike a victim yourself - hoping that someone else will fix the problem. Or would you rather take theshortcut and give your child the tools that are proven to change the game and make not just"these" bullies go away, but......every bully they could ever encounter... for the rest of his or herlife?!"The fact is that most kids who are being picked on, bottle up the frustration, anger, and anxiety -and they hide away until they cant do it anymore - until they literally "explode." Then, one of twothings happens: they either explode outwardly and, when they do lash back at the bully, they goWAY overboard. Remember the scene from the movie, "A Christmas Story," where Ralphie turnson the bully and beats him bloody and senseless on the ground? Or, how about Columbine, wheretwo kids lashed back so violently that they went on a shooting spree until they finally turned theguns on themselves!Or, the ones who dont, explode inwardly and self-destruct, either emotionally or, in many cases,take their own lives - believing that, "This will teach them a lesson!"So? What does this have to do with martial arts or your child learning how to defend him orherself?Simple.The simple fact is that the martial arts, while teaching students how to physically defendthemselves from physical attacks, also teach them how to deal with violence and aggression. So,instead of becoming aggressive - instead of learning how to "beat the crap out of the bully," asmany believe, your child will develop a sense of calm, in the face of bullying and aggression.And, they will also develop a sense of confident, disciplined presence - a look of command in theireyes that is a major "Stop" sign to any potential bully.Do you really want to stop the bullying that your child is experiencing? Do you really want torelieve them of the pain, suffering, mental anguish, and fear of another day dealing with bullying in
  3. 3. school, or where ever he or she is experiencing it?Do you want to see them develop the ability to beat the bully without fighting - to be able todefend themselves if they have to, without becoming that which they fear most?Then, I highly recommend that you take a serious look at getting your child into a solid,professional, martial arts for kids program. Seriously, it could be the best anti-bullying program youcould ever find!Isnt it time that your child learned how to really defend themselves against bullying in school andeverywhere else? Isnt their health, self-confidence, and well-being worth getting real solutions?How?By learning what really works to stop bullying behavior, and by giving your child the tools that dojust that!If youre ready to take serious, proactive action to protect your child against the effects of bullyingin school and everywhere in his or her life, then read this special anti-bullying report titled, "How toReally Bully-Proof Your Child!" Its available free, along with a parents only newsletter full of tipsand strategies to make your child ore safe and secure at: http://antibullyingtactics.blogspot.comJeffrey M. Miller is an internationally-recognized self-protection and personal development expertwho has designed and presented empowerment and child safety programs for children of all agesfor such organizations as Girl Scouts of America, Kiwanis, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and others.He is available to speak or lead a training program for your group or organization, and can bereached through his international office in the U.S. at (570) 988-2228.Article Source: ====For the greatest protection against Bullying, check this ====