Rx Chapter A.2


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Rx alphabetacy, Gen A, chapter 2.

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Rx Chapter A.2

  1. 1. The Pharmaceutical Alphabetacy Chapter A.2
  2. 2. Last time in The Pharmaceutical Legacy: Pharmacy Rx founded a legacy, married Blair, and they had a baby boy named Albuterol. They’re poor but have a fairly decent little house.
  3. 3. Pharmacy’s off questioning again. Beau: “That’s it! I surrender!” Pharmacy: “I’m not arresting you.”
  4. 4. Babies are so annoying, so as soon as Albie hit 1 day left, it was time to have a birthday. I’ll get them a better birthday station once they build the kitchen.
  5. 5. Albie’s…well, kind of weird looking. He’s got his mom’s coloring, though, including her pretty purple eyes.
  6. 6. Toddler skilling montage! Pharmacy rolled the wants to teach Albie to walk and talk, while Blair rolled nothing. Fortunately, Pharmacy’s off for the weekend, so he has time to spend with his little boy.
  7. 7. Pharmacy: “Say ‘camera’, Albie!” That’s kind of a weird first word.
  8. 8. While working out and ignoring her son, Blair discovers she’s pregnant with baby #2. Again, I can’t discern a baby bump.
  9. 9. Pharmacy: “Say ‘Cthulhu’, Albie!”
  10. 10. Albie: “'Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!” Nice, Albie. Very nice.
  11. 11. Pharmacy went next door to interview Holly Alto. Holly: “How dare you question me? My family owns this town!” The toddler on the floor is Holly’s little brother Darryl. She’s seeing Gobias Koffe, but no kids for her yet.
  12. 12. Blair’s not completely ignoring little Albie. Albie: “Mommy, I go potty!” Blair: “Must get this one trained before the next one’s born.”
  13. 13. Albie looks like he’s actually going to use his Virtuoso trait, unlike his father. He loves his xylophone.
  14. 14. Pharmacy: “There’s a baby in there! I hope it’s a brother for Albie!” That’s right, Pharmacy’s hoping for a boy this time, even though he wanted a girl last time. Blair has rolled up no wants for this pregnancy whatsoever, aside from a desire to spend 1000 simoleons at the spa.
  15. 15. Blair: “Hmm, I wonder how he manages to get those pegs in the right holes.” I have decided that Blair is merely pretending to be a Genius.
  16. 16. “Ohmiboolprop! Baby’s coming! Why is Pharmacy never at home when it’s time for me to have a baby?” He just left for work, so he’s going to have to miss this one. I’m thinking maybe Pharmacy’s a little squeamish about childbirth.
  17. 17. Blair managed to make it to the living room so Albie wouldn’t see her give birth, but she couldn’t put him in his crib even though he’s exhausted. Oh, well, at least she wasn’t in the middle of cooking when she went into labor.
  18. 18. It’s another boy! His name is Acetaminophen, Min for short. He’s perceptive but insane.
  19. 19. Finally, poor Albie can be put to bed. Look how tired he is!
  20. 20. With the babies safely in their cribs, Blair goes to take a shower. “Thank boolprop I’m done with that. I hate being pregnant.” You do realize you have to have another one, right? “Blurgh.”
  21. 21. As a reward for missing his son’s birth, Pharmacy got promoted! I missed him coming out, but he now has his own police cruiser and is making a pretty decent salary! Blair, unfortunately, still only gets her $300 daily maternity pay.
  22. 22. They add on a kitchen! I like a relatively open plan house, so it’s open to the living room. They still don’t have a table, but that’s next.
  23. 23. But first! Albie only has a couple more days as a toddler, so Pharmacy goes to the bookstore to buy as many toddler skill books as he can. Albie’s maxed out on the xylophone and peg box.
  24. 24. After buying the books, Pharmacy spots Blair’s friend Tamara hanging out looking suspicious. She was reading a book! Right outside a bookstore! So he questions her.
  25. 25. When he gets home, he reads one of the new books to Albie. So adorable!
  26. 26. Have the babies driven poor Blair to madness?
  27. 27. Nah, she’s just letting out her childish self with Tamara.
  28. 28. “All we have to eat is birthday cake. Good thing I like birthday cake!”
