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Honeywell solutions for Airports

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Dubai Airport Show Movie

  3. 3. OUR COMPANYWe deliver a single source of responsibility for Landside,Terminal, Airside and Aircraft solutions and services
  4. 4. OUR PEOPLE Our long-term relationships with airports operators, aircraftmanufacturers and aircraft operators allows us to develop innovative, integrated and real-world solutions
  5. 5. OUR CAPABILITIES• Provide global program management and services• Integrate Landside, Terminal and Airside systems• Integrate Airport and Aircraft systems• Increase Airport capacity and operational efficiency
  6. 6. OUR CAPABILITIES• Reduce risk and measureable cost avoidance• Reduce project risk while improving project safety• Reduce Total Installed Initial Cost• Serve as your Lifecycle Partner
  7. 7. OUR EXPERIENCE• We have 90+ years experience in aviation industry• We support over 500 airports worldwide with our products and solutions• We have earned a reputation for introducing and integrating best-of-breed technologies
  8. 8. OUR SOLUTIONS & SERVICES Terminal/Landside Airside Solutions Critical InfrastructureSolutions & Services & Services Production Solutions
  10. 10. TERMINAL/LANDSIDE CONTROLS Building Fire & Life Security Scanning &Automation Safety Systems MobilityManagement Solutions Energy Systems LifecycleManagement Integration Services
  11. 11. BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS• Improve comfort and operational efficiency of your HVAC, lighting and other building systems• Controls for heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, humidification, industrial process automation, video surveillance, people and asset tracking and access control equipment
  12. 12. SECURITY SYSTEMS• CCTV & Video Surveillance• Video Analytics• Access Control
  13. 13. DIGITAL VIDEO SURVEILLANCE• Advanced Video Management• Intelligent Recording• Advanced Search capabilities• Effective Video collection• State-of-the-art Video storage• Video as Evidence
  14. 14. DIGITAL VIDEO SURVEILLANCEA Revolutionary Architecture• Scalable and open• Flexible and cost effective• Highly fault-tolerant
  15. 15. ADVANCED VIDEO ANALYTICS• Object detection, tracking and classification• Simultaneously track and classify multiple objects in normal crowd densities• Tolerant to scene clutter, illumination changes and camera noise
  16. 16. ADVANCED VIDEO ANALYTICS• Classification by size, region of interest, color and type• Movement and direction• Behavior analysis• Counting• Automated scene understanding
  17. 17. ACCESS CONTROLElectronic Access Control/Smart Cards• Control entry and movement• Safeguard assets and prevent theft• Report who went where and when• Lighting Control
  18. 18. ACCESS CONTROLBiometrics• Robust, reliable identity management for real environments – Finger print – Hand vein – Finger recognition – Iris recognition – Voice recognition
  19. 19. ACCESS CONTROLVisitor Management• Screens and controls visitors to critical facilities – Employee safety – Company secrets – Evacuation lists
  20. 20. LIFE SAFETY & FIRE CONTROLSFire Sensors and Detectors• Fire & Smoke Detectors• PA/VA Systems• Call Point & Pull Stations• Waterflow Detectors
  21. 21. LIFE SAFETY & FIRE CONTROLSFire Panels• Notifier• KAC• Gamewell-FCI• Fire-Lite• Gent• Silent Knight• Morley-IAS
  22. 22. LIFE SAFETY & FIRE CONTROLS• Exit Point – Directional Sound Evacuation• Onyx First Vision• Gas Detection• Personnel Protection Equipment
  23. 23. ENERGY MANAGEMENTHoneywell has a unique breadth of energy offerings• Performance Contracting• Energy Efficiency programs• Renewable Energy• Energy & Operations Advisory Services
  24. 24. INTEGRATION FOR AN ENTERPRISE VIEW• Reduced costs – initial installation and lifecycle operation• Maximize your productivity• Optimize your assets• Secure and safeguard your passengers, employees, assets and facilities
