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Ancillaries draft 2
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Ancillaries draft 2


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  • 1. Alexa Ranussi Rafaella Batista Dafne CaldattoThe purpose of this presentation is to show how we got inspired by other media texts and how we implied this to our own ancillaries.
  • 2. We found really difficult to find inspirational adverts that deals with our topic. Therefore we found some pictures that inspired us. For example this picture shows well the idea that we had to use the symbols of sexuality.These toilet symbols really emphasisessexuality, as it labels your gender. Itcould work for our newspaper advert,as its connotations is that people areequal despite their sexuality.
  • 3. This image shows the equality and the partnership of a gay couple. It suggests that they are proud of being gay, and that society has to accept it. This cartoon is a parody, andFEMALE MALE that inspired us because it can promote the equality by humour, which people can accept it even more.
  • 4. For our double page spread, this picturewould be perfect, as it shows thepersuasion to promote equality andacceptance towards the LGBT Community. We found this image very inspirational, as it portrays the rights and the proud of being LGBT. We really like it to put it on our double page spread, as it emphasises the message we want to send, to promote equality for LGBT community. 0
  • 5. The majority of channel 4 adverts are the same layout, for example a whole picture and just the titles and channel logo on top. It is very effective and simple, as the imageThis advert send directly the right has to proper link with the message of themessage to the audience, as the image show.reflects the connotations of the title. Itis very effective as it is a cartoon, andhad inspired us to our drawing of thegender symbols.
  • 6. These double page spreads had inspiredus in the way that the picture is just onesubject, simple and realistic.
  • 7. This advert has inspired us in the way thatthey emphasise their focus of theirdocumentary.• Rhetorical question• Images symbolises the main topic• Plain and simple background has emphasised the images
  • 8. This magazine double page spread was doneby a media student, and the way that he didthe layout, inspired us, but our wasn’t verysuccessful.• Clear and simple text style and font• Channel 4 logo