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Help iBranch Why&When(Students)
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Help iBranch Why&When(Students)


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. [ STUDENTS ] Proceed by clicking below… Why & When to use iBranch… iBranch H E L P
  • 2.
    • iBranch provides you a Double Advantage...
    • You can access notice boards, download class-notes, interact with teachers & other students through Internet 24 x 7 .
    • And, you get exposure to the corporate culture (web based collaboration) in college life!
    iBranch H E L P
  • 3. iBranch is most useful when… iBranch H E L P
  • 4. … When you have to see a notice or announcement Students get lots of notices from teachers, management, TPO, accountant & librarian… Now you can see them all on iBranch anytime! … Because its very easy for them to write notices on iBranch. iBranch H E L P
  • 5.
    • You can read notices on…
    • ‘ Notice Board’ Page: general notices for all students.
    • Your Batch Page: (eg. Students > Mechanical > 2 nd Year) batch specific notices.
    • Your Branch Page: (eg Students > Mechanical > Any batch page > Branch page) branch specific notices.
    • ‘ T & P’ Page: notices from TPO .
    iBranch H E L P
  • 6. … When you want to download a document Your teachers and TPO can upload documents like lecture slides , class notes , sample papers , assignment questions , forms etc… and you can download them anytime & from anywhere! iBranch H E L P
  • 7.
    • Documents can be downloaded from…
    • Your Branch Page: (eg Students > Mechanical > Any batch page > Branch page) Subject related documents.
    • ‘ T&P’ Page: Documents uploaded by TPO .
    • ‘ E-Library’ : General documents.
    iBranch H E L P
  • 8. … When you want to interact with teachers or other students Be it subject queries , doubts in assignments , test pattern , or any discussion … its difficult for your teachers to give time for personal interaction. Now you can ask your queries on ‘Forums’ , to which teachers can reply in their free time! iBranch H E L P
  • 9. You can also interact with your batchmates & seniors through Forums for discussing academic stuff , doing group discussions , sharing higher studies or placements related gyan … or simply for fun! iBranch H E L P
  • 10. You must visit your iBranch everyday (not only to see notices & download documents, but also to interact over forums & read/write blogs) Its important for your career , that you learn the ‘art’ of interacting through Forums and sharing knowledge/experience through Blogs. Because its the globally emerging corporate culture . iBranch H E L P