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  2. 2. CONTENTS • Acknowledgement • Preface • Executive Summary • Objective of the project • Research Methodology. • Literature Review • Company Profile • Trade Profile • Marketing Plan • Management Hierarchy • Comparison with other business • Govt. policies related to business • About the topic (Market Potential) • Findings And Analysis • Limitation • Summary/conclusion • Suggestions/Recommendations • Bibliography • Annexure • Word of Thanks
  3. 3. • QuestionnaireACKNOWLEDGEMENTA work is never a work of an individual. We owe a sense of gratitude to theintelligence and co-operation of those people who had been so easy to let usunderstand what we needed from time to time for completion of this exclusiveproject.We want to express our gratitude towards Mrs. Susheela Chamoli, MarketingFaculty, IIPM Delhi for giving us an opportunity to do this project.Last but not the least, we would like to forward our gratitude to our friends &other faculty members who always endured us and stood by us and withoutwhom we could not have envisaged the completion of our project.
  4. 4. PREFACETo start any business the success entirely depends on the marketing researchdone about the particular and the consumer attitude towards the product.Marketing research plays a vital role in a business to make it success.We have tried to put our best effort to complete this task on the basis of skill thatwe have achieved during our studies in the institute.We have tried to put our maximum effort to get the accurate statistical data.However we would appreciate if any mistakes are brought to us by the reader.
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAfter going thick on the things, now time is to make a complete picture. Whilemaking a product a SKU (stock keeping unit) of the shop retailers think about theGMROI (gross margin return on investment) and they promote the brand whichprovides them highest. They expect return in the form of profit margin, companyschemes, window display and reference of the shop. Among these, companyschemes make the difference and are the highest sources of motivation afterprofit margin. Retailing demands a constant push from the company.Marketer needs to use advertising and brand building strategies to address thediscerning buyers and retail push to in different buyers. The manufacturer shouldunderstand consumer behavior because retailers can’t help quality and price. It isonly up to manufacturers to deliver what consumer wants. I need to stress on itbecause 58% retailers said that it is demand why they sell Britannia. 61% agreethat at retail shop it is brand popularity, which determine the purchase of biscuit.There is a greater need to understand the retailer behavior. Considering them asa team, working for the company may help them to be attached to the company.There should be a feeling of belonging to the company in inner of the retailers.This can be done by setting values club for retailers so that they may exchangeviews with the company and help in understanding consumer behavior.
  6. 6. CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIORUnderstanding the buying behavior of the target market is the essential task ofmarketing management under marketing concept. The consumer market consistsof all the individuals and households who buy or acquire good and services forpersonal consumptions. The buying behavior tries to find out the answers for thequestions, who buys? How do they buy? Where do they buy? Do they buy?(A) FACTORS INFLUENCING CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIORThere are four major factors that influence the buying behavior such as culturalfactors, social factors, personal factors, and psychological factors.i. CULTURAL FACTORS: Culture is the most fundamental determinant of a person wants and behavior. Values, perceptions, preferences, and behavior are the main variable under culture of an individual. Each culture contains sub-culture like nationality, religious group, geographical area, and linguistic divisions etc.ii. SOCIAL FACTORS: A consumer behavior is also influenced by social factors such as the consumer reference group family and social roles and status.iii. PERSONAL FACTORS: A buyer decision is also influenced by his or personal characteristics, notably the buyers age, lifestyle, occupation, economic circumstances etc.PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS: a person buying choice is also influenced byfour major psychological factors such as motivation, perception, learning beliefand attitudes.
  7. 7. (B) BUYING DECISION PROCESSIt includes buying roles, types of buying and steps in buying process.I. BUYING ROLEThe buying role could be classified into four parts. These are initiator, influencer,decider and buyer.II. TYPES OF BUYING BEHAVIORConsumer decision taking varies with the type of buying decision. There are fourtypes buying behavior such as Complex buying behavior, Habitual buyingbehavior, Variety seeking buying behavior.III. STAGES IN BUYING DECISION PROCESSHere are five stages in buying decision process namely problem recognitionsearch, evaluation of alternatives purchase decision and past purchase behavior.NEED RECOGNITIONThe buying process starts with the buyer’s recognition of a problem of need. Thebuyer senses a difference between his actual state and desired state.INFORMATION SEARCHThere are different sources from where a consumer can gather information likepersonal sources commercial sources, experimental sources.EVALUATION OF ALTERNATIVESAfter gathering information about different products the customer will be in a fussas to choose which product among the mainly alternatives consumer usuallyevaluate the alternatives on traditional basis, on the basis of utility function etc.from the many alternative consumers at last choose the best one for him.
