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The content strategy paradox


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  • 1. The Content Strategy Paradox Rahel Anne Bailie © 2011 Intentional Design Inc.@rahelab
  • 2. Who am I? Content Strategy Business Technical Content/info IA/Usability communications communication management
  • 4. Alternatives chosen to make happen a desired future, such as achievement ofDefinition a goal or solution to a problem.
  • 5. Publishing strategy CommunicationTypes of strategies strategy Digital strategy Engagement Internet strategy strategy
  • 6. CONTENT
  • 7. Something contained, in a receptacle The stuff between the tagsDefinition Rahel Anne Bailie at Lavacon 2010 Potential information Human-usable, contextualized data
  • 8. Marketing Sales User AssistanceTypes of strategies (docs, help, training, knowledge base) User-generated Corporate
  • 9. CONTENTCommon theme STRATEGY
  • 10. A sampling of recent workshops
  • 11. A sampling of recent workshops
  • 12. You’d think content strategy is …• Lots of web, social, mobile• Mostly marketing content• Big part is editorial• Focused on position and message
  • 13. A sampling of recent workshops
  • 14. A sampling of recent workshops
  • 15. You’d think content strategy is …• Multi-channel publishing• Mostly user assistance• Big part is technical• Focus on asset amplification
  • 16. Will the real content strategy please stand up? Paradox: apparently contradictory statement Web Mobile Apps Social Technical Engagement Localization Transactional
  • 17. Will the real content strategy please stand up? One Discipline, Many Specialties Mobile Pediatrician Weball content strategy It’s Podiatrist Apps Social Technical Gynecologist Engagement Plastic Psychiatrist Localization surgeon Transactional
  • 18. Repeatable system that governs theWhat is content strategy? management of content throughout the entire lifecycle
  • 19. Copywriting Editing Web designWhat it’s not Social media Information architecture Structured content Content management Project management
  • 20. Tweetable Content strategy = Management consulting, specializing in content
  • 21. Satellite view: Content supply chain That assumes: Strategy/ Analyze • Content is a commodity • It’s a single-use product Author/ Edit • Focus should be on optimization Content Management • Content has clear start and UX/Deploy end production points • Production is linear, not Localize iterative • All content gets a single Measure treatment
  • 22. Street view: It’s more like this
  • 23. The content lifecycle • Requirement analysis • Author/Edit • User research • Acquire • Governance planning • Version/Localize • Budget • Metadata Analyze Collect Publish Manage • Modeling/typing • Aggregate/Transform • Configure/components • Publish/Syndicate • Structure /standards • Evaluate • Repository • Iterate or sunset
  • 24. Sample deliverables Business require- Process Personas, ments models scenarios summary Gap User Wire- analysis research frames Govern- Content Flow ance matrix diagrams model Message Content Writing architec- model Templates ture Content Editorial Content inventory calendar migration Custom, Content Delivery personal plan design Localiz- views Content Standards ation audit guidelines strategy Metadata Link Training strategy strategy aids Sunset/ Versioning iterate
  • 25. Deliverables mapped to methodology Get solid Understand Do a gap Create a plan grasp of goals for analysis to fill the gap current state future state Content inventory Content brief Content review Content matrix Style guide Content audit Competitive analysis Technology Accessibility review guidelines User research Requirements matrix Writing templates Localization Editorial calendar Personas, Governance review Process models scenarios assessment Delivery design Metadata review Standards guidelines Wireframes Content migration plan Personalization requirements
  • 26. Responds to customer lifecycle Identify problem or need Relationship Present and renewal / upgrade differentiate solutions Demonstrate expertise / validate reputation Long-term support Post-purchase familiarization
  • 27. Tweetable Consumers use all types of content to make buying decisions.
  • 28. Controlling access to content is an illusion • Users don’t respect arbitrary silos • All content can be used to make buying decisions • Marketing, social, user-generated, documentation, training, and user assistance content are multiple sides of the same dice
  • 29. We all want the same thing Brand PROFIT TRUST Efficiency Credibility
  • 30. Tweetable Content is a valuable business asset.
  • 32. Deliver the effectiveTo quote David Farbey minimum dose of information
  • 33. It’s all about me, me, me May 25, 2011 2 days after volcanic eruption
  • 35. Less work,To quote Noz Urbina more flow
  • 36. Stealth strategy for competitive advantage
  • 38. Let Me … Confuse You
  • 39. Let Me … Confuse You ( = SIM card) ( = international roaming)
  • 41. Former home page © Intentional Design Inc.
  • 42. Strategic question But how do people buy an inverter?
  • 43. Answer: Search the specs May 2005 © Intentional Design Inc.
  • 44. The product specs © Intentional Design Inc.
  • 45. New home page Novice Intermediate Experienced
  • 46. Compare
  • 48. Text option Graphic optionRoomba User feedback Related content Print option
  • 50. Getting users to clickTo quote Scott Abel does not constitute strategy
  • 51. Trikke
  • 52. Maintenance content
  • 53. User-generated content
  • 54. Tweetable Under-the-hood aspects of content raise its value as an asset.
  • 55. The Cynefin framework (•Pattern •Analytical/ management reductionst•Complex •Systems-based adaptive thinking systems•Crisis •Legitimate management best practice•Stability- •Standard focused operating intervention procedures Cynefin framework from Kurtz, C.F. and Snowden, D.J. “The new dynamics of strategy”, IBM Systems Journal, September 2003.
  • 56. Tweetable Content strategy is a emergent practice (in a complex adaptive system)
  • 57. Common aspects of content strategy • Move the content “stuff” upstream in the process • Produce good quality content • Plan for all aspects of delivery • Structure the content semantically • Add meaningful attributes and metadata
  • 58. Recognizing multiple channels
  • 59. Under the hood Content variation User Formatting experience variation Interaction Source variation content Content planning Business requirements Publishing pipeline
  • 60. Takeaways • Content strategy is a many faceted discipline. Recognize it. • Good quality content is only the beginning. Leverage it to its fullest potential. • Delivering content is complex. Understand it well. • All content is marketing content. Treat it well. • Content strategy is evolving. Evolve with it.
  • 61. Connecting @rahelab THANK YOU