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Mba (Agribusiness)Cms Placement B

  1. 1. PLACEMENT ALMANAC 2008 ce n na i rm te e MBA (Agribusiness) D Commitment Pe rsi s tan ce Aptitude Zeal We believe that, We can make it... U N I VE T GA NPA RS ITY
  2. 2. GANPAT UNIVERSITY - BOARD OF GOVERNORS Dear Sir / Madam, PROF. P.I. PATEL SHRI ANILBHAI T. PATEL Season’s Greetings to You !!! Director of the University President of the University I feel proud and privileged to offer you the profile of the SHRI D. V. PATEL SHRI U. V. PATEL students of MBA (Agribusiness) 2007-2009 batch of the Member Member institute. This brochure provides you brief information about SHRI T. M. PATEL SHRI N. N. PATEL institute, courses offered, student selection process, Member Member evaluation criteria, profile of the students of 2007-2009. DR. B. A. PRAJAPATI SHRI K. K. PATEL Member Member Our MBA (Agribusiness) programme, besides incorporating DR.J. L. JUNEJA SHRI M. M. SALVI some of the best features of management education, equips Member Member the students to face the challenges of the radically DR. MAHENDRA SHARMA DR. N. J. PATEL unpredictable business environment. The primary focus of Member Member our MBA (Agribusiness) programme is to impart, to young DIRECTOR OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION SHRI NARENDRA PATEL minds, a well balanced mix of theories and concepts that Member Member relate well to the practicalities of the industrial worlds. The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY COMMISSIONER OF HIGHER EDUCATION Member Member worlds of theory and practice come together seamlessly in the MBA (Agribusiness) Program at the CMS. DIRECTOR OF MEDICAL & HEALTH SERVICES SHRI BHARATBHAI SHAH Member Registrar I offer you the class 2007-2009, which shall surly, surpass your expectations. It gives us extreme pleasure to welcome OUR VISION you to our campus and look forward to building a successful relationship with your company, by making our students a part To make GNU-CMS a citadel of higher learning and of your esteemed organization. create an enabling institutional environment to place At this stage, I feel proud to share that our past students are this centre at a commanding height of academic associating with organizations like GNFC, GSFC, Reliance excellence in the field of management. Fresh, Dudhsagar Dairy, Mother Dairy, Wagh Bakri Tea, GGRC, KRIBHCO etc. OUR MISSION Please call if you have any questions or need further information. We are always accessible and will respond Impart knowledge and professional competence quickly to your requests. Nurture the spirit of teamwork and leadership Looking forward to welcome you to the institute. Inculcate professional ethics and values Mr. Jayesh Patel (Coordinator-Training & Placement Cell)
  3. 3. Vice Chancellor's Message Contents There's no such thing as business as usual in today's world. Successful organizations need people with flexibility, insight and experience. People with real-world knowledge who understand the practice, as well Messages as the theory, of doing business in an arena where the rules and the tools constantly change. To get ahead and stay ahead, today's business 03 Vice Chancellor professionals must be informed and able to apply what they know. With this understanding of developing focused knowledge workers, Ganpat University started a unique 2-Years full-time MBA in Agribusiness 04 Chairperson Management in 2007 with requisite quality resources in terms of infrastructure and human resources. The course, unique in its kind in the 05 Program Coordinator state, prepares professionals for agribusiness enterprises keeping in view their specific talent requirements. We strongly believe that these 06 About Ganpat University professionals will fuel rural development by promoting growth and development of agribusiness enterprises, as rural development implies 07 About the Centre : GNU-CMS both economical betterment of people as well as greater social transformation. 08 The MBA (Agribusiness) Programme Prof. P. I. Patel We, at Ganpat University's Centre for Management Studies, are gearing Vice Chancellor up for making our contributions to the Human Resource Development in 09 Teaching Pedagogy Ganpat University terms of arranging for the formal education of the future managers. I solicit the cooperation of business organizations in terms of providing 10 Faculty our junior students with the opportunity to gain exposure of management practices, as also providing our senior students with the opportunity to Visiting, Guest & Distinguished Speakers 13 serve their company, and thereby the society at large. I take this opportunity to invite you to the Campus to have a feel of efforts 14 Facilities @ CMS being put in to realize the mission of educated society. 15 Activities 17 Cells of the Centre 19 Student's Profile : Batch 2007-2009 33 The Summer Placement 36 We are proud to be asssociated with... Recruitment Form 3
