Accelerate with BIRT and Actuate11


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Accelerate with BIRT and Actuate11 : Bangalore Roadshow

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  • Before we do that, a key thing to note is that everything you are about to see is built on top of open source BIRT. In fact, as we will see, you can take a design created with open source BIRT and deploy it into Actuate 11 to immediately get many of the capabilities you will see.Note: Do not spend time going through the content in this slide itself.9:45
  • Accelerate with BIRT and Actuate11

    1. 1. BANGALORE<br />
    2. 2. Accelerate with BIRT and Actuate 11<br />
    3. 3. DATASOURCES<br />SFDC<br />Successfully integrating, transforming and presenting data to end users is a slow and painful process<br />USERS<br />DW<br />AnyEmployeeRepAnalystManagerExecutive<br />HR<br />Finance<br />AgentsPartnersCustomers<br />Docs<br />PrintStreams<br />…<br />
    4. 4. USER AGILITY AND SELF-SERVICE<br />TIME TO MARKET<br />DATASOURCES<br />Must be quick to build and deploy solution<br />Must integrate disparate data sources<br />Gathering all user requirements up front is hard; can’t articulate what they need till they start using it<br />UI requirements are driven by the other apps users use; at work and online at home<br />As the business changes, requirements change <br />Users need answers immediately – delays hurt business<br />Users want to be self-empowered<br />Solutions must be intuitive and meet the immediate need<br />SFDC<br />USERS<br />DW<br />AnyEmployeeRepAnalystManagerExecutive<br />HR<br />Finance<br />AgentsPartnersCustomers<br />Docs<br />PrintStreams<br />…<br />
    5. 5. Actuate 11 Foundation: BIRT<br />BIRT<br />Proven Power<br /><ul><li>Easy, web-centric visual design
    6. 6. Component-based development
    7. 7. Multiple data sources and sets
    8. 8. Full programmatic control
    9. 9. Wide-ranging APIs</li></ul>Open Source<br /><ul><li>Over 1 million developers globally
    10. 10. Community-vetted features and quality</li></ul>Simplicity that makes Power to create very simple tasks easy complex applications<br />
    11. 11. One User Experience<br /><ul><li>Unified, seamless environment
    12. 12. Intuitive and discoverable</li></ul>BIRT CollaborativeArchitecture<br />Let the User Choose<br /><ul><li>Rich visualizations
    13. 13. Interactive web content
    14. 14. Operational dashboards
    15. 15. Excel-based analysis
    16. 16. Analytics and analytical apps
    17. 17. PDF content</li></ul>User Agility and Self-Service<br />
    18. 18. One User Experience<br />COLLABORATIVE<br />INTERACTIVE<br /> VISUAL<br />D<br />S<br />A<br />D<br />S<br />R<br />H<br />B<br />A<br />O<br />
    19. 19. DEMO<br />VISUAL<br />Content must be engagingand readily understandable<br />
    20. 20. Visual BIRT Content Engages Users<br />Animated Visualizations <br />Highly Visual<br /><ul><li>Draws user in
    21. 21. Zero training
    22. 22. Simplifies information
    23. 23. Joy to use</li></ul>Powered by BIRT<br /><ul><li>100% Web-based
    24. 24. Built-in graphics
    25. 25. 266 Flash objects included
    26. 26. Lightweight and reusable</li></ul>Information is Compelling<br />
    27. 27. DEMO<br />INTERACTIVE<br />Answer the questionthat has not yet been asked<br />
    28. 28. Content Must be Interactive<br />When presented with information, users become smarter…<br />Interactive and Engaging<br /><ul><li>Encourages users to seek new perspectives
    29. 29. Save their changes
    30. 30. Leverages their ideas
    31. 31. Creates self-sufficient users</li></ul>Fully controlled by IT<br /><ul><li>100% secure
    32. 32. Reusable components
    33. 33. Use changes to drive requirements</li></ul>…and when users become smarter, they change their questions<br />
    34. 34. DEMO<br />DASHBOARDS<br />Summarize and interact with key information<br />
    35. 35. Total Visibility for Fast Decision Making<br />Summarize Key Information<br /><ul><li>Drive strategic alignment
    36. 36. Perfect operational execution</li></ul>Powered by BIRT<br /><ul><li>Access any data – not just a data warehouse
    37. 37. Combine visual elements
    38. 38. Charts, gauges, tables
    39. 39. Reports and reportlets
    40. 40. Web pages
    41. 41. Google Gadgets
    42. 42. Interact and explore</li></ul>BIRT 360 Dashboards<br />
    43. 43. COLLABORATIVE<br />Break traditional barriers between developers and end users<br />
    44. 44. Fragmented Technology Models Do Not Work<br />Different Tools for Each User Inhibits Collaboration <br />IT<br />“I can’t give you the data until you tell me what you want.”<br />“Fill out the business justification form.”<br />Deployments stall and become expensive<br />End Users<br />“I can’t tell you what I want until I see the data.”<br />“They’re not responsive. I’ll just do it myself.”<br />Iteration and change are discouraged and become expensive<br />
    45. 45. DataAnalyzer <br />BIRTStudio<br />BIRT Designers<br />Content development<br />Web-based ad-hoc<br />IT Producers Content Consumers<br />Application Developers,<br />Data Architects &Report Designers<br />Collaborative Architecture<br />BIRTInteractiveViewing<br />One Design: BIRT<br />BIRT 360<br />Analysis<br />Dashboards<br />Interactivity<br />BIRT<br />Casual UsersCustomers & Partners<br />Power Users &Business Users<br />
