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I will give you some important notice here to help you using twitter to improve your business

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Empower your business_by_twitter__part_two_

  1. 1. Empower Your Business By Twitter ( Part Two )http://www.empowernetwork.com/radwaa/blog/empower-your-business-by-twitter-part-two/ April 29, 2013Empower Your Business By Twitter ( Part Two )Hope you enjoy reading my previous article ”Empower your business by twitter part one“. I will give you some important notice hereto help you using twitter to improve your businessEmpower Your Business By Twitter ” Part Two “Here are some steps which help you to control your account on Twitter, if you decidetoempower your business by twitterCreate an attractive profileIt is important to create a profile for your business activities to introduce yourservices or products to your profile visitors and customersYou should add your company name as your username on twitter to make it easy foryour customers to find you on twitter and do not use underscores or numbers in yourcompany usernamepersonalize your company profileCreating a profile which contains a brief summary about your business and yourwebsite links support you to be more stronger and make others trust in your existenceChoosing a special photo to your company and add contact details like yourcompany’s website or blog or add your email and phone numbers to make it easy toanyone who want contact you. It is easy to empower your business by twitter but you
  2. 2. Empower Your Business By Twitter ( PartTwo )Empower Your Business By Twitter ( PartTwo )should put all these points in your considerationPersonalize your background , you canupload your company logo if you decidetoempower your business by twitter .Be aware when you design your twitterbackground that there is a toolbar at thetop of the page which is 40 pixels tallstart tweetingIf you decideto empower your business by twitter youshould Try to tweet everyday about your company and its activity and how you canhelp others by providing them with your products or services. You can also make aquestion asking your customers about their feedbackFind people to followThe most important step to empower your business by twitter is to increase yourfollowers by following people and ask them to follow you back to make it easier tomessage them. You can find others to follow by1. Who to follow2. Twitter search3. Find people your followers are following4. Follow by hashtage “#”5. Follow leader and bloggers if your own an online businessDo not follow hundreds people at once. Follow just 25-50 people a day to give yourfollowers time to follow youGet people to follow youThe communication is very important when usingTwitter for empowering your business, so make it easy for your customers to find youon twitterMaking your company username easy to findPut follow button on your blog or website to make customers connect with you on twitterMake your tweets unique and have value to others to make them waiting for your tweetsInteract with potential followers by reply and comment on people who you follow and theydid not follow you back
  3. 3. Empower Your Business By Twitter ( PartTwo )Engage with your networkTo send a message to a certain person you need to use an @ sign before theperson’s username. But this message will be public or viewable by anyoneEmpower Your Business By Twitter ” Part Two “Notice“It is recommended to make the sentence like that ” what is up @onllinebusinessBecause it is viewable by anyone” And not recommend to write the sentence like that ” @onllinebusiness what is upIt is viewable by your followers and the follower of the person you send a message toInteract privately by DM ” Direct Message “You can also do that by adding ” D ” before the username of the person you want tosend the message toExample : D onlline business can Iconnect with youYou can send DM just for your followers,so we recommend to ask any person youfollow to follow you backHow To Use Twitter In Marketing your business1. driving more traffic by tweeting about new articles on your blog or website, givesomething free and give value to others2. monitor activity : either by going to connect tab on twitter or use a software toknow if someone is tweeting something about your products. You will like to usetwitter for business3. use favorite : when someone uses your products and tweet in a positive way,there is a new option under tweets called favorite . Add his tweets to favorite asa testimonial and when someone asks for your products to send him your favoritelink4. promote events : promote your webinars, events by tweeting a link to sign up inthe event, you also can make a hashtage with your event name example : # openday5. share expertise : you can search for gurus and leaders in your industry and followthem to retweet their tweets and share a valuable content6. use external tools: I recommend you to use hootsuite to control your twitteraccount. You can schedule your tweets and connect with followers easily. Youalso can control your Google plus, Facebook and Linkedin account
  4. 4. Empower Your Business By Twitter ( Part Two )Using Twitter For Business ToImprove it, if you like this postplease share it with your friendsWork With Me Personally http://www.zti.me/mystoryPS: “Do These 3 Things….And Make Money, Every Time!”If you enjoyed this post about ” Empower Your Business By Twitter ( Part Two ) ”please comment belowAbout The Author: radwaai am a simple woman who love the life & nature. i specialize in OnlineMarketing & working as online marketing lecturer. i found my self in thisgreat field, teaching online marketing & helping others to get the way. iwas also like you searching for the right way to make money online, i tried alot ofproducts and strategies and finally i found my way. i am here today to give you thegreat way i found and empower you to get you in, If you want to know more click onthe blue banner in the right side to discover what i mean OR watch this great videowhich can change your life http://www.zti.me/lp