  4. 4. Director's Message Program Coordinator's Message Globalization of Indian Agriculture offers both the challenges to the The entire world of Management is changing. It used to be that a company could rise to the top of its industry and deliver superior policy makers. There do exist opportunities for deriving benefits through shareholder returns by doing one thing well. Not anymore. massive increase of export of high value labour intensive allied Coupled to this, businesses around the world, both large and small, agricultural products. The challenges lie in generating this surplus cannot ignore the impact that the global economy is having on their through increased public and private investments in research and performance. We need to radically re-think the way in which the development, new technology and market infrastructure. These and Management Graduate is trained, developed, represented and affiliated forces of changes are placing significance demand for supported, at each and every stage of their learning. managerial skills in agribusiness sector. Today's Management Graduates needs to think global and act local, The innovative course of the MBA (Agribusiness) is designed in the light to lead by example, to be a great team player yet independently- of the need of agro based corporate and society. This course focuses to minded, a creative thinker who understands how to interpret and act prepare the management excellence with dedication and determination. on data, a strategist, a tactician, a communicator and a born This course has been design for progressive learning sequence step by networker all-in-one! Management Graduates have to be capable of applying both 'left' and 'right' brain thinking. Management step from concepts, tools and technique to their application in the context Graduates need to have a wider understanding of the needs of of agribusiness sector. A number of core sources focus of subjects business and develop the necessary skills and abilities to drive relating to management in general, some of the courses related to forward the Management agenda in alignment with the Ms. Maurvi Pandya management in agribusiness organizations. Prof. (Dr.) Mahendra Sharma organization's broader vision. Program Coordinator Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, This course will strengthen the student in the skills of application of With organizations large and small, global and local, increasingly Chairperson, Centre for Management Studies, management tools and techniques appropriate in the unique context of looking for people who are fully-equipped to enable them to Ganpat University agribusiness. The students will get enough perspective in the field of agri succeed in today's challenging global marketplace and look for new E-mail : business, its dynamics, complexities, challenges and opportunities in and innovative ways to succeed, there has never been a better time the emerging global context. to be a Management Graduate. We, at Centre for Management Studies understand that those Management Graduates who will succeed in the future, will The students are prepared to become successful managers and be those that are best able to combine both a global awareness of business with a local perspective, that are able to entrepreneur and to serve as role model agribusiness managers to build galvanize the power of collaboration whilst being resolutely individual, that can capture best practice and transfer it into up sustainable agribusiness. positive action. And above all can demonstrate their value to the business and their impact on the bottom-line. The campus opens the gate for all the agribusiness corporate houses Since its inception, CMS' business curriculum has given students the tools they need to succeed by providing an education dealing with agriculture input industry, agriculture output & food based on relevant knowledge and partnership with others. A rigorous, curriculum