Envisaging the future


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This is an outline of where I believe New Zealand can be in 2025.

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Envisaging the future

  1. 1. Envisaging the Future New Zealand 2025
  2. 2. The Present Debt Based Monetary System Severe Inequality Major Environmental Stresses Child poverty Low Wage Economy Embedded Welfare System
  3. 3. The Future Resource Backed Monetary System Greater Equality Well Managed and Self Sustaining Environment Healthy and Well Children Smart Hi-Tech Economy Participatory Society
  4. 4. Transitioning Process Mapping the Change 2012-2025
  5. 5. Money System Part 1 Public Money for Public Expenditure Retire all Government Debt by 2017 Liquidate Overseas Cullen Fund by 2012 Bring Current Account into Balance by 2020 Control Bank Credit to ensure stable money supply Support strong domestic banking system
  6. 6. Money System Part 2 Eliminate Private Bank Credit by 2022 Money Supply 100% Interest and Debt Free by 2025 Money Backed by Basket of Resources Mix of National, Regional and Local Currencies in operation Banking becomes simple Savings and Loans process
  7. 7. Provide Fresh Fruit in schools now! Domestic Tradable Quotas by 2013 Domestic Allocation of Food for Export by 2013 At Cost Energy by 2013 Greater Equality
  8. 8. Water Management System by 2014 Fully Nationalised Energy System Feed-in-Tariffs System by 2016 Focus on Renewable Technologies Internalisation of Ecosystem Costs by 2016 Clean Rivers and Lakes by 2022 Self Sustaining Environment
  9. 9. Nationwide Enviroschools Program by 2014 Extra Investment into Education Focus on Health, Wellness and Nutrition All schools to offer healthy lunches by 2014 Extra resources from cradle to school gate Healthy and Well Children
  10. 10. Tax Resources not Creativity Institute a New Resource Tax by 2015 Streamlined and Efficient Government Tax breaks for Investment into New Business Remove Government from Business Focus on Equity Investment not Debt Smart Hi-Tech Economy
  11. 11. Participatory Society Eliminate Welfare and Benefit System and Remove Superannuation by 2015 Institute a Participatory Basic Income for all All Work Is Valued and Recognised Citizens to vote from the age of 16 from 2014 Introduce Civics Education by 2013
  12. 12. No Debt Stable and Solid Supply of Money Trade Balanced Living within our Resource Means Healthy and Well People Dynamic Economy 2025 Part 1
  13. 13. Low Crime Lower Health Costs Vibrant Ecosystem Participatory Society Focus on Living Well Living in Harmony 2025 Part 2
  14. 14. New Zealand 2025 Creating the Future