  25. 25. LIFE CYCLE SERVICES Installation Services Delivering expertise, experience and responsivenessthrough engineering, construction, commissioning and management
  26. 26. LIFE CYCLE SERVICES Building ServicesProtecting value of installed systems and optimize building systems performance with experience, resources and support
  27. 27. LIFE CYCLE SERVICES Monitoring ServicesProtecting your assets and providing comfort,safety and security when staff is not there 24/7
  28. 28. LIFE CYCLE SERVICES Support ServicesImproving cash management, productivity and employee effectiveness through financial and customized training
  30. 30. IMAGING & MOBILITY SOLUTIONS• E-Ticket and Boarding Pass scanning• Baggage Tracking and Handling• Passenger Management
  32. 32. AIRSIDE SOLUTIONSVisual Docking Airfield A-SMGCS FOD Guidance Ground Detection System Lighting System Airside Asset GPS Landing SystemsTracking System System Integration
  33. 33. VISUAL DOCKING GUIDANCE SYSTEM (VDGS)• Provides automatic and precise guidance to dock aircrafts into gates• Uses video sensors and 3D image processing for non- contact detection of aircraft position• Retro-reflective LCD display enhances readability even in extreme day-light and low-light conditions
  34. 34. VDGS CENTRAL COMPUTER• Monitors wing-tip clearances to other gates and aircrafts• Live Video feed for Monitoring of Apron• Monitors other gate systems like Passenger Boarding Bridges, PCA, 400Hz, Fuel Pit System etc.• Integrates with other Airport IT systems for automation information sharing and capturing ON/OFF Block times for accurate billing
  35. 35. AIRFIELD GROUND LIGHTINGComponents for• Approach Lighting• Runway Lighting• Taxiway/Apron Lighting• Guidance Signs
  36. 36. POWER SUPPLY CONTROL & MONITORING EQUIPMENT• Comprehensive power supplies for series circuit systems including switching units and sequence flashing control units• Advanced Single Lamp Control and Monitoring with Addressable Switch Devices
  37. 37. POWER SUPPLY CONTROL & MONITORING EQUIPMENT• Concept for step-by-step implementation• Open architecture• Suitable for different A-SMGCS levels• Full dynamic A-SMGCS
  38. 38. CONTROL & MONITORING SYSTEM FOR AIRFIELD LIGHTING• Scalable and decentralized computer systems suitable for all airports sizes and functions• Support all HMI technologies such as Touch screen• Open Standards to interface with other systems• Full integration of Single Lamp Control & Monitoring• Tower workstation support integrated traffic presentation (Integrated Controller Work Position)• Supports A-SMGCS
  39. 39. ADVANCED SURFACE CONTROL MOVEMENT GUIDANCE SYSTEM• Warning for incursions at Runway and Taxiways• Conflict detection and alarming to ATC• Automatic calculation of best route from A to B• High efficient ground traffic flow also under low visibility conditions• Full implementation of “Follow The Greens” procedures• Energy savings for AGL because only selected lights are on
  40. 40. FOREIGN OBJECT DEBRIS DETECTION SYSTEM• Dual Sensor System, no blind spots with high detection rate• Reliable and high probability of detection (95% or more)• Scalable solution from isolated areas to full runways and taxiways• Detect FOD between aircraft movements as frequently as every 60 seconds• Provides Runway & Taxiway situational awareness in low visibility conditions• Optimized to detect small and all types of FOD, identify location and Laser point• FOD source ascription
  41. 41. AIRSIDE VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM• At poor visibility prevents service delays of fire-fighting and rescue vehicles• ETNA supports the winter service for efficient removal and displays the progress of applying de-icing fluid also in a fleet control workstation.• Shows the location of current failures to the maintenance personnel and guides them to the failed lights directly and quickly.
