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The basic elements of a good brand story

The basic elements of a good brand story






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    The basic elements of a good brand story The basic elements of a good brand story Presentation Transcript

    • What are the basic elements of good brand story ?Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • But first this silly question… ©
    • Why does mostbusiness communication lacks impact? ©
    • ©
    • But people love stories ©
    • People love stories • Stories have been used to pass along knowledge for thousands of years • Every culture has a history of storytelling • Stories can take many forms: written, oral, paintings, architectural.Cave Painting from Lascaux Caves in France ©
    • Where do stories come from ? ©
    • What are stories about ? ©
    • The elements of storytelling ©
    • Oh yes,you want to know what the elements of a good brand story are. ©
    • Easy…Think Robin Hood.Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • 1. Show exceptional qualityRaf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • 2. Focus on a good cause Like freeing the people from “bad king john”Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • 4. Have recognisable appearenceRaf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • 5. Use the right words Like “Steal from the rich and give it to the poor”Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Which is much better then: “How to hit on Marian?”Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • 6. Have a good name for the story Like: ‘Hood’Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Yes we canRaf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee”Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • A good story?Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • So… a good story 1. Strong name 2. Visual recognition 3. Good cause 4. Right wordsRaf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Product YOUR YOUR THEIR STORY TELLING CONVERSATIONSRaf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • YOUR YOUR THEIR STORY TELLING CONVERSATIONSRaf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • The Know WHY YOUR STORY SUCCESS ?Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Do this test!Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Strong name: .............................. Visual : ............................... Good cause: ................................ Right words: ................................Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Don’t forget to answerRaf Stevens the 1 billionCorporatestoryteller.be question
    • Why should I care ?Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Why do you make this beer?Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • The Know WHY Name YOUR Visual Cause STORY Words ??Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Why is the world better of with my activity? The Know WHY Why are the people better of when it comes from me? Why do people need the story that I tell?Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Raf StevensMarketing 3.0 - Kotler Corporatestoryteller.be
    • Ooh... Just 1 little thingRaf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Raf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • Don’t build your story Be your storyRaf StevensCorporatestoryteller.be
    • THE ENDwww.corporatestoryteller.be