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Mashing Up Japan
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Mashing Up Japan






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Mashing Up Japan Mashing Up Japan Presentation Transcript

  • Mashing up Japan Remixing, Authorship and Cultural OriginMonday, December 12, 11
  • The Culture Industry’s content creation process Only some can contribute Expensive Slow High Risk, High Reward Recycles successful ideas, with little variation Promotes mainstream ideas Other areas of life have this mechanism, such as cancer research.Monday, December 12, 11
  • The Mob’s content creation process Possible because of rise of internet and desktop publishing Anybody can contribute Fast, highly iterative Low Risk, Low reward Explores obscure realms Promotes subcultureMonday, December 12, 11
  • Content creation feedback loop Public Concept Production Reaction Cultural Industry: The Mob: High Cost, Low Frequency Low Cost, High Frequency High Quality, Narrow Unlimited Scope, Lower Scope Quality Predictable Practically RandomMonday, December 12, 11
  • Mob method promotes Mashups and Remixes Murakami: Superflat Manifesto Mashups: Combining ideas Remixing: modifying an existing ideaMonday, December 12, 11
  • Mashups Putting two (or more) possibly disparate concepts together A large trend: combining something Japanese with something Western AMV: Anime Music Video Mashing up anime video clips with a wide variety of music Done by fans, not producersMonday, December 12, 11
  • Ghostface Killah + Speed RacerMonday, December 12, 11
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya + The White StripesMonday, December 12, 11
  • Dubstep + AnythingMonday, December 12, 11
  • Dubstep + AnythingMonday, December 12, 11
  • Kirby + Snoop DogMonday, December 12, 11
  • Nyan Cat A case study in mashup and remixingMonday, December 12, 11
  • ... is a mashupMonday, December 12, 11
  • Kids react to Nyan CatMonday, December 12, 11
  • Nyan Cat’s origin Original image made by Chris Torres from LOL_Comics on April 2nd Combined two different requests, one for a cat, one for a poptart Later created animated sprite 3 days later, YouTube user saraj00n uploads video adding Hatsune Miku song from Nico Nico DougaMonday, December 12, 11
  • Original Miku SongMonday, December 12, 11
  • Nyan CatMonday, December 12, 11
  • Smooth Jazz Nyan CatMonday, December 12, 11
  • Indian DanceMonday, December 12, 11
  • MinecraftMonday, December 12, 11
  • Mexican Nyan CatMonday, December 12, 11
  • Nyan Cat at MITMonday, December 12, 11
  • Nyan Cat at MITMonday, December 12, 11
  • Authorship and Cultural Origin Authorship: As a meme spreads, its authorship gets diluted. Meme authors aren’t generally known. What’s Nyan Cat’s Cultural identity? Is it American? What would a person who doesn’t know the back story say? Mimi Ito: Otaku fandom activities are losing their localization to Japan.Monday, December 12, 11