allows individuals with bachelor's degrees processing industry, commodity trading, financial institutions providing in any discipline to develop the skills and knowledge most appropriate to their own career paths and lifestyles. services to agriculture, retail industry with FMCG products & many more. The Centre is taking continuous measures to upgrade itself in every possible area: curriculum, faculty, industry interface, research, infrastructure facilities and organization of various student and faculty events. The soul purpose is to achieve total quality standards for education with a philosophy of continuous improvements. We hope that this placement brochure will act as a link between the industry and the students; and would help the industry get the right man for the right job in terms of both, the final placement as also the summer placement of our students. I take this opportunity to thank industry circles for extending us a very good co-operation, so far, in our endeavor of achieving excellence. Extendedly, I would like to take this opportunity to invite the executives working at various levels to share their experiences with our students. I request the executives to utilize the caliber of our MBAs and pave ways for their career advancement. 4 5
  5. 5. Ganpat University Centre for Management Studies (GNU-CMS) Ganpat University, with a status of 'Statutory University', is created through state Act No. 19 of 2005 and recognized by GNU-CMS is a centre focused with meeting the UGC under section 2(f) of UGC Act, 1956. The University is located at lush green hi-tech campus of 'Ganpat Vidyanagar'. specialized needs of the industry by offering Diplomas, Post Graduate Diplomas and Ganpat Vidyanagar is an up coming hi tech education campus near Kherva, 15 kilometers away from Mehsana and 52 Executive Programs in the upcoming fields of kms. from Gandhinagar. Mehsana is a fast growing industrial city of North Gujarat with rapidly growing industries in the Management. lines of Milk, Milk Products, Pharma, Industrial Tools, Natural Gas and allied manufacturing units. It has grown in to commercial, industrial and educational seat of North Gujarat. GNU-CMS offers autonomous programs of Ganpat University in the area of Management. Campus is spread over about 300 acres of land. The campus is being developed by Mehsana District Education The Center was established under the able Foundation, a highly progressive trust dedicated to the cause of imparting quality technical and professional education in leadership and guidance of the first Vice- North Gujarat region. Shri Anilbhai Patel, Minister of Industry, Tourism and Mining, Govt. of Gujarat, an eminent Chancellor of Ganpat University on August 18, industrialist and a visionary educationalist, with his diligent group of trustees, is leading this mission. 2005, with the approval of Faculty of University is offering following courses : Management Studies. BBA, MBA, M.Phil., Ph.D. D. Pharm, B.Pharm, M.Pharm, Ph.D. The First program by GNU-CMS to meet the MBA (Agribusiness), MBA (Pharmaceuticals) professional requirement of Agribusiness PGDRM, PGDBRI, PDGLSCM DE, BE, ME, Ph.D. enterprise is Post Graduate Diploma in BCA, PGDCA, MCA M.Phil and Ph.D. (Education) Agribusiness Management 15 months full time M.Sc. PTC course. Agriculture Science Research Centre Sainik School for Girls The Centre has full time faculty for conducting Ganpat Vidyanagar provides the best infrastructural facilities. This includes well-furnished hostels facility for both Program Syllabus along with inputs by Visiting boys and girls and greenery inside, the campus provides an excellent learning environment. At present campus has 4 and Guest faculty from including academic and hostel blocks with 250 students capacity per block. Each block has separate mess facility. Campus also provide industry on continuous basis. The rules and various facilities for sports and entertainment regulations for the Award of the Degree for each Program are as per Ganpat University Regular Bus Service ensures connectivity with Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Mehsana. The campus management rules. runs its own bus services apart from State Transport Bus Services. 7 6