  29. 29. “How old was that birthday cake?” Don’t be silly, Blair, you’re just pregnant. “How do you know that? The moodlet says ‘unknown causes’.”
  30. 30. “So sleepy. Don’t wanna wake up yet.”
  31. 31. “I’m awake now! Lemme out! Lemme out I say!”
  32. 32. “What is that…thing over there?”
  33. 33. This thing? I agree with Albie. Sims 3 babies are creepy looking.
  34. 34. “Daddy!” “It’s all right, Albie. Daddy will let you out of the crib.”
  35. 35. After giving Albie a bottle, Pharmacy heads out for a jog. “Gotta get away from those crying babies!”
  36. 36. The family that works out together…gets really big muscles together.
  37. 37. “There’s a bottle for little Min! Mommy loves you!”
  38. 38. “And the little brown bear went over the mountain.” Blair really is a good mom. She’s just not good at rolling up the wishes for it.
  39. 39. “I’m always fixing this stupid TV.” *rolls want to buy a better TV* Sorry, Blair, we’ve got other things to buy first.
  40. 40. Albie is hunting for buried treasure.
  41. 41. Wow! Nice snazzy work suit, Pharmacy.
  42. 42. It’s a double birthday time! They both have 1 day to go on their age bars, but I’m more than ready. The parents look thrilled that their boys are growing up. Just thrilled.
  43. 43. Here we have Albie! Can you guess what his favorite color is? He’s a good bit cuter now, so hopefully the cuteness level will continue to grow as he gets older. His new trait is Kleptomaniac, to go along with Slob and Virtuoso.
  44. 44. And here’s little Min! He’s a natural redhead! He looks quite different from Albie, which makes me happy.
  45. 45. Have some birthday cake, Albie! “Aww, do I have to?”
  46. 46. After he has cake, I send Albie out to his brand new easel. The only skill his traits point me to is guitar, and he can’t do that until he’s a teen, so he’s now the designated family portrait painter.
  47. 47. Shortly after, Albie rolls the want to go fishing. Since it’s his very first want, I send him across the street. He doesn’t look very excited, though. “I really wanted to take a fishing class.”
  48. 48. “This? This is my first fish?”
  49. 49. It’s a floating fish!
  50. 50. “Say ‘desk’, Min.” Pharmacy makes the oddest choices for first words.
  51. 51. Blair was getting stir crazy, so I send her to the park as well to steal some vegetables. Also, she apparently popped into her third pregnancy at some point, probably when she was wearing her workout clothes.
  52. 52. Look who else is hanging out in the park! Blair’s BFF Tamara and her ex- roommate Cyclone!
  53. 53. “Ohmiboolprop, Blair! I can’t believe you’re pregnant with your 3rd kid already. We’re not even adults yet!”
  54. 54. Blair then decides she’s tired and goes home. Apparently Albie isn’t allowed to stay at the park by himself this late, so he goes running after her.
  55. 55. The Rx family can’t quite afford to build on a bedroom yet, so Albie has to share the nursery with his brother.
  56. 56. Naturally, this doesn’t work out well. “Whyzza baby crying? What time is it?”
  57. 57. Well, at least Albie can get in some bonding time with Pharmacy over waffles.
  58. 58. Nice work, guys. You know we can’t afford a maid, right?
  59. 59. Blair rolls the want to teach Min to walk, and then keeps walking away when I queue it up. Blair: “Dragons…I like dragons.”
  60. 60. Min: “Mommy tummy!” Blair: “Yes, there’s a baby in mommy’s tummy.” Min: “Nother brother!” Blair: “I hope not. I want a girl this time, even though your father wants another boy.”
  61. 61. Blair: “Oh, hey, mom. Nothing much, just teaching your grandson to walk. I should probably have you and dad over to meet him sometime, huh?” Um, yeah. I was totally planning on doing that…umm, soon. Before they die would probably be good.
  62. 62. It’s a turquoise room! Albie will be very glad he doesn’t have to sleep in the nursery anymore.
  63. 63. I think Albie may have committed his first theft. I certainly didn’t buy him a bike. And that building behind him…hmm. What is Albie up to?
  64. 64. Whatever he’s up to exhausted him. As soon as he gets home, Albie heads straight to his new room for a nap.
  65. 65. Pharmacy and Blair love working out together. It seems like working out is all they do.
