CDPH Social Media Metrics Highlights 2012


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  • Pulling in fans is key but it’s especially important to engage with your brand ambassadors/cheerleaders who are really supportive of what you do (evidenced by their posts on your channels and across your channels. This encourages them to not only continue supporting you, but to amplify your message to their audiences that has the potential of recruiting even more ambassadors/cheerleaders. Ultimately, this widens your audience which spreads your message. This naturally adds transparency and authority to your brand, which also attracts stakeholders and thought leaders to follow your messaging and eventually may lead to better partnerships.
  • We’ll be looking at examples from 2 channels – Twitter and Facebook
  • Hashtags serve to categorize tweets that can also increase attention to specific groups and people that search these terms. These are CDPH’s most used in December 2012. #VaccinateChicago and #HealthyChicago are the most common.
  • Used the hashtag #Chicago the most but the most tweets on a single day occurred on April 19 th during CDC Twitter Chat – over 30 tweets.
  • Some tweets unexpectedly become the most popular. Lesson learned: #free #condoms generates a lot of shares and it can be incorporated in future related tweets.
  • Live events are well planned since they offer the potential a lot of exposure so be prepared to live Tweet and monitor the conversations during the event.
  • Number of people that like our page.
  • Our reach has grown steadily in 2012, close to half-million. Reach is determined by adding our Total Fans to Friends of Fans.
  • Represents trends in how people are either increasingly or decreasingly clicking on and consuming the content we publish daily. Consumption is the number of fans actually reached and not the ones that could have been reached. Rate Your Plate Contest is the highest point.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October 1, 2012 Unique Views are # of views seen once by one individual Total Impressions are # of total views Total Reach # of fans and friends of fans that have the potential to view the post
  • Rate Your Plate – March 20, 2012 Most engaged post, most talked about, and most viral – 11% of our fans engaged in the post (Viral% = # of people making a story out of the post / unique views).
  • QR code goes to To view statistics of real-time QR code usage, go to and choose Global Stats and choose a Time Frame.
  • CDPH Social Media Metrics Highlights 2012

    2. 2. Social Media1. Goal-Oriented2. Know Your Audience3. Website Serves as Hub4. Develop Engaging Content Across All Channels:Facebook WordPress LinkedIn Twitter YouTube Foursquare Google+ Instagram SlideShare5. Engage in Conversations6. Measure7. Re-EvaluateTIP: Links, Photos & Videos are best!
    3. 3. Social Media
    4. 4. Most Popular Hashtags 12/2012
    5. 5. Our Year on Twitter – Top 10 Words Used Most tweets on a single day during CDC Twitter Chat
    6. 6. Twitter ChatCDC NPIN’s #NPINChat 62,350 Twitter Accounts Reached 635,491 Total Potential Impressions Chat served to highlight the STD education and testing opportunities that arise from health department and school board collaborations.
    7. 7. Most ReTweeted in 2012
    8. 8. Social Media Week #SMWChiHealth 88,629 Twitter Accounts Reached 532,748 Total Potential Impressions Panel discussed how to utilize social media to engage public, raise awareness and improve population health.
    9. 9. J F M A M J J A S O N D
    10. 10. #1 Post With Most Reach 2012 1,795 Unique Views 4,247 Total Impressions 466,339 Potential Reach
    11. 11. #1 Most Viral Post 2012
    12. 12.