  6. 6. MBA (Agribusiness) Teaching Pedagogy The course is composed of a mix of core courses, electives, and industry interaction. The curriculum will cover different Agriculture with Lion's share in the Indian economy supports more than three-fourth of the total population and contributes functional areas of management such as economics, finance and accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, rural nearly one-fourth to the Gross Domestic Product of the Country. During the last five decades, even though agriculture and NGO management, computers and information systems, and strategic management with focus on application in sector has grown substantially, it has not been able to sustain its growth mainly due to lack of proper management of food, agricultural, rural, and allied sectors of the economy. resources like land, water and manpower. The real exposure to the industry is the major part of the course. The forth term is exclusively reserved for the industrial Globalization of Indian Agriculture offers both, the opportunities as well as the challenges to the policy makers. There does studies. The Training and Placement cell of the University assists the future mangers in finding the suitable agribusi- exist opportunities for deriving benefits through massive increase of export of high value labour intensive allied agricultural ness companies for their assignments. Such study provides practical learning opportunities for integrated application of products. The challenge lies in generating this surplus through increased public and private investments in research and learning in the real life context of an Agribusiness organization. development, new technology development and market infrastructure improvement. These and affiliated forces of changes are placing significant demand for managerial skills in agriculture based and related businesses (agribusiness). Course Structure Identifying and seizing opportunities, however, requires an up-to-date awareness about industry developments as well as Term - II a sound understanding of the societal and environmental impacts of every action taken. With the agribusiness industry Term-I Financial Management expanding beyond food to energy, industrial products and pharmaceuticals, the need for innovations has less emphasized. Marketing Management Organizational Behavior In response, organizations are making bold moves as they strive to operate differently and to do what is right… there is a felt Cost & Management Accounting Managerial Economics need to inculcate and develop proactive thinking and proper planning for charting the road map of the future. Production & Operations Management Managerial Accounting Human Resources Management These challenges will place unparalleled demands on the capabilities of tomorrow's managers. Ganpat University's MBA Quantitative Techniques in Management Business Research Methodology (Agribusiness) prepares managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs in food and agribusiness sector to respond to the Computer Application in Business Business Environment challenges faced by the sector. Managerial Communication Principles of Management Term - III Strategic Management IT for Agriculture and Rural Development Entrepreneurship & Project Management Goal Rural Development & NGO Management Rural Marketing The program will cater to the needs Commodity Exchange and Futures of enterprise serving these sectors, Agribusiness Research Project-I both Domestic and International. Term IV The ultimate Goal is overall personality development with Management Control Systems Competence, Confidence, Environment Management Courage, Culture, Communicative Agri Supply Chain Management ability and Creative Fervor. Rural Credit and Finance International Financial Management International Marketing of Agro Products Agribusiness Research Project-II 9 8
  7. 7. Faculty Faculty DR. MAHENDRA SHARMA MS. MAURVI PANDYA Professor & Head, Dean-FMS B.Sc. (Agri.), M.Sc. (Agri), Ph.D. (Pursuing) Ph.D., MBA (Marketing) E-mail: E-mail: Ms. Maurvi Pandya is Post Graduate in Agriculture with Agriculture Economics Dr. Sharma is working as Professor & Head of the Department and is an and Agriculture Statistics from Gujarat Agriculture University, Gujarat. She is expert in the area of Marketing and Strategic Management. He joined working as a program coordinator of MBA (Agribusiness). She is pursuing her Department as a Faculty on 1st August 2000 after working with leading Ph. D. in the area of “Economic Analysis of Milk Producers Cooperatives”. She is FMCG & Garment MNCs for couple of years in various capacities in sales. the member of Board of Studies for Faculties of