Green Cluster Summit - GCDPo @BAZI


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Green Cluster Summit - GCDPo @BAZI


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Green Cluster Summit - GCDPo @BAZI

  1. 1. MicroExperiences
  2. 2. The XP Team is a program that promotes the EPs interaction between each other and it alsoincreases the connextion between EPs and AIESEC Entity. This program is about raising a strongengagement with AIESEC Entity while exchange.Objectives:To engage and to link EPs with AIESEC opportunities, generating showcasing and informationsabout the countries chosen by EPs.Why is it important to AIESEC?To generate leadership positions, forming AIESEC ambassadors, increasing the EPs reintegrationrate in LC (X+T), producting informations updated (showcasing, booklets) even more reliable.Duration and Structure:Minimum of 12 weeks up to 18 weeks - The start should be given three weeks prior to the firstdeparture of a team member, and end up to 3 weeks after the arrival of the latest member of theteam.
  3. 3. Before ExchangeIn the 3 first meetings before the first departure (of a team member) should contentBefore X First Meeting•The GCDP role•Internship goals•Metas para MatchBefore X Seccond Meeting• To do List for X – main informations that should be collected (gastronomy and tipicalclothes, places to visit, cost of living, general informations, curiosity, videos, photos...)• Feedback and Sharing culture•Reflection on strengths and weaknesses*In this project the EP Manager will lead the EPs team
  4. 4. During Exchange
  5. 5. AMP (Host, Buddy and OC) *AMP = associated membership programPresent the proposal of AMP at the first meeting of EP and EP Manager anddetecting interests in a form or standard document. The structure of Host andBuddy is made by ICX, and OCs are the responsibility of Conference Managers.AMP provides EPs Micro XPs and encourages participation in programs andmembership as Host ,Buddy and OC’s Events - all short term positions.-Objectives:Integration with the organization, awareness of the exchange experience, contacts and knowledge of theproducts of AIESEC.- Why is it important to AIESEC: ​Can solve problems with Host, helping in improving the service and connecting with our values -multiculturalism; stimulating exchanging and making the EP more AIESECer; pipeline to OC (TMP andTLP).-Duration and Structure:For Host and Buddy - GCDPo exchange length (6-12 weeks)For OC - OC length until the delivery of the event-Recomendations:GCDPo team (EP Manager or Match Manager) is the responsible for these activities tracking.EP shall not blur its basics obligations as an exchange student (Match timeline, applications for vacancies,event participation for EPs)
  6. 6. EP Self ManagementEPs proactives become EP Managers;-Objectives:Accelerating MA, ensuring interaction with @ and providing a Leadership Role;-Why is it important to AIESEC:Because of the leadership positions generated by this project, we guarantee a higher rate ofreintegration and we can increase the EP exchange experience alignement.-Duration and StructureThe EP will assume the leadership position to make other EPs MA quicker, so the job could last until theEP Manager departure or until the last EP MA.- RecommendationsThe EP can only become EP Manager after becoming officially MA (to be matched in the system andexchanging ANs), to ensure your RE and its members.
  7. 7. Induction + ConferenceGlobal Citizen Discovery Days
  8. 8. Most common problems of the EPs
  9. 9. How can we solve this?
  10. 10. What is expected
  11. 11. In this wiki you will find
  12. 12. Timeline
  13. 13. Integration Event
  14. 14. Tips for the event
  15. 15. Tips for the event
  16. 16. Reintegration event
  17. 17. Tips for the event*3 hours of event (maximum)
  18. 18. Operational Plan
  19. 19. Flow and follow-up standard processes
  20. 20. 1. Micro Management• 1.1 – Operation Planning for GCDPo processes
  21. 21. • 1.2 – Minimuns and maximunsContact Raise Match Realize
  22. 22. 2. Standard auditing process
  23. 23. 3. Making EPs use e-mail- Start using ONLY EP’s e-mail as soon as he is on Encourage the EPs to apply for TNs using the e-mail, emphasizing the benefits and the importance of this actionAttention points:• Teach the EP how to sync his personal e-mail with his e-mail• Don’t forget to update the e-mail in the contact spreadsheet