    46. 46. Agile Data Access<br />Agile Approach:<br /><ul><li>Deliver immediate value to users
    47. 47. Keep pace with evolving requirements
    48. 48. Solicit and incorporate feedback</li></ul>Evolved<br />Requirements<br />Original<br />Requirements<br />Traditional Data Warehouse Approach<br />Time<br />Agile approach can complement Data Warehouse approach<br />
    49. 49. Agile Data Access and BIRT<br />DEMO<br />DATASOURCES<br />SFDC<br />DirectAccess<br />DW<br />BIRT 360:OperationalDashboards<br />BIRT 360:AnalyticDashboards<br />HR<br />BIRTDataObject<br />Via DataObject<br />Finance<br />BIRT DataAnalyzer<br />Analysis-ReadyExport to Excel<br />Metadata<br />Docs<br />ViaMetadata<br />Flexible delivery <br />of analytics to users<br />PrintStreams<br />…<br />
    50. 50. Capabilities for All Users<br />Collaborative Architecture<br /><ul><li>Skills-matched environments for every user & consumer
    51. 51. Progressive development model encourages change</li></ul>Common Foundation<br /><ul><li>One Design: BIRT
    52. 52. Agile Data Access</li></ul>BIRT 360 Studio<br />BIRT Studio<br />
    53. 53. User Agility and Self-Service: Summary<br />BIRT 360:Analytical Dashboards<br />BIRT 360:Operational Dashboards<br />Ad Hoc Reports<br />Interactive Content<br />Analysis-Ready<br />Export to Excel<br />BIRT Data Analyzer<br />
    54. 54. Fast Time to Market<br />Present Content Quickly and Seamlessly…<br />All Data Secured<br /><ul><li>Multi-layered security model
    55. 55. Standard and JavaScript portlets
    56. 56. Seamlessly integrates user security</li></ul>Any Format <br /><ul><li>Brochure-quality PDF
    57. 57. Live Excel, PPT, etc…
    58. 58. Live documents & spreadsheets
    59. 59. Mobile devices like iPad, iPhone & Blackberry</li></ul>Invisible<br /><ul><li>Supports your branding
    60. 60. Integrate marketing & upsellopportunities
    61. 61. Simple, guided interaction & help</li></ul>…in BI applications<br />…in custom apps<br />…in mobile apps<br />…even in blogs<br />
    62. 62. How Do I Get There? Quickly.<br />SOA<br />Web Services<br />URLs<br />JavaScript<br />API<br />Web User Interface<br />ONE SERVER<br />Phased-In Services<br />BIRTiServer<br />Scheduling and distribution<br />Document management<br />Usage logging<br />Alerts and Subscriptions<br />Security<br />High Availability<br />Multi-tenant<br />Metadata<br />Elasticprovisioning<br />Security Integration<br />
    63. 63. How Do I Get There? Quickly.<br />DEMO<br />BIRT iServer<br />On-Premise<br />Installation<br />BIRT iServer<br />Cloud<br />Installation<br />ONE SERVER<br />Phased-In Services<br />Scheduling and distribution<br />Document management<br />Usage logging<br />Alerts and Subscriptions<br />Security<br />High Availability<br />Multi-tenant<br />Metadata<br />Elasticprovisioning<br />BIRT iServer<br />Embedded<br />OEM<br />BIRT<br />On-Demand<br />Flexible Licensing and Pricing<br />
    64. 64. Summary<br />One Design<br />BIRT: The Technical Leader<br />One User Experience<br />Integrated support for many usage styles<br />One Server<br />Rapid deployment with unlimited scalability<br />
    65. 65. Where To Learn More<br />Download or Test Drive Actuate 11 at BIRT Exchange<br /><ul><li>Getting Started information
    66. 66. Demos
    67. 67. Tutorials and more…</li></ul>Explore<br /><ul><li>Search/sort
    68. 68. Rate, comment
    69. 69. Forums</li></ul>Download<br /><ul><li>Documentation
    70. 70. Software
    71. 71. Examples</li></ul>Contribute<br /><ul><li>BIRT designs, code
    72. 72. Technical tips
    73. 73. Applications</li></ul><br />
    74. 74. Accelerate with BIRT and Actuate 11<br />
    75. 75. Next Steps<br />Where Do We Go From Here?<br /><ul><li>Explore Bangalore Roadshow Resource Center
    76. 76. All training materials posted online at
    77. 77. Complete course materials and take online test to receive certificate
    78. 78. Answer your questions and connect with others on BIRT Exchange
    79. 79.
    80. 80. Enter our worldwide contest: “Get Started with BIRT”
    81. 81. Sign up for training with Actuate University
    82. 82. Bring your certificate for a discount</li></li></ul><li>Getting Started with BIRTContest Details<br />Connections to Data Sources (ODA)<br />Social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter<br />Big data sources such as HBase, MongoDB<br />Other data source such as Google Analytics, Excel or FileMaker<br />New Ways to Display or Output BIRT Content<br />Extensions- HTML5 charts, heat maps or density plots<br />Emitters- Microsoft Office files, XML or XBRL<br />Enter Before October 15 at<br />Awarding 4 iPads for BIRT Plug-Ins<br />
    83. 83. Local Contact Details<br />Sandip Sharma<br />Head of Operations, India, Actuate Asia-Pacific<br />Land Line: +65 (6238) 7519<br />Mobile: +65 (9787) 2688<br /><br />Nilesh Karandia<br />Business Development Manager, India<br />Land Line: +91 (22) 4090 7281<br />Mobile: +91 (9820) 107474<br /><br />
    84. 84. Discussion<br />Questions and Answers<br />
    85. 85. BANGALORE<br />