  8. 8. PURCHASE DECISIONA consumer who decides to execute purchase intention will be making up to fivepurchase decisions.POST PURCHASE BEHAVIORAfter purchasing the product and services the consumer will experience somelevel of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the product and services that willinfluence subsequent behavior. If consumer is satisfied he may show theprobability of buying the product the next time, satisfied customer will say goodthing about the product, proving the statement that "satisfied customer is the bestadvertisement.” A dissatisfied customer may take some action against it. Theymay try to reduce the dissonance by abandoning returning the product.Understanding consumer needs and buying process is the foundation of anycompany. By understanding how buyers go through problem recognition,information search evaluation of alternatives, the purchase decision and postpurchase behavior marketers can pick up many clues as to how to meet buyersneed.
  9. 9. LITERATURE REVIEWMarketingMarketing is a societal process by which individuals and groups obtain what theyneed and want through creating, offering and freely exchanging products andservices of value with others or other wise it is the process of planning andexecuting the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods,services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.Marketing StrategyMarketing strategy is a set of objectives, policies and rules that leads thecompanys marketing efforts. It is the marketing approach to accomplish thebread objective of the marketing approach to accomplish the bread objective ofthe marketing plan. The various process of marketing strategy are given below.1. Selecting largest markets segmentation2. Positioning3. Product4. Price5. Place6. Promotion7. Research and development8. Marketing research
  10. 10. Market segmentation and selecting target marketIt is an effort to increase a companys precision marketing. The starting point ofany segmentation discussion is mass marketing. In mass marketing, the sellerengaged in the mass production, mass distribution and mass promotion of oneproduct for all buyers. Market segment consists of a large identifiable groupwithin a market with similar wants, purchasing power geographical location,buying attitudes or buying habita. It is an approach midway between massmarketing and individual marketing. Through this the choice of distributionchannels, and communicaton channels become much easier. The researcherstry to form segments by looking at consumer characteristics; geographic,demographic, and psychographic. After segmenting the market then targetmarket selected.2. Positioning:- The positioning is a creative exercise donw with an existingproduct. the well known products generally hold a distinctive position inconsumers minds. The positioning requires that every tangible aspect of product,price, place and promotion must support the chosen positioning strategy.Company should develop a unique selling proposition (USP) for each brand andstick to it, PPL consistently promotes its DAP fertilizer by Higher yield at lowercost. As companies increase the number of claims for their brand, they riskdisbelief and a loss of clear positioning. In general a company must avoid fourmajor positioning errors. Those are under positioning over positioning, confusedpositioning and doubtful positioning.3. Product:- A product is any offering that can satisfy a need or want. The majortypes of basic offerings are goods, services, experiences, events, places,properties, organizations, information and ideas. The company gives moreimportance in quality, packaging, services etc. to satisfy the customers. Theproducts has its life cycle. The product strategies are modified in different stagesof product life cycle.
  11. 11. 4. Price:- It is the most important aspect in companys point of view. Price of theproduct will be decided by the company according to the competitors price.5. Place:- This plays a major role in the entire marketing system. the companyemphasis on its distribution network. Proper distribution network gives properavailability of the product.6. Promotion:- Promotion is the one of the major aspects in marketingstrategies. By adopting various promotional activities the company create strongbrand image. It also helps in increasing the brand awareness. It includesadvertising, sales promotioins and public relations etc.7. Research and Development:- after testing, the new product manager mustdevelop a preliminary marketing strategy plan for introducing the new product into the market. The plan consists of three parts. The first part describes the targetmarkets size, structure and behavior. The second part out lines the plannedprice, distribution strategy and marketing budget for the first year. The third partof the development describes the long run sales and profit goals and marketingmix strategy over time.
