Technology for plant & equipment data management


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Technology for plant & equipment data management

  1. 1. Technology for Plant & Equipment data management For the Effective Plant & Equipment –Design & Detailing, Fabrication, Construction, Installation and Operations The engineering and construction contractor will carry out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all the equipment and materials necessary, and then construct to deliver a functioning facility or asset to their clients. As Contract / Projects FEED -Front End Engineering Design phase PMC - Project Management Consultants PMT - Project Managment Team EPC - Engineering, Procurement, Construction LSTK - Lump Sum Turn Key EPCM - Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management EPCI - Engineering Procurement Construction and Installation EPIC - Engineering Procurement Installation Commissioning For the Industry such as So the Technology Support is needed Support Online access to technical information and assistance for software users Registered software maintenance customers may login to access the following resources: Knowledge Base Search a wealth of accumulated information based on worldwide experience. Remote Session Bring a technical support engineer right to your desk. Discussion Forums Find and share solutions and ideas with your peers and Software experts.
  2. 2. Escalate Escalate support issues. Download Get the latest software, release notes and documentation from our download center. Videos Watch videos and tutorials to get the most our of our software products. My Tickets Submit and track your support requests online. Customized Newsletters Build customized technical newsletters on products of interest. Data Exchange Exchange data with our expert support staff securely and safely. Maintenance User Guides View Country-specific maintenance user guides.
  3. 3. Technology support is classified into two types Global Engineering support & Global Data Support Global Engineering Support For Multidisciplinary engineering support services including engineering Design and Detail Engineering , 3D modeling, Plant Design Automation , As-Built Engineering, design validity checks, model conversion, data conversion using industry standard software such as Intergraph SmartPlant, Aveva PDMS, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Global Data Support For Data Management, Communications, Information Services, Data and Applications, Field Support Services, Data Storage and Delivery, Data Analysis, Data Acquisition, Technical Support and Technology like 1, Data Hub- Mobile Viewer 2. Software - Directional System, WellView® Field Solution, Reporter 3. Geological Services 4. Technical Support Services The data Management Systems is described briefly below with examples Pason is the leading global provider of specialized data management systems for land-based and offshore rigs worldwide. Our rental solutions, which include data acquisition, wellsite reporting, remote communications, and web-based information management, enable collaboration between the rig and the office. If you like to push the envelope of traditional thinking, Pason is the place for you. Be a part of a thriving company that offers rewarding career opportunities and student internships. Specialties Hardware, Software, Data Management, Oil and Gas, Technology, Communications, Drilling Operations, Information Services, Data and Applications, Field Support Services, Data Storage and Delivery, Data Analysis, Data Acquisition, Technical Support Hardware& Software used for Drilling Operations and Oil and Gas Hardware The very nature of the drilling industry demands that products be durable, mobile, and reliable. Knowing this, Pason has developed robust products that are easy to install, disconnect, transport, and reconnect during rig moves. When installed, our products are dependable, simple to use, and easy to maintain. Software
  4. 4. Communication between the rig and the office can be challenging. However, with Pason’s line of specialized software applications, communication and collaboration is made easy. Whether you want to improve performance, analyze data, or integrate data with other programs, Pason has the application for you. For Data Management, Data and Applications, Data Storage and Delivery, Data Analysis, Data Acquisition An easy-to-use, web-based storefront, the Pason Store offers value-added applications created by Pason. Use these applications to get the most out of your drilling data, safely and securely. DataHub The Pason DataHub is a highly secure web application that collects, stores, and displays drilling data, reports, and real-time information for remote access Mobile Viewer Developed by: Pason Systems Your well, your data, anytime, anywhere Access your live drilling data securely from your touchscreen mobile phone or tablet. Pason Mobile Viewer gives you the flexibility to make time-sensitive decisions about your active wells anywhere, anytime. From your mobile device, simply go to: in Canada, or in the United States and enter your Pason DataHub credentials.
  5. 5. Technology, Communications, Directional System An application that enables directional drillers to remotely monitor and manage multiple wells while providing data to personnel, both on the wellsite and at remote locations. Geological Services Pason provides advanced remote logging, monitoring, and geosteering services. Expert wellsite geologists monitor sites remotely from our Command Center in Golden, Colorado, to ensure you have 24/7 access to geological expertise, data, equipment, and field service. Remote Logging Designed for production drilling fields in established areas, our remote logging service builds a strip log of drilling parameters. By analyzing changes in drilling parameters compared to other wells in the area, we can optimize your well plan and completions strategy. Remote Geosteering Designed for exploration projects, our remote geosteering service provides advanced geological analysis and multiple daily reports. Geologists located in our Command Center communicate with directional drillers to keep the wellbore in zone. Remote Monitoring Designed for geologists and drilling engineers, our remote monitoring services watch for total gas and other parameter abnormalities at the rig. Geologists located in our Command Center provide notification during system failures, troubleshoot, and dispatch field service technicians if a problem cannot be solved remotely.
