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Sightseeing Berlin
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Sightseeing Berlin



Published in Education , Technology , Travel
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  • 1. Si ghtseei ng
  • 2. Pl es to vi t ac si • Hi y stor • Shopping • M useum s • Sor oundi r ngs http:/ w w . /w educ ed. g. / om uni ar or ar c dades/tam tam / ages/ l este. km beri n- jpg
  • 3. Hi y stor • Hi ialm onum ents storc – Unter den Lnden  Zeughaus,Cathedr of St. i al Eduvi s… gi – Alexander atz  For HotelBeri W ord Cl k pl um ln, l oc – Brandem bur gate g – Beri c l athedr  1 – n al 895 1 5.O ffsets the 90 i uenc of the nfl e Vatiano c http:/ w w . thi c es.om / ord/ m any/ l br /w ear npitur c w l ger beri andenbur n/ g_gate_(brandenbur _tor j ger ).pg
  • 4. • The W al l – East- de- al y  fr Si G l er agm ent of the W al l – Checkpoi Chari  i s a c nt le t’ opy si tuated w her the orgi e i nal w as pl ed befor ac e http:/ oad. i m edi or w i pedi c m ons//f/ l Chec / upl w ki a. g/ ki a/ om 11 Beri n- kpoi nt_Chari Rihtung_O sten. lc e- jpg
  • 5. Shoppi ng http:/ w w . l ec /w beri onom y- n- hotel c /m ages/ kesc s.om i hac he_hoefe_ei nkaufen. jpg http:/ w w .i /w ctygui deberi c / i ages/ l om en/m n. kadew e. jpg
  • 6. M useum s – Pergam onm useum  bi w or of ar fr the g ks t om Ancent Age i – G em ä l degal i  eur ere opean pai ngs fr al the nti om l styles – Neue NationalG al i  ar fr the XX c ere t om entury – Ethnol sc ogi hes m useum  Ancent Am erc the I and i ia, sl of the Seas and Asi a http:/m ages. avel c / /i tr pod.om user r s/ ayandpaulberi 7.878970 40 . gam on- useum - j /l n0 11 per m 2.pg
  • 7. Sur oundi r ngs – Potsdam  r denc of the ki esi e ngs of Pr a.Ther ar houses w i ussi ee th dutc styl the 3 h e, http:/ w w .l de/ atal i ages/ /w lano. c i og/m gates of the cty i Sanssouc_20 0 50 8DSC4339. i jpg and the c c of Sai Niol hur h nt c as – Charottenbur Pal e  bar l g ac oque styl I w as e. t bui betw een year 1 lt s 695 and 1 699 http:/ . / aistanfor edu/ c d. ~ sew el pitur eur l c es/ ope4/ 2. / ber JPG