  12. 12. MARKETING MIX Target Market Product Price Promotion Place Product variety List price Sales promotion Channels Quality Discounts Advertising Coverage Design Allowances Sales forces Assortments Features Payment period Public relation Locations Brand name Credit terms Direct marketing Inventory Packaging Transport Sizes Services Warranties returnsHISTORY OF BISCUITSSweet or salty. Soft or crunchy. Simple or exotic. Everybody loves munching on biscuits,but do they know how biscuits began?
  13. 13. The history of biscuits can be traced back to a recipe created by the Roman chefApicius, in which "a thick paste of fine wheat flour was boiled and spread out on a plate.When it had dried and hardened it was cut up and then fried until crisp, then served withhoney and pepper."The word Biscuit is derived from the Latin words Bis (meaning twice) and Coctus(meaning cooked or baked). The word Biscotti is also the generic term for cookies inItalian. Back then, biscuits were unleavened, hard and thin wafers which, because oftheir low water content, were ideal food to store.As people started to explore the globe, biscuits became the ideal travelling food sincethey stayed fresh for long periods. The seafaring age, thus, witnessed the boom ofbiscuits when these were sealed in airtight containers to last for months at a time. Hardtrack biscuits (earliest version of the biscotti and present-day crackers) were part of thestaple diet of English and American sailors for many centuries. In fact, the countrieswhich led this seafaring charge, such as those in Western Europe, are the ones wherebiscuits are most popular even today. Biscotti is said to have been a favorite ofChristopher Columbus who discovered America!Making good biscuits is quite an art, and history bears testimony to that. During the 17thand 18th Centuries in Europe, baking was a carefully controlled profession, managedthrough a series of guilds or professional associations. To become a baker, one had tocomplete years of apprenticeship - working through the ranks of apprentice, journeyman,and finally master baker. Not only this, the amount and quality of biscuits baked werealso carefully monitored.The English, Scotch and Dutch immigrants originally brought the first cookies to theUnited States and they were called teacakes. They were often flavored with nothingmore than the finest butter, sometimes with the addition of a few drops of rose water.Cookies in America were also called by such names as "jumbles", "plunkets" and "cry
  14. 14. babies".As technology improved during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the price ofsugar and flour dropped. Chemical leavening agents, such as baking soda, becameavailable and a profusion of cookie recipes occurred. This led to the development ofmanufactured cookies.Interestingly, as time has passed and despite more varieties becoming available, theessential ingredients of biscuits havent changed - like soft wheat flour (which containsless protein than the flour used to bake bread) sugar, and fats, such as butter and oil.Today, though they are known by different names the world over, people agree on onething - nothing beats the biscuit!Some interesting facts on the origin of other forms of biscuits:The recipe for oval shaped cookies (that are also known as boudoir biscuits, spongebiscuits, sponge fingers, Naples biscuits and Savoy biscuits) has changed little in 900years and dates back to the house of Savoy in the 11th century France. Peter the Greatof Russia seems to have enjoyed an oval-shaped cookie called "lady fingers" whenvisiting Louis XV of France.The macaroon - a small round cookie with crisp crust and a soft interior - seems to haveoriginated in an Italian monastery in 1792 during the French Revolution.SPRING-uhr-lee, have been traditional Christmas cookies in Austria and Bavaria forcenturies. They are made from a simple egg, flour and sugar dough and are usuallyrectangular in shape. These cookies are made with a leavening agent called ammoniumcarbonate and baking ammonia.The inspiration for fortune cookies dates back to the 12th and 13th Centuries, whenChinese soldiers slipped rice paper messages into moon cakes to help co-ordinate theirdefence against Mongolian invaders.