Management, Ganpat University. Subsequently, he was promoted to the post of Professor & Head w.e.f. June At present she is teaching the subjects like Agriculture and WTO, Rural 22, 2007. Dr. Sharma possesses rich experience in the area of Rural Marketing, NGO Management, Managerial Economics, Managerial Marketing, Sales & Distribution Management, Retail Management and Communication etc. she is handling and coordinating the Industrial and Consumer Behaviour. He has published 29 papers in National and company study counseling as well as industrial Visits of MBA (Agribusiness) International level Seminars & Conferences. He was invited by Govt. of students. Manipur at Imphal to present a paper on quot;E Governancequot; published at International Conference at Chandigarh, organized by British Council. He She has published eighteen papers at national and international level. Recently also has four Case Studies and a chapter in e-book to his credit. she has published a book titled “Global India and WTO: Issues and effects on Indian agribusiness industry”. The case on “Dairy Cooperative”, developed by Dr. Sharma has attended Quality Improvement Programmes (QIPs) on her, has published in National Journal. She has worked as Resource Person on Marketing (2-AICTE Sponsored at NMIMS, Mumbai), Research Personality Development at various universities. Methodology (1- ICSSR at GIM, Goa), Communication Skills (1- AMA, Ahmedabad), Case - Writing (2- PIM, Gwalior and 2-VMPIM-Kherva) and Teacher's Training Programmes in Strategic Management (2-IIM (Lucknow) sponsored by SMFI). Dr. Sharma has provided sound leadership in the overall development of the institute. He has initiated student events, faculty events, industrial activities and other academic activities for upliftment of education standards at the institute. He was also coordinator of AIMS Western region Conference on “Building Competitiveness in an Inter-connected world” organized at VMPIM during April 2005. He is Chairman of two annual events of the Institute i.e., VM's Pratibha and Kasab. Dr. Sharma was Convener of the Three National Level Case Writing Workshop and One FDP on 'Research Methodology' for Teachers in Management organized by the Institute during January 2006, March 2007, February 2008 and December 2007 respectively. Dr. Sharma is currently Dean- Faculty of Management Studies, Member-Board of Governors and Academic Council of Ganpat University. He is Chairperson of Centre for Management Studies (GNU-CMS), which offers Post Graduate Diploma courses and MBA (Agribusiness). Dr. Sharma is also assisting Hem. North Gujarat University, Patan as Member on its Board of Studies for Management Programmes. He is also a paper-setter and examiner of several examinations under university & other boards. Dr. Sharma is developing Doctoral and M.Phil Programme as a Chairman. He has served as an expert on selection committee for recruitment at MBA, BBA colleges & Several organizations. He is on advisory board of several institutions also. Apart from academic responsibilities he is actively involved in e-governance & HR initiatives of the university. Dr. Sharma has two Awards to his credit: 1. Best Research Paper Award at AIMS Western Region Conference in April 2005 2. Jewel of India Award, Conferred by IIEM, New Delhi during April 2005 10 11
  8. 8. Faculty MR. RAJESH KIRI Guest Faculty MBA (Finance), BBA (Finance) E-mail: Dr. S. K. Waghmare Mr. Rajesh Kiri has completed his graduation in BBA from V. M. Patel Director, IIIAM, Pune College of Management Studies, North Gujarat University. He did his post Prof. S.K. Misra graduation in MBA with specialization in finance from S. K. School of College of Food Technology Business Management, Patan, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat Dr. Akash Patel University. Prior to joining CMS, he had worked with Indiabulls Securities Ph.D., M.Com., DTP. Ltd as Relationship Manager and V.M.P.C.M.S. as a Lecturer. Dr. Priyanka Pathak Ph.D., MBA (Finance), BBA His areas of interest are Financial Accounting, Security Analysis and Dr. K. M. Chudasama Portfolio Management, Indian Financial System, International Finance, Ph.D., MA (Economics) and Management of Financial Services. Dr. Rohit Trivedi Ph.D., MBA (Finance), M.Com.