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PDQ apocalypse prologue: Those mandatory college years

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  1. 1. PDQ: An Apocalypse
  2. 2. Meet Kevin Quick. He’s the lucky founder of this apocalypse challenge. I only have the base game, uni, and nightlife installed, so this will be a quick, 14 career apocalypse. At the moment, I have a clean game: no hacks, mods, or custom content.
  3. 3. H “Hey, look, it’s a picture of me. This must be my room.” At the moment, Kevin is a popularity sim. His ltw is to top politics, but that just won’t do.
  4. 4. H Meet someone new +1000! Now we’re moving in the right direction.
  5. 5. H A few aspiration boosts later, and Kevin is a knowledge sim. He wants to top science now. That won’t do, either.
  6. 6. H Pleasure? 50 1st dates? Well, it’s got a number in it. We’ll give it a try.
  7. 7. H Well, he managed at least one date before I got bored. Back to the drawing board!
  8. 8. H Popularity again. This time Kevin wants to have 20 best friends. Hurrah!
  9. 9. H Now it’s time for the friend-making montage. 1…
  10. 10. H 2…
  11. 11. H 20. Back to campus to let the relationship get up, then besties by phone!
  12. 12. H While we wait, let’s have a skilling montage. Or not? Shall we just go on? All right.
  13. 13. H See dormies fighting…
  14. 14. H See Kevin become permaplat!
  15. 15. H Then Kevin sticks his head in the machine again to become Fortune, because hey, why not? His new ltw is, uh, top some career or other. Really, does it matter?
  16. 16. H Then Kevin got engaged to one lucky lady friend. Her job? She’s a hand model for Kay Jewelers. That’s some of her work right there. She’s not a very good hand model.
  17. 17. H Now that he’s permaplat, it’s time for Kevin to get his own place. No need for walls. It’s not like there’s weather here or anything.
  18. 18. H Hey, it’s a drama professor! Oddly enough, Kevin is actually a drama major.
  19. 19. H It was at this lovely locale that he maxed all his skills.
  20. 20. H Sadly, the college years were pretty much free of drama. Kevin doesn’t even starve to death here, because he’s permaplat and spending all his points on an endless supply of energizers.
  21. 21. H I buy this vase, then sell it through inventory, about a hundred times to keep Kevin in energizers and thinking caps. What? I’m sure as heck not buying furniture for him.
  22. 22. H After he finishes maxing his skills, Kevin goes out to earn some money. But I’m trying to get through the college years as fast as possible. I don’t have time for much of this.
  23. 23. H So it’s back home to spend the rest of college painting portraits.
  24. 24. H All too soon, it’s over. Kevin will be spending the apocalypse in a wifebeater. Final tally: Graduated summa cum laude in drama, 21 friends, max skills, permaplat. He only has about $23,000 in cash and didn’t join the secret society. Let’s get this party started!