  15. 15. Britannia
  16. 16. The story of one of Indias favorite brands reads almost like a fairy tale. Once upona time, in 1892 to be precise, a biscuit company was started in a nondescripthouse in Calcutta (now Kolkata) with an initial investment of Rs. 295. The companywe all know as Britannia today.The beginnings might have been humble-the dreams were anything but. By 1910,with the advent of electricity, Britannia mechanized its operations, and in 1921, itbecame the first company east of the Suez Canal to use imported gas ovens.Britannias business was flourishing. But, more importantly, Britannia was acquiringa reputation for quality and value. As a result, during the tragic World War II, theGovernment reposed its trust in Britannia by contracting it to supply largequantities of "service biscuits" to the armed forces.As time moved on, the biscuit market continued to grow… and Britannia grewalong with it. In 1975, the Britannia Biscuit Company took over the distribution ofbiscuits from Parrys who till now distributed Britannia biscuits in India. In thesubsequent public issue of 1978, Indian shareholding crossed 60%, firmlyestablishing the Indianness of the firm. The following year, Britannia BiscuitCompany was re-christened Britannia Industries Limited (BIL). Four years later in1983, it crossed the Rs. 100 crores revenue mark.On the operations front, the company was making equally dynamic strides. In1992, it celebrated its Platinum Jubilee. In 1997, the company unveiled its newcorporate identity - "Eat Healthy, Think Better" - and made its first foray into thedairy products market. In 1999, the "Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao" promotionfurther fortified the affinity consumers had with Brand Britannia.Britannia strode into the 21st Century as one of Indias biggest brands and the pre-eminent food brand of the country. It was equally recognized for its innovativeapproach to products and marketing: the Lagaan Match was voted Indias mostsuccessful promotional activity of the year 2001 while the delicious Britannia 50-50
  17. 17. Maska-Chaska became Indias most successful product launch. In 2002,Britannias New Business Division formed a joint venture with Fonterra, the worldssecond largest Dairy Company, and Britannia New Zealand Foods Pvt. Ltd. wasborn. In recognition of its vision and accelerating graph, Forbes Global ratedBritannia One amongst the Top 200 Small Companies of the World, and TheEconomic Times pegged Britannia Indias 2nd Most Trusted Brand.Today, more than a century after those tentative first steps, Britannias fairy tale isnot only going strong but blazing new standards, and that miniscule initialinvestment has grown by leaps and bounds to crores of rupees in wealth forBritannias shareholders. The companys offerings are spread across the spectrumwith products ranging from the healthy and economical Tiger biscuits to the morelifestyle-oriented Milkman Cheese. Having succeeded in garnering the trust ofalmost one-third of Indias one billion population and a strong management at thehelm means Britannia will continue to dream big on its path of innovation andquality.PRODUCTSTiger Banana Britannia is committed to help secure every childs right to Growth & Development through good food everyday. Purposefully taking forward the credo of Eat Healthy, Think Better , we have launched a new variant under our power brand TIGER - TIGER BANANA - power packed with IRON ZOR & and with the delightful taste ofbanana.IRON ZOR helps make mind sharper and body stronger. A Rs.4 pack has asmuch IRON ZOR as that in 1 kg of Banana.
  18. 18. R&D in Britannia has spent considerable time to develop this nutritious anddelightful snack for children.Britannia Tiger Banana packed with IRON ZOR and goodness of Banana isaccessible to all, being available in convenient packs priced at Rs.2, Rs.4 andRs.10.NutriChoice SugarOutSounds like yesterday when people commented that healthy foods meant"compromising on the taste." NutriChoice SugarOut is the most novel productrange to have been introduced in the market. The product is not just sweet buttastes great, and yet contains no added sugar.This is because NutriChoice SugarOut is sweetened with "Sucralose," derivedfrom sugar, which provides the same sweetness as any other biscuit, without theadded calories of sugar. This range is available in 3 delicious variants namely Litetime, Chocolate cream, and Orange cream, targeted towards all health sensitive people. It is also relevant for consumers with sugar related ailments. We are sure that you will be pleasantly delighted with its great taste and equally surprised to know that it has noadded sugar.Dont be taken for a ride when you read "Sugar Free" label on many biscuitpacks marketed in India or abroad. Even with 100% no-added sugar, wheat-cereals in biscuits have their own natural sugar content. Britannia has chosen torepresent these biscuits with "No Added Sugar" claim, as there is no addedsugar in the processing of NutriChoice SugarOut.Britannia 50-50 Pepper Chakkar