  42. 42. SMARTPATH GROUND BASED AUGMENTATION SYSTEM (GBAS)• A Single GBAS support up to 48 approaches for all runways at an airport within 23 miles of coverage, increasing capacity and saving airport real estate• Immune to common sources of interference that can distort ILS signals• Supports complex approaches to increase airport throughput and reduce carbon emissions and noise footprint• Substantial reduction in upfront investment cost, as well as ongoing maintenance and flight inspection cost versus ILS• Complements RNP and provides precision approach• FAA CAT I approved and future capabilities for CAT II and CAT III
  44. 44. CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION Combined Face & Radar Video Iris Recognition Surveillance Systems (CFAIRS) (RVS) Perimeter Intrusion Physical Security Detection System Information Management (PIDS) System (PSIM)
  45. 45. COMBINED FACE AND IRIS RECOGNITION SYSTEM (CFAIRS)• Automatic Iris and face recognition• Range up to 5m• Identification and verification against stored database• Optional automatic enrollment
  46. 46. Wide FOV Image Security Console Right NIR Left NIRVisible Face NIR Face Iris Image Iris Image Image Image
  47. 47. COMBINED FACE AND IRIS RECOGNITION SYSTEM (CFAIRS)• Unobtrusive – near IR illumination and imaging• Real-time surveillance and access control – Entry portals and checkpoints – Area surveillance – Mobile crowd surveillance
  48. 48. RADAR VIDEO SURVEILLANCE• Maritime and ground based Radars• Automates Detection and Tracking• Uses Radar and Video to their strengths• Identify potential threats before they reach perimeter• Flexible alarms based upon user-defined rules• Can be used as front-end or as a sensor processing subsystem
  49. 49. PERIMETER INSTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEM (PIDS)• Integrating numerous sensors to security around airport perimeter • Video Surveillance • Fiber Optic • Video Analytics • Infrared (active and • Radars passive) • Electromagnetic • Microwave (Biostatic • Fence vibration & Monostatic) • Sonar
  51. 51. AIRCRAFT SOLUTIONS Required Runway Awareness Automatic Dependant Navigation & Advisory System Surveillance – BroadcastPerformance (RNP) (RAAS) (ADS-B) Concourse A Concourse B (( (( )) )) AP AP (( )) (( )) T T C AP AP P/ LAN LAN C P/ I (( )) (( )) I P P AP AP Hangar (( AP )) (( )) Runway Traffic Gatelink Alert
  52. 52. REQUIRED NAVIGATION PERFORMANCE (RNP)Allows more optimum flight paths and direct routing to reduceoperating costs:• Save fuel and time• Reduce diversion and cancellations• Improved airport access which can reduce weather related delays by up to 40%• Enhanced safety through greater accuracy and certainty with more reliable, predictable and repeatable flights
  53. 53. RUNWAY AWARENESS & ADVISORY SYSTEM (RAAS)• Honeywell RAAS helps ensure the one runway incursion that happens every day isn’t yours• Increased cockpit awareness to taxiways, runways and on approach/descent• Increased safety through increased positional awareness
  54. 54. AUTOMATIC DEPENDENT SURVEILLANCE BROADCAST (ADS-B)• Increased safety and reduced operational costs through greater accuracy of aircraft horizontal and vertical position and velocity• Allows greater surface situational awareness which increases safety• Reduces operational costs by allowing closer departures and approaches using enhanced visual separation
  55. 55. RUNWAY TRAFFIC ALERTING CONCEPTS• Combining RAAS, ADS-B and moving map technology or advanced traffic alerting• Increased safety throughout airport, aircraft on the ground, aircraft in flight and air traffic control
  56. 56. GATELINK• Decreases maintenance cost through high speed data transfer• Integrated router decreases system weight and operational costs
  57. 57. Buildings, Aviation & Automotive & Construction & Defense Transportation MaintenanceChemicals, Efficiency, Specialty Consumer & Energy &Materials & Home UtilitiesFertilizers Fire Protection Healthcare & & First Medical Responder Oil & Gas,Industrial Refining, Process Manufacturing Petrochemicals Control & Biofuels Safety & Scanning & Energy, Safety Mobile Security Productivity & Security