(B.M.), UGC-NET (Mgt.) Mr. Ujal Mehta C.A., M. Com., LLB, ISA (ICAI) From Industry MS. NIKI SANGHAVI Mr. Shital Badshah Mr. B. S. Shekhavat M.B.A. (Finance), B.Com B.E. (I.C.), PGDBM CGM, NABARD, Ahmedabad Email : Mr. Hiren J. Patel MBA (Marketing), BE (Production) Dr. Prabhakar Patil Ms. Niki Sanghavi has completed her graduation in commerce stream from Director, Mr. Vipul V. Patel H.L.Institute of commerce , Gujarat university and post graduation in Forward markets commission, MBA (Marketing), BE (Civil) Business Management with Dual specialization Finance as major , Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Mr. Amit A. Patel Marketing as minor. She has secured 2nd position in university. She has Food & Public distribution, GOI, MBA (Marketing), BE (Electrical) Mumbai joined CMS as a lecturer in Finance. Mr. H. B. Barot Mr. M. G. Mehta M.Com. PGDCA She has done in depth research in Mutual Fund Industry. And also Vice Principal, CORDET, IFFCO Ms. Rachita M. Jayswal analyzed the impact of FII on Indian stock market. MBA (Mktg), B.Com Ms. Manisha Trivedi MBA(Finance), M.Sc.(Physics), DCS Ms. Mitali Baruah M.Com, B.Com MS. MITTAL DATTANI M.B.A. (Finance), B.B.A. Mr. Abhishek K. Parikh Email : MBA (Finance), B.E. (Mech.) Mr. Jayesh D. Patel Ms. Mittal Dattani has completed her B.B.A from Somlalit institute of MBA (Marketing), B.E. (Chemical) business administration, Gujarat university and post graduation in Ms. Poonam Chhaniwal Business Management with Dual specialization Finance as major , MBA, PGDBM, B.Sc. Marketing as minor. She has secured 1st position in university She has Ms. Harsha Jariwala joined CMS as a lecturer in finance. M.B.A. (Finance), B.B.A. (Finance & HRM) Mr. Nirmit Oza She has done in depth research in mutual fund industry. And also analyzed MCA the impact of FII on Indian stock market.. 12 13
  9. 9. Facilities @ CMS Cells of the Centre Library Keeping in mind the concept of Total Quality Education, we have established Training and Placement Cell and Industry- The Centre keeping in view its vision of becoming Citadel of Higher Learning recognized the importance of developing Institute-Interface Cell to reach out to our final customers i.e. Industry and Society. and nurturing a Library as “Knowledge Center”. The Library of the Centre has a rich collection of books, periodicals and study material in the areas of Management, Economics, Business, Commerce, Computers, Communications etc., with The MOTO of the cells over 7988 books and 68 regular National and International Journals and Magazines. The Library also has a vast V2U collection of Electronic Data (62 VCDs, 75 Audio-Video Cassettes etc) and Statistical Data on various Industries and 'V' symbolises the Students, Faculty and the Houses reports of reputed agencies in the public and private sector. Today, our Library has slowly grown in to a place Management of the Institute. where one can find latest books on Management and related fields. In view constant commitment to the said purpose, the 'U' symbolises our esteemed customers, i.e. Institute became member of e-Library 'DELNET', an AICTE, New Delhi initiative. Industry and Society. Computer Centre With the cause of our existence in mind i.e. deliver to Society and Industry, the much needed competent, skillful, creative The growth of the Internet, the globalization of trade, and the rise of information economies have recast the role of human resources in the form of MBAs, the institute established Training and Placement Cell and Industry-Institute- information systems (IS) in business and management. To provide future manager skills to manage digital firms, we have Interface Cell. build state-of the art networked computer center. Computing Facilities for the students include two labs equipped with 101 computers. The Ganpat Vidyanagar has 256 kbps VSAT internet connectivity. The centre is committed to develop digital environment on the campus Training & Placement (T & P) Cell Since its inception, T&P Cells has taken up the arduous task of reaching out to top recruiters through personal contacts, continuous mail, publications like placement Brochure, Institute Handouts, and Pamphlets etc., finding their requirements, finding avenues for strengthening ties with them; counseling students (both present and past) about career and career related aspects; informing the faculties and curriculum developers about the changing needs of the industry…. All this and much more to meet the needs of final customers as also seeing to it that students get right placement. Industry-Institute-Interface Cell We believe that future managers should be acquainted with the complex business solutions that require continuous interaction with the industry. With this purpose, III cell was established at the Institute. Aims of the cell are to organize lectures of guest speakers from industry and to arrange industrial visit. 15 14