  19. 19. The launch of the latest 50-50 variant left everybody guessing "What it eez?"From TV ads, radio, outdoor and in-store display materials to events, a websiteand SMS and email blasts, traditional and new media were blendedsynergistically to create excitement and curiosity about the unique taste of thebiscuit. The tangy and distinctive pepper flavoured biscuit, thats thin and crispyand more like a snack, caught the imagination of a younger audience cravingsomething to nibble on. The 50-50 Pepper Chakkar launch is truly a case ofleveraging the marketing mix to best advantage. NutriChoice Digestive BiscuitNothing can be more difficult than making small efforts in our daily life towardshealthy and active living. 24/7 we are engrossed in our busy schedules; skippingmeals, missing walks, along with inadequate sleep and frequently eating-out, alltake a heavy toll on our health.At least with the new and improved NutriChoice Digestive Biscuit, we have one less thing to worry about. Made with 50% whole-wheat and packed with added fibre (10% of our daily dietary needs), these delightfully tasty biscuits are amongst your healthiest bites of the day. In your next visit to a shop just look out for its Golden- green international carton pack. Try one and youll know that youve made one smartchoice - NutriChoice.Treat Fruit Rollz
  20. 20. All kids who have relished the yummy creamy treasures of Britannia Treat inexciting flavors, have yet another reason to celebrate! Britannia Treat launchesthe amazingly yummy Treat Fruit Rollz!! These tasty soft rolls are filled with realfruits and provide a healthy yet mouth-watering treat to the kids. Fruit Rollzcomes in four masti fruit flavours - Juicy Apple, Strawberry Surprise, TangyOrange and Delicious Dates!Want to know a little secret? They make the best tiffin treats! So during snacktime what better than to munch on the delicious and healthy Fruit Rollz anddiscover the yummy fruit flavor from within the shells. Keeping up with Britanniasplatform of taste bhi, health bhi, Fruit Rollz is indeed a yummy snacking optionfor kids, while keeping the Moms assured about the goodness provided by thefruit filling. So go on and treat yourself to the lip-smacking snack!
  21. 21. New Britannia Milk BikisMilk Bikis, the favourite growth partner of Kids, now brings greater value anddelight to all with its new product and pack design. Recently re-launched in itsexisting Southern & Eastern markets, and extended across India, the new MilkBikis is all set to add excitement and appeal to ‘nutritious’ food. Whoever saidthat ‘good food’ needs to look ‘dull and boring’, will just have to take a look at MilkBikis. With a unique and attractive honeycomb design and an enhanced product experience, the new biscuit prompts the ‘Kid’s will love it’ reaction amongst mothers. The milk goodness in the recipe is now enhanced with SMART NUTRIENTS – 4 vital vitamins, iron and iodine, proven to aid mental and physical development ingrowing kids. The premium packaging, besides appealing to kids, also ensuresthat the biscuits remain fresh and crisp.So, whether its breakfast time or snack time at school, rest assured that kids willlook forward to munching these crunchy, milky biscuits which even helps in theirdevelopment. And yes, adults won’t be far behind in reaching out for a pack
  22. 22. Financial AnalysisBritannias gross sales turnover increased to Rs 18,179 mn in 2005-06 from Rs16,154 mn in the previous year, registering a growth of 13%. Operating profit atRs 1,763 mn increased by 7%, profit before tax and exceptional items at Rs.1,958 mn declined by 19% against 2004-05 , impacted by the profit on sale oflong term investments that accrued to other income last year.[Fig- 2.1: Gross Sales of Britannia]The Company achieved these results despite significant increases in input cost,particularly sugar, fuel and oils, coupled with aggressive pricing in the industry.Your Companys focused initiatives on commercialising market placeopportunities, supply chain efficiencies and overall cost management resulted inits top line growth and profitability. Operating margin at 10.3% in 2005-06compared with 10.9% in the previous year was impacted by the inflation in inputcosts.Despite stiff competition, your Company stabilised and held its overall marketshare at 31.7% in volume and 38.8% in value for the last year.Exports turnover during the year was Rs 111.71 mn against Rs 71.65 mn in2004-05, a growth of 56%
  23. 23. [Fig 2.2: Earning per Share of Britannia] 1550 1500 1450 28-o1 1400 29-01 30-01 1350 31-01 1300 01-02 1250 1200 Opening High of the Day Low of the Day Closing[Fig 2.3: Graph of Share Movement of Britannia Industry on the BSE]