  66. 66. Pharmacy: “Hmm. Something seems to be bothering Blair.”
  67. 67. Pharmacy: “Ohmiboolprop! Blair’s in labor! Oh no! What do I do? Ohmiboolprop!”
  68. 68. They both look much calmer once they decide to go to the hospital. Pharmacy looks downright pleased with himself.
  69. 69. Umm. Ok. A woman in labor can’t lift a toddler into a crib, or take a burning pot off the stove, but she can drive? Never mind the impropriety of Blair driving Pharmacy’s police cruiser.
  70. 70. Pharmacy actually goes in this time! I guess he’s figuring he should at least witness the birth of one of his children.
  71. 71. It’s a girl! She’s named Amoxicillin, Moxi for short. Moxi is an athletic loner.
  72. 72. For some reason they take a cab home instead of the police car. I guess Blair couldn’t drive with the baby in her arms, or something.
  73. 73. They psychically called a babysitter on their way out, so this guy showed up. They don’t have enough money to pay him.
  74. 74. I quickly sell a book to get them over $75, but this guy doesn’t care and takes the chair anyway. Good thing I didn’t really like that chair.
  75. 75. Moxi is quickly deposited on the floor, as Blair’s very tired. Fortunately Pharmacy’s able to pick her up and put her in her crib.
  76. 76. Ah, babies in cages. As they should be. Min: “Ooh, look what I found!”
  77. 77. Min: “Nom nom nom.” Moxi: “ZZZZZZZZ”
  78. 78. Albuterol is always rolling up wants to go fishing, but he looks so unhappy while he’s doing it. Albie: “I think I want to be a creature-robot cross-breeder.” It doesn’t really fit with your traits, but ok. *locks*
  79. 79. After spending the entire Saturday fishing, Albie has finally caught 10 minnows, which he uses to stock the Rx family’s brand new pond.
  80. 80. Blair: “And then you carry the 3…” Albie: “It’s a good thing I asked my genius mom to help me with my homework. This stuff is hard!”
  81. 81. Yay pointless birthday!
  82. 82. Pharmacy is now an adult. He looks exactly the same.
  83. 83. As Blair’s repairing the cheap tv, which they have because they can’t afford a better one, she decides she wants another baby. No, Blair. Just no. Do you ever want to go back to work?
  84. 84. Min’s eyes are scaring me. Is he possessed by the potty god or something?
  85. 85. Even though Albie wants to be a Creature Robot Cross Breeder, I still need portraits. Keep at it, Albie! You’ll be level 5 soon!
  86. 86. It’s Moxi’s birthday! She was born shortly before midnight on Friday night, and it’s Sunday morning, so she only had to spend one day as a baby.
  87. 87. I’m actually throwing a party, which I rarely do. But it’s Sunday, and I’ve decided that Sundays the Rxs will invite family and friends over. (They forgot last Sunday, unfortunately.) Still, Blair and Albie are the only ones cheering for the birthday girl.
  88. 88. At least Tamara’s meeting someone in the family while she’s missing the birthday.
  89. 89. Moxi is adorable! Her favorite color is purple – can you tell? I’m quite excited that all three of the kids got different hair colors.
  90. 90. Apparently only one person can go around the counter to get cake at a time, so there’s a huge traffic jam.
  91. 91. Everyone forgot about Moxi as soon as she grew up, in favor of getting cake, so it’s a good thing Cyclone thought to give the baby a bottle. Min does a nice photobomb.
  92. 92. I’ve never seen Blair do this before. Must be a childish thing.
  93. 93. Everyone has been laughing at this poor child since the party started. I finally figured out that he’s wearing a non-everyday outfit, though I’m not sure if it’s his pjs or workout clothes. But his outfit doesn’t seem that remarkable to me. Poor kid.
  94. 94. Susan: “So what does your father do? Is he a police officer?” Poor Susan isn’t very involved in her only child’s life. This is the first time she’s met her grandchildren.
  95. 95. Tamara seems to enjoy holding toddlers. She does have a child of her own, so it’s not as if she’s reaching into some deep personal well of unfulfillment.
  96. 96. The party ended shortly thereafter, so this seems like a good place to end this chapter, with a picture of Moxi being adorable. Tune in next time!