  6. 6. Digital Technology Theaters Executive Briefing Centers for industry collaboration and innovation. Tab Navigation OverviewOfferings Software Digital Technology Theater The Digital Technology Theater in Houston is located at: 5599 San Felipe, Houston, TX 77056 At Schlumberger Digital Technology Theaters, visitors have the opportunity to identify current and future business solutions, exchange ideas with Schlumberger and other industry experts, and experience the latest innovations in the E&P world. These Centers are world class venues designed to: Experience the latest innovations in E&P Identify current and future business solutions Exchange ideas with industry experts Create and test new solutions Meet your challenges with concrete and differentiated workflows Experience the latest solutions running on the latest technology Experience breakthrough team performance in action: State of the art Innovation Lab to develop new solutions using the latest software and partner technology. Briefings with industry and company experts on using technology to solve today's tough problems. Collaboration rooms where you can truly experience solutions in action. The Digital Technology Theater is more than an executive briefing center. It's like a think tank devoted to helping our customers position their companies for future success—using open collaboration to fuel innovation. The new Software Centers are here to help you understand how Schlumberger and its partners are redefining the IT environment for E&P. We will showcase innovative technology to meet today's ever-changing business requirements, while allowing you to experience Breakthrough Team Performance in action.
  7. 7. Field Support Services, Information Services, WellView® Field Solution The result of a unique partnership between Pason and Peloton™, the WellView Field Solution is an integrated corporate well file that begins at the request to drill and follows through to the well completion. WellView facilitates one-time data collection and uses existing Pason equipment, thereby eliminating the need to mobilize additional hardware, software, or communications equipment. All data is displayed in standard forms on Pason’s web-based DataHub, which provides a convenient and inexpensive mechanism to collect, store, and distribute wellsite data from the field. Reporter on Drilling Rigs An application that simplifies and streamlines the reporting process. Rig personnel can create wells, daily work records, and field estimates; manage crews; and revise, print, and send reports to the office. Function Pason Reporter makes rig to office reporting easier and more efficient. With tools designed to help you at every step of the reporting workflow, Pason Reporter generates CMRs, Employee Information Reports, and Materials and Service Requisition Reports, validates the data, and then sends the reports to the office via the Internet. Once at the office, reports can be saved as a PDF for printing, or in XML format for dependable exports to other office systems. Technical Support Integrated Technical Support Services In addition to our innovative technology, Pason offers integrated support services which provide a wide range of support for our customers. Our widely distributed network of field service technicians install our products, train rig personnel, and
  8. 8. maintain our products on the rig. By employing field service technicians in Canada, the US, and internationally, Pason ensures customers get prompt, hands-on assistance. For added convenience, Pason’s Technical Support Centre is available to customers by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Technical support analysts are able to log directly onto the rig’s data network and assist onsite personnel with training and troubleshooting. The analyst solves the problem quickly, or if necessary, dispatches a field service technician. These services contribute to the industry’s best standard of care. Retirement of Windows Vista operating system with Petrel 2013 Schlumberger Information Solutions will retire support for the Windows Vista operating system starting with the Petrel 2013 release, next year. In summary, the supported operating systems for Petrel are and will be: Petrel version XP 32-bit XP 64-bit Vista 64-bit Windows 7 64-bit 2010.1 X X X 2010.2 X X X X 2011 X X X X 2012 X X 2013 X Please note that Petrel 2011 is the last release that supports a 32-bit operating system , How to use Collaborate and Find in a Multiuser Workflow Geophysicists Anderson Batista Gomes and Edson Silva and Geologist Maria Isabel Silva show how Studio Collaborate and Find in Petrel software can be used to search and load data from multiple sources and present a multiusercollaboration workflow. Read full article The Studio E&P knowledge environment enables users to publish interpretations and insights when they are ready for their team to access and use them. It also enables users to sign up for notifications of changes, providing instant awareness of updates made across a project. As the team geologist, if the geophysicist gets new data and updates the key surfaces in the reservoir, you know about it immediately. You can then assess the new interpretations and decide whether to incorporate them into your project—no more hunting for data from different colleagues’ projects, and no more periods of continuing interpretation and then having to rework after discovering an update in the corner of your field. These capabilities drive productivity and improve traceability and accountability for safety or regulatory requirements.
  9. 9. Studio E&P Knowledge Environment 2013.1 now available Close Release Details: 25 Jun 2013: Schlumberger announces the release of Studio E&P Knowledge Environment 2013.1 Description: The Studio E&P knowledge environment enables petrotechnical professionals to access all available information, collaborate with colleagues, and share knowledge, all in context of their Petrel project— improving productivity and gaining insight for smarter decisions in relevant timeframes. The Studio environment empowers a new level of usability and productivity that supports an E&P organization’s quest to streamline and optimize its workflow across the asset lifecycle, while also capturing vital knowledge to maximize personal and team productivity. It features a powerful set of tools that allow geoscientists and engineers to access, review, and use information, in the context of their subsurface Petrel workflows—with key capabilities that increase productivity: • Find—for greater awareness of (and access to) information • Collaborate—for greater context and understanding • Manage—for knowledge capture, retention, and delivery Additionally in this release Studio Manager comprises a suite of tools for effectively supporting and managing the Studio environment. It consolidates all administrative and core data management workflows. Using Studio Manager, data managers quickly understand the state of their Studio environment by using cutting-edge applications ("apps") to ascertain the status of repositories, review recent user activity, identify tasks that need to be performed, and perform the workflows surrounding those tasks.