  24. 24. THE INDUSTRYBiscuits derive its name from a French word meaning twice backed bread;Biscuits in general have a good shelf life, which is higher than all other snackitems available in the market.India is the second largest producer of biscuits in the world after the U.S.A. butstill the per capita consumption is only 2.3 kg/year of developed countries. As perthe latest survey done by N.C.A.E.R., 49 biscuits are consumed in rural areas.The penetration of biscuits into households stands at an average of 83.2% withthe rural penetration at 77% and urban penetration at 88%. Biscuits are reservedfor the small scale sector but there are strong possibilities of the industry beingdeserved in line with the government policy of liberalization. The net effect thuswould be greater choice for the consumer as well as a check on the costs.The country production of the biscuits during 2004-05 was 18.6 Lac tons of which1/2 were manufactured by the organized sector. The industry turn over was5322.7 Crores of which organized sector contributed 2519.3 crores.Britannia, makers of Britannia biscuits, doubled capacity from 25 tonnes a day to50 tonnes and plans to be a national brand soon. In an aggressive mode, theNorth dominated biscuit player has increased its ad budget to Rs. 5 crore thisyear from Rs. 3 crore last year. Britannia has also recently invested about Rs. 5crore in the modernization and expansion of its production and packing itsproduction capacity of 40 tonnes per day to 100 tonnes per day by next year. Theaim: to take the current turnover of Rs. 50 crore to Rs. 100 crore by the year.The low priced brand claims to have a 15 per cent market share in the North andis aggressively eyeing a bigger bite of the Rs. 2,500 crore biscuit industry. Thebrand plans to gain a 40 per cent market share in the North by the year of.
  25. 25. The companys strategy has been to attract new consumer segments and widenits consumer base with its well packaged low priced offerings. Britanniassuccess has also come from its formidable.It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Summer Training Report. It is basedon the survey conducted in East Delhi region on Biscuit industry. The applicabilityof various branding strategies play crucial role in marketing in product. theapplicability has grown due to the liberalization, competition and technologicalchanges taking place in corporate world.In this project the various branding strategies adopted by the company has beenstudied and compared on the basis of current market scenario. It gives the ideaabout the market share enjoyed by the different companies in the BiscuitIndustry. It provides the adequate coverage of many issues related to biscuitindustry. The objective of this report is to give the market share of Britanniabiscuits in the Indian capital (New Delhi). It has been made possible by knowingthe consumers behaviour and by studying the patterns adopted by the retailers.It gives us very precise view about the existing demand of Britannia biscuits anddemand of their products as compared to other competitors. It also highlights thechanging market trends and consumer preferences, why they have shifted fromfinally pack to pouch pack. The annual growth rate of the industry is about12.5%. However, the growth of cream biscuits, assorted or special variety is therange of 30-40%.The organized sector consists of large, medium and small scale biscuitmanufacturers who produce packed biscuits. The major players in this sector areBritannia, Bakeman’s, and Parle, etc. the unorganized sector comprises of smallbakery units, cottage and household type manufacturing plants. These unitsdistribute their biscuits in the surrounding vicinity of their manufacturing locationsof say 20-50 kms. The country production of biscuits during 2005-06 is estimatedto be about 19.5 lack tons. Out of which 1/2 again is expected from unorganizedsector.
  26. 26. MARKETING STRATEGYMarketing is not Euclidean geometry a fixed system of concept. Rathermarketing is one of the dynamic fields with in the management arena. Themarket faces continually a new challenge everyday and companies mustrespond to it positively. Therefore it is not surprising that new market idea keepsurfacing to meet new market place challenges.The market process is applicable to more than goods and services. Anythingrelated to market including ideas, events, policies, prices and personalitiescomes under market strategy. However it is important to emphasize opportunityin the market through market strategy.Following strategies adopted by the organization. A strong quality of the product and customer satisfaction:Customers always believe in good quality product. in my survey I found that inpercentage term more people is quality conscious and not price conscious.Customer satisfaction is very important part of the organization that at any costthey have to fulfill. A growing relationship with customer and customer retention:Nowadays a good relation with customer is very important for organization. Saleis totally depending on the relation with the customers. Customers retention isalso a major aspect for growing business. It means keep the old customer andtry to make new customer. Focus on competitors activity:Every organization should must be careful about its competitors step, becausethey can disturb the growing sales process of the organization.
