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Bleach characters

Bleach characters



views the main characters of the anime show bleach

views the main characters of the anime show bleach



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    Bleach characters Bleach characters Presentation Transcript

    • A Japanese cartoon that is awesome. A very violent show that involves swords, blood, and evil monsters
    • Ichigo Kurosaki
      Main character. Ichigo is a soul reaper with an enormous sword. He is 15 years old and has had the power to see ghosts since he was little.
    • RukiaKuchiki
      Rukia is another one of the main character of bleach.
      She is also a soul reaper sent from the soul society
      To kill all of the hollows in that town is when she discovers
      One is attacking Ichigo’s family.
    • Hollows
      Hollows don’t all look the same but they are all bad.
      When a ghost loses it spirit chain it transforms in to a hollow.
      Hollows feed on the souls of the dead before soul reapers
      Take them to the soul society.
    • Yasutorasado (chad)
      Chad is a friend of Ichigos. And has always had his back
      Discovering that he has a strange power he turns to
      Kisukeurahara to master that power.
    • OrihimeInoue
      Another friend of ichigos she is 15 years old
      And has also like chad found a power deep inside her
      She also went to kisukeurahara to master that
    • KisukeUrahara
      Former soul reaper. Now owns his own shop with 3
      People who work there with him. Friends with Ishine
    • Isshine Kurosaki
      Ichigos father and former soul reaper
      a friend of kisukeurahara. A captain soul reaper.
    • Capt Hitsugaya
      Captain of squad 10 one of the most strongest
      Squads in the soul society.
    • Rangiku Matsumoto
      Lt of squad 10 the second strongest person
      In that squad.
    • yumichika
      Person in squad 10 best friends with ikkaku
    • IkkakuMadarame
      Second strongest person in squad 11 the most feared squad in all of the soul society.
    • RenjiAbarai
      Person in squad 10 friends with Ichigo
      And ikkaku.
    • Ichigohollowfied form
      When Ichigo went into training with urahara
      He crossed over into the realm of the hollows
      And this is what that created.
    • Arrancars
      Arrancars are hollows who are trying to
      Obtain soul reaper powers.
    • Vizards
      Vizards are soul reapers who are trying to obtain
      Hollow powers.