  10. 10. Life Activities @ Centre for Management Studies, Ganpat University had arranged the 2nd Agribusiness Conference 2008 on “Indian Agribusiness Industry: Opportunities and Challenges in CMS Competitive World”to encompass the proactive, long ranged planning as well as the present day realities of the increasingly dynamic market place. The one-day symposium was focusing on understanding, formulating and evaluating various strategies for sustainable growth in agribusiness sector. In this conference, Mr. B. S. Shekhavat, (CGM, NABARD, Ahmedabad) delivered the keynote speech on Micro finance and Indian Agribusiness Industry, Dr. Prabhakar Patil (Director, Forward markets commission, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public distribution, GOI, Mumbai) spoke on Growth & Opportunities for Indian Commodity Market, and Mr. M. G. Mehta (VP, CORDET, IFFCO Kalol) spoke on Role & Importance of Indian Fertilizer Industry. 16 17
  11. 11. Students' Profiles BARAD HIMMATSINH F. BAROT RAKESH B. B.B.A. B.Com 21 Years 23 Years SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT Consumer Satisfaction for An Analysis of Retailer's Gokul Oil at Gokul Refoils satisfaction for and Solvent Ltd., Sidhpur Kitchen Express Overseas Ltd. ARP A Study on Indian Tobacco ARP Industry A Study on Indian Cotton Industry ADDRESS 06, Police Quarter, Opp. ADDRESS Civil Hospital, Visnagar- 9,Shiv Nagar Society, 384 315, Dist. Mehsana Behind Gayatrinagar (M) 9723 343451 Society, Abu High Way (M) 94264 88937 Road, Palanpur (B.K), himmatbarad@ Gujarat (M) 9427393034 (M) 9724388365 CHAUDHARY HARESH D. CHAUHAN ANIL S. B.B.A. B.A. (Uni. First) 21 Years 23 Years SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT Layout of the Havmore co. Awareness level of Existing customer of HDFC ARP BANK about direct banking A Detailed Study on Indian channel Food Processing Industry ARP Students' Profiles A Study on Indian Tea Industry ADDRESS C-462,Manisha park, ADDRESS Ambika Nagar, At.Adrana, Ta : Vadgam, Batch : 2007-2009 Othav, Ahmedabad. Dist.: Banaskantha-385210 (M) 9978541961 (M) 97278 95428 chauhan910_anil@ 18 19
  12. 12. Students' Profiles Students' Profiles CHAUHAN MUKESH B. CHHATROLA NEETA V. DWIVEDI AVANEET M GELRA DEEPAK R. B.Com B. Com B.E. (Food Processing B.B.A. 23 Years 21 Years Tech.) 22 Years 23 Years SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT Market survey of Bio- “Working Capital Life Insurance in Tata fertilizer in Anand and Management” Of 'Mascot Market survey for the store AIG Life Insurance Co. Kheda district Pump Ltd.' catchment of the Aditya Ltd. Birla Retail Store ARP ARP ARP A Study on Indian Coffee ARP A Comprehensive Study on A Comprehensive Study on Industry Indian Fertilizer Industry A Detaile Study on Indian Indian Fertilizer Industry Food Processing Industry ADDRESS ADDRESS ADDRESS 15-Umiya Bunglows, ADDRESS 50, Vrudavan Society, C-94 Bhagyoday-2 Opp.Payal Nagar,Bh. A053 Someshwer society, At. & Post. : Karan Nagar, Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad. Gayatri School, Naroda, opp Nirnaynaga sector-5 Ta. Kadi, Dist. Mehsana 9879480189 Ahmedabad. Ranip, Ahmedabad, (M) 09898684829 (M) 9979177626 9898355086 (R) 09998037438 (R) 079-22805058 mukesh_chauhan04@ DAVE MOUSAMI K. DELVADIA KANDARP D. HARSODA KETAN R. JOSHI JAYESHKUMAR K. B.Com. B.Com B.B.A. B.Com 23 Years 22 Years 23 Years 22 Years SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT Farmer Perceptions about “Study on consumption Market Survey of Nutramul Market Survey Of Kisan ASPEE Equipments Vs. pattern of household at Kaira District Co- Gold Card At State Bank Competitors Equipments, consumer about T-special operative Milk Producers' Of India , Patan ASPEE, Mumbai milk” At Mother Dairy, Union Ltd., Anand. ARP Gandhinagar ARP ARP A Study on Indian Tobacco A Study on Indian Coffee ARP A Study on Indian Tobacco Industry Industry A Study on Indian Industry ADDRESS Beverage Industry ADDRESS ADDRESS 9, Harsiddh Nagar Society, 3, Khodiayar Society, ADDRESS Block No. 196-B, Deesa Chanshma Nr. Nanda Hall, Kothariya 82 A Ambica society Raijinagar. Near Motibaug, Highway, Patan Main Road, Rajkot 360002. Nr. Sai Baba Temple, Junagadh 362001(Gujarat) (M) 099242 90534 (M) 9898205498 Opp. Tartoli Road, (R) 0285-2672594 jayesh_joshi2008@ (M) 9376763480 MT. Road, Abu road, (RJ) (M) 94280 86258 ketan_patel15885@ (M) 9727094863, delvadia_kandarp@ (R) 9824042496 mousami_dave@ 21 20