  27. 27.  A growing emphasis on global thinking and local marketing planning:Companies are increasing by pursuing market beyond their borders. When theyenter other countries they must follow the tradition of that country and also theymake plan for local market that which type of product has more demand and howcan it run in the market. Promotional StrategyUnder the market strategy promotional idea is very important. Organizationprovides some schemes or rebates to retailers or consumers. They makeadvertisement according to convenient of the people and the feature of theproduct.So on the basis of marketing strategy a organization runs in the market. It isseveral types of which makes helpful to increase sales and turnover of theorganization.
  28. 28. COMPETITORSGenerally all organizations have competitors in the market. A particularorganization always comprises with other same business and according tomarket share we clarify the brand of product is giving more challenge to myproduct.I found many products which can be compared with Britannia Biscuit. As aconclusion I found that particularly in my provided area Britannia is really doingwell and its performance is on surprising level. During the field work and afterintensive study it was found that main competitor of PRIYAGOLD biscuits isBRITANNIA as the market leader.In my provided area the share of the market is as follows.BRITANNIA 48%PRIYAGOLD 20%PARLE-G 16%PURE FOOD 8%OTHERS 8%When we compared with other businesses then we follow the quality, price,distribution system, promotional strategy etc. of the competitors Britannia in thisarea is doing well.So this is the comparison with other biscuits brands. According to our findings wefound that BRITANNIA is the market leader followed by BRITANNIA biscuits.These two biscuits companies the lions share in the 2,200 crore biscuitsindustry.
  29. 29. MARKET POTENTIALMarket potential of the BRITANNIA is much positive in competitive era and willsure cover the maximum market share of biscuit product. Potentiality of anyproduct depends upon the futuristic performance of the product. it depends thathow much retailers have potentiality to be permanent seller of BRITANNIA.For great potentiality it is necessary to improve those factors which are going toeffect retailers. In my study I found some factors which can help to cover greatpotentiality.These factors are following:• Scheme delivery should in perfect determining time.• Some places distributors not able to cover his particular area. That should be improved.• Scheme facility should be regular as much as possible.• Small pack also should be in the market.• Always collect the views of retailers. It gives psychological effect on the retailers about care ness by manufacturing company.These factors are very important for the organization. If company is able toimprove these all factors then definitely its market share will more increase.Retailers will take more interest to sell Britannia biscuit and customer will alsoenjoy for it.So potentiality is very high to Britannia biscuit in positive direction.
  30. 30. SWOT ANALYSIS OF BRITANNIAStrength Weakness • Fulfill one of our Basic • Decreases nutritional value Requirement among Air , • Increases the cost of food Water , Food, Shelter product • Widely accepted in all • Industry and technology Generations requires high investment • Easily available in various forms • Regular usage of processed • Provide good Instant Remedy food can cause alteration in for hunger in the form of health readymade food • Preserves the non seasonal food and makes it available all throughout the yearOpportunities Threats • Increase economy of India • Many companies are result • Generate employment oriented opportunity • Increase in pollution • Good quality of Goods • Sometimes provide poor quality • Provide competition to foreign of product for more profit companies • Lack of technology • Improve living standard • Unable to utilize all the • Provide goods to nation at resources efficiently cheaper rate • Inflow of foreign reserve and funds for the govt.(taxes)
  31. 31. CONCLUSIONAfter going thick on the thing, now time is to make a complete picture. Whilemaking a product a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of the shop retailers think aboutthe GMROI (Gross Margin Return On Investment) and they promote the brandwhich provide them highest. They expect return in the form of profit margin,company schemes, window display and references of the shop. Among these,company schemes make the differences and are the highest source of motivationafter profit margin. Retailing demands a constant push from the company.Marketer needs to use advertising and brand building strategies to address thediscerning buyers and retail push to in different buyers. The manufacturer shouldunderstand consumer behavior because retailers cant help quality and price. It isonly up to dealers said it is demand they sell Britannia 42% agree that at retailshop it is brand popularity, which determine the purchase of biscuit.There is a greater need to understand the retailer behavior considering them as ateam working for the company may help them to be attached to the company.There should be feeling of belonging to the company in inner of the retailers.Setting values club for retailers so that they may exchange views with thecompany and help in understanding consumer behavior.