Lesson plan 10 octavo past simple tense


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Lesson plan 10 octavo past simple tense

  1. 1. Lesson Plan 10Date : June 28th , 2012 Level : 8vo BasicoActivity: Write about what did you last weekend...?: The past simple tense ( affirmative, negativequestion form)Skills: Listening, writing, speakingExpected outcomes: By the lesson students will distinguish the affirmative and negative, in the pastsimple tense. Also they will be able to write about events in the past using this forms plus relatedvocabulary about daily routines and activities.Resources: Worksheets, colour markers, board, dictionary, data show, laptop. Time Comments:Introduction : 10 min After setting up the equipment, teacher greets studentsGreetings. Introduce the content on which lesson’s activity is based : The past simple tense ( affirmative –negative).Warm up 15 min As a warm up activity , teacher invites students to watch“ The past simple in songs” a song video where the spelling of regular and irregular verbs is explained through different songs : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSpEcBxIMiA the video itself provides a graphic description on how to make the simple present tense ( affirmative) by presenting the rules and then show them in context by using different Song lyrics. Before playing the video, teachers can ask students to Pay attention to them, he also may offer students to Watch it again or share the second part of it, where Now is explained when we use the simple past tense by Following the same pattern. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuPl4RxZEok Once student have watched the video(s) , teacher can ask To recall some of the past verbs form they noticed, not Only regular forms, also irregular form as well. Teacher can write the verbs on the board or ask volunteers to write The past form they have matched on it.While –Stage“What did you do yesterday?” 35 min Teacher now invites students to follow a 30 slides Presentation about the simple past tense , regular/irregular Verbs, affirmative-negative.
  2. 2. This presentation at the begging shows up to students different flashcards along With their respective regular verbs e.g “Talk , Spill, Want. Teacher can ask students. To form all together their past forms meanwhile he goes form one slide to the other. Once the flash card series is over, the regular verbs spelling rules are explained again, Then a list of past tense is included. Teacher as to complete it by the students on Their notebooks. The presentation also provides some examples in the affirmative and negative form About the present and past simple, so they can be briefly notice the difference Between them. The second part of the presentation focuses on irregular verbs in the past. Now Different flashcards show different irregular verbs. Teacher can ask student to Guess the past form or he can provide the verb in case they don’t know it. Again, once the flashcards series is over, the spelling rules are provided. Teacher Can ask students to read them in order to work on the last part of the presentation Where two fill in activities tell the biography of John Lennon and the Beatles. Teacher can assign each space a number and ask students to read the paragraphs, Once they have read it , he can ask for volunteers to go to the board and write The suitable past form according to the clue given in brackets. In order to close the lesson , teacher ask to work on individually in a 10 lines Paragraph was students have to write about what they did last weekend. Teacher Ask to use some of the verbs forms they had learnt as well as the new vocabulary.Post- Stage 25 min The paragraph must contain the information about Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.Closing: At these stage , teacher can provided individual assistance as well as give some Strategies how to start writing a paragraph .i.e. Introduction: “Last Friday after school,“ Write I went to play.... , then I took a shower..., and went to sleep at ...”About what Also he can introduce other daily routines activities which collocate with theDid you do verbs DO, HAVE, GO. ( DO SPORTS, HAVE LUNCH, GO SHOPPING) and of courseAt weekend” the way they work in the past. 5 min Teacher asks for the paragraphs and anticipate next lesson topic : “ Adverbs of Frequency”