  13. 13. Students' Profiles Students' Profiles JOSHI MAYURKUMAR T. KADIYA KINJAL V. PATEL DIPAK V. PATEL DIVIN B. B.B.A. B.Com, PGDCA B.A. B.A. 21 Years 23 Years 21 Years 22 Years SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT Measurement of Studying Satisfaction level Consumer taste and Consumers'satisfaction of Advertisement and Sales of Retailer of Duke preference of choice KRIBHCO Promotion for Gokul Company Toothpaste Choice Refoils and Solvent Ltd ARP Laboratory Pvt.Ltd. ARP Sidhpur A Detail Study on Indian Brahmanvada. Unjha. A Study on Indian Tea Food Processing Industry Industry ARP ARP ADDRESS A Study on Indian Edible Oil A Study on Indian Tea ADDRESS Gurjarwado, Near Sharada Industry Industry 29, Manav-Mandir Cinema, Patan. (N.G.) ADDRESS Scociety-1, Near Ganga- ADDRESS 9904538082 “Nirmal” Bhagyoday Jamuna Society, Panchvati 11, Sarthak Banglogs, society, Mansarovar Road, Area ,Kalol-382721 Near Datardi School, Palanpur 385 001 (M) 9978725406 Unjha - 384170 (M) 98249 48395 (R) (02764) 251030 (R) 02767 245666 PATEL DUSHYANT I. PATEL HIRAL M. mayurjoshi2000@ (M) 9427678999 B. Com B.Sc. (Agri) PANDYA NILESH A. PATEL ANKIT M. 21 Years 24 Years B.Com B.Com 24 Years 23 Years SUMMER PROJECT EXP. 1.3 Years in which Consumer's Preference SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT 9 months as a Project about Product of Gayatri Customer Satisfaction of Analysis of Duke product Manager in E.I. Dupont India Dairy Geojit Finance market Pvt. Ltd. ARP ARP ARP SUMMER PROJECT A Study on Indian Sugar A Study on Indian Edible Oil A Study on Indian Cotton To Study of Micro Irrigation Industry Industry Industry System in Sugarcane crop- Scope & Constraints ADDRESS ADDRESS ADDRESS B/36, Ajay tenement part-4, 7, Devdashan Society, At. Limboi, Ta. Vadgam, ARP oppose- Bharat party plot Kalika Road, Patan Post. Memadpur, Dist. A Study on Indian Sugar Amaraiwadi, Ahmedabad. 9924826913 Banaskantha Industry (R) 07925852164 (M)9714172864 (M) 9426629500 (M)9979746523 ADDRESS dushyantpatel53@ (R) 02739-265529 05-Pushpak Society, nileshpandya93@ Hadgud Road, Nr. Khetiwadi Hadgud, Anand (R) 02692-261011 (M)9374642799 22 23
  14. 14. Students' Profiles Students' Profiles PATEL KHODABHAI J. PATEL MAHESH B. THAKKAR KOMAL R. TRIVEDI RAHUL P. B.B.A. B.Com B.B.A B.B.A 22 Years 21 Years 22 Yerars 23 Years SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT Consumer Purchase To Find out Business Financial analysis of P/L Market Research on Behavior For MORE Super opportunity for GSFC by Account & Balance Sheet Cotton Producing Farmers Market Providing better services in of Banas Dairy, Palanpur in Gujarat with reference to a suitable way BT Cotton ARP ARP ARP A Study on Indian ARP A Study on Indian Seed A Study on Indian Sugar Pesticides Industry A Study on Indian Seed Industry Industry Industry ADDRESS ADDRESS ADDRESS 12/A, Alka Society, B/h, ADDRESS AT POST- Pimplavas, Near C-55, Gokul Township, Ajani Hospital, S.J.Road., Plot No: 1021/2, Ramji temple, Paliyad Nr.Rameshwar school, Siddhpur Sector- 3 D, Gandhinagar Paliyad-382721 TA- Kalol Gotri Road, Vadodara 9979321821, 9428851012 (R) 079-232-38184 (M) 9898716964 (R) 0265-2341069 komalthakkar_19@ (M) 9998400794 (M) 9427847461 mahesh_1987_patel@ PATEL MEHUL K. PATEL NIRALI K. VYAS SAVANKUMAR M. VYAS SHIVANG H. B.Sc.(Agri) B.B.A. B.Com B.Com 23 Years 22 Years 23 Years 22 Years SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT SUMMER PROJECT Potential of Pesticides in Employee Job Satisfaction Comparative Analysis of Consumer's Preference Anand & Nadiad Taluka of Ingersoll Rand Co. Working Capital Towards Monarch, Projects For Tata Rallis India Ltd. Management of Cadila & Fin. Market ARP Healthcare ltd. ARP ARP A Study on Indian Coffee ARP A Study on Indian Industry A Detail Study on Indian Pesticides Industry A Study on Indian Cotton Food Processing Industry ADDRESS Industry ADDRESS ADDRESS 4-Ambika Appartmant,13- ADDRESS 13/Tapovan Society, Nr. Radhavallabh Colony,Opp. B-23, Jaldeep Park Soc, Navjivan High School, Durga High School, Krushna Colony, Opp. S. T. Khodiyar Nagar, Unjha Maninagar,Ahmedabab Colony, Jagdishan Marg, Ahmedabad.382352. (M) 9898561329 (M) 9879500048, Palanpur (B.K.) (M) 9879393643 (R) 07925464128 (M) 9898183468 smvyas4101@ 25 24