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  • 22
  • Slides 1-6– 15 min.
  • Slides 1-6 15 min.
  • Their predictions– 5 min
  • Play up to “ if they struggle”– 1 minute
  • Their predictions—after listening
  • Slide 10-11,12– 10 min
  • Play the full tape this time– 7 min.
  • Slide 15-16----7 min.
  • Slide 13-14– 5 min
  • 10 min.
  • 18-20– 10 min.
  • Slide 21-22--10 min.
  • 10 min
  • Handout transcripts—groups complete tasks—15 min.
  • Listening: I'm all Ears

    1. 1. We have 2 ears and 1 mouth, so wecan hear twice as much as we speak.2
    2. 2. How are listening andreading thesame?different?3
    3. 3. Receptive skillsWhich is easier for youlistening orreading?4
    4. 4. What is hard about listening?5
    5. 5. What are some listeningstrategies that you use to helpyou when you are listening?6
    6. 6. Teaching Listening videoBackground knowledge:A teacher training video on how to teachlisteningSetting a listening purpose:What are the before, during and afterlistening activities she describes, if any?Setting predictions:What do you think the answer to the questionabove might be? Tell the person next to you.7
    7. 7. Teacher training videoListening8
    8. 8. Teaching Listening videoBackground knowledge:A teacher training video on how to teachlistening– Was this helpful information?Setting predictions: What do you think theanswer to the question above might be? Was thishelpful?Setting a listening purpose:What were the before, during and after listeningactivities she described, if any?9
    9. 9. Teaching Listening videoSetting a listening purpose:1. What did she use for a listening?2. What is the topic of the story? Didyou catch the gist?Listen again for the order of the events.(Detail).10
    10. 10. Teacher training videoListening11
    11. 11. Your turnHow was your comprehension? Listen to theWHOLE directions before starting.01. Open the packet in front of you.02. DO NOT let anyone else see your packetinformation.03. Complete your task04. Listen a second time to correct your answers.0 5. Remember to hide your answers.12
    12. 12. Correct your answersListen again13
    13. 13. Teacher training videoListening14
    14. 14. Put on your teacher hat1) Share at the table all of the types oflistening comprehension assessments.2) Order them from hardest to easiest. Why do you thinkso?3) When might you use them? Why do you think so?0 Before listening0 After 1st listening0 After 2ed listening15
    15. 15. Teacher training videoListening16
    16. 16. “Other ideas” from the videoListen to the end of the video.What are additional ideas that one coulduse with this type of listening?17
    17. 17. “Other ideas” from the video0Open ended questions using the Wh questions.0M/C worksheets0Either or statements or questions0Retell or summarize the story (or role play)0Determine what information is in the text:0Complete a graph or story flow chart or timeline0Place in order pictures, sentences, or directions0Correct a dialogue or a statement0T/F questions0Draw the story0Cloze or gap fills18
    18. 18. Use of transcripts to teach listening1. Use only after students have attempted tounderstand, using all cues and strategies.2. Transcripts help students identify words orphrases they were still not able to decipher inearlier attempts to understand.3. The same holds true for captions and subtitles19
    19. 19. Teaching ListeningBEFORE:Introduce the topicDiscussion of a bad day or a walk in thewoodsAsk questions to activate what theyalready know.Pictures for background informationpre-teach vocabularysilently watch a video clip20Presentation
    20. 20. DURINGAssign listening tasks. 1st task is the overallconcept. What is the topic?2. What is the gist? What words did you hear?Main idea? Key words?0Ordering information, identifyinglocation, speaker relationships3. important details, completing a chart, fillingin missing words, answering questions, checklist of what heard21Practice
    21. 21. AFTERdiscussion questionsrole playreading the textPronunciationVocabularyRetelling the storyMark , categorize and count punctuationAround the room punctuationgrammar22Production
    22. 22. Cloze0Frist of all, we got a ____________tire.0We forgot our ___________jackets in the car.0It was a ______________weekend.0What grammar point are we stressing inthis cloze exercise?23
    23. 23. Writing--Punctuation0 Team 1- count the number of0 Quotation marks0 Commas0 Question marks0 Periods0 Team 20 Put all of the punctuation into your reading.24
    24. 24. Using TranscriptsIn groups, decide how you woulduse the transcript according toyour instructions.25
    25. 25. Thanks for listening!Rae Roberts
    26. 26. You try it!Put these in order27