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GRASP Staff Final Presentation
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GRASP Staff Final Presentation


Slide show prezentat la petrecerea de final, decembrie 2004.

Slide show prezentat la petrecerea de final, decembrie 2004.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. grasp
  • 2. The Staff…
  • 3. The Ground Floor
  • 4. Cristina Cavarnali Finance Manager
  • 5. Honestly, the car in front of the office is not mine. However, I brought, as you requested, my driving license.
  • 6. Răzvan Horobeanu Accountant
  • 7. Funny, I thought the suitcase was for me and the card for the girls, and it’s actually the other way round!
  • 8. Mihaela Rogoz Accountant
  • 9. Remember, after any salary raise, you will have less money at the end of the month than you did before…
  • 10. Emilia Marinescu Receptionist
  • 11. I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow is not looking good either.
  • 12. Florin Beraru Driver
  • 13. Hey! I’m not an airplane! Three of you may join me in the car, the rest of you… check out the railway station!
  • 14. Cristi a n C iobanu Driver
  • 15. Fasten your seatbelt! I’m gonna take you for the ride of your life! Around the garage, of course!
  • 16. Mariana Neagoe Assistant Accountant
  • 17. Life in the GRASP office is not easy… I’m sweating buckets after all this paperwork!
  • 18. Costina Apostol Assistant Accountant
  • 19. Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to get along without it.
  • 20. Magdalena Fîrtat Office Manager
  • 21. I’m not responsible for this Happy Hour! You said “cheap DJ”…
  • 22. Iaşi Field Office
  • 23. Adrian Pieptu Field Office Director
  • 24. Sorry, I have to leave now… I gotta pay a visit to the Corleone family.
  • 25. Gheorghe Ioniţă CP Specialist
  • 26. Brothers and sisters, we won! The strike was successful! From now on we’ll have low fat milk for our coffees!
  • 27. Gabriela Pipirig Administrative Assistant
  • 28. Hey, watch out! I don't have an attitude problem, you have a perception problem.
  • 29. Liviu Iacob Budget & Finance Specialist
  • 30. Yes, I’m at work. Do you bring free beers for more than 5 pizzas?
  • 31. Paula Talabă SFS Program Officer
  • 32. Yes, they arrived! Call the management and complain, I don’t see any yellow bottles in the trunk. Damn caterers!
  • 33. First Floor
  • 34. Roger Vaughan Chief of Party
  • 35. Of course, you can talk as much as you want, my translator is not here.
  • 36. Benjamin Feit Deputy Chief of Party
  • 37. The frame is nice, the picture is nice, but… where am I?
  • 38. Simona Răileanu Project Coordinator
  • 39. The physician told me that when the walls become orange I can go back home, ‘cause I have the workaholic syndrom.
  • 40. Sanda Meresciu “ Doamna Sanda”
  • 41. Vai, mam ă dragă, da ’ nu mai munciţi aşa mult!
  • 42. Monica Cojocariu Human Resource Manager
  • 43. A piece of advice: you can go anywhere you want if you look serious and carry a clipboard.
  • 44. Claudia Mihuţ PAL Team Leader
  • 45. We beat the 6 o'clock rush, and left work at noon! Now it’s time for my 2 calories cake!
  • 46. Paul-André Baran DCB Deputy Director
  • 47. Oops… it’s the mayor!
  • 48. Daniela Drăghici Peer Networks Coordinator
  • 49. You’re a man! That’s disturbing. I feel sorry for you, but you can’t come to the Tae-Bo. It’s only for women with attitude.
  • 50. Raluca Lupu LG Associations Coordinator
  • 51. Oh, no… not again! It’s the second time I get caught by paparazzis out of the office…
  • 52. Mark Birnbaum Program Operations Director
  • 53. Yeah, boss, I went there but there was no chick around. Oh, you mean Citizen Information Center (CIC)… Mmmh… well, I have to dress up, I presume.
  • 54. Marcel Chiranov Monitoring & Evaluation Manager
  • 55. This monitoring & evaluation stuff is bloody and tough… I just drowned two indicators but got beaten by a spreadsheet!
  • 56. Doina Muşatescu Event Coordinator
  • 57. Guess who? It’s me! Guess when? During the lunch break! Guess what? I can fly! Guess where? Out of the office!
  • 58. Oana Tudor Project Coordinator
  • 59. If you think I’m a TAMIS freak, you’re dead wrong. The beer cans are hidden under the desk.
  • 60. Paul Negrilă IT Support Manager
  • 61. I thought hardware meant the parts of a computer system that can be kicked…
  • 62. Iulian Năstase Help Desk Assistant
  • 63. I’m currently researching on the differences between wasting time at work before the Internet and wasting time at work with the Internet…
  • 64. Special Guests...
  • 65. Judy Hansen Development Alternatives, Inc.
  • 66. Well, I love the way the GRASP office looks now… this is the conference room?
  • 67. Michael Morfit Development Alternatives, Inc.
  • 68. Judy told me you have you redecorated the office… Why am I still here?
  • 69. Carmen Dumitrache ... Motorola
  • 70. No, no, no! I can’t sell you low-price phones!
  • 71. Cătălin Becic ...Connex
  • 72. OK – I found my conditioner, my after shave, my low-calories sandwich, the bottle opener… but where’s my silver ring?
  • 73. Sibiu Field Office
  • 74. Peter Barta SFS Program Officer
  • 75. Happy Hour? Why not Happy Week, or Happy Contract?
  • 76. Elena Negrea CP Specialist
  • 77. Gigi, go away, I’ve activated the webcam!
  • 78. Flavia Bratu Administrative Assistant
  • 79. Girl power! Release the calories! Freedom for the sugar-free!
  • 80. Iustin Codreanu LED Specialist
  • 81. Amazing! I already had 10 beers and I’m still cold!
  • 82. Second Floor
  • 83. Casandra Bischoff Policy Specialist
  • 84. Hello, this is the Policy Reform Hot Line! You’re entitled to 30 minutes of listening to my opinions about a policy issue of your choice.
  • 85. Eugenia Rotaru Policy Specialist
  • 86. Writing name tags for the conference is a tough job, but somebody has to do it!
  • 87. Viorica Dumitru Administrative Assistant
  • 88. No, no, no! The red cards should be placed on top of the black cards!
  • 89. Nick Enache FALR Coordinator
  • 90. OK, I got the message. We’ll cut it short. Oh, and by the way… no more coffee breaks!
  • 91. Laura Ştefan Legal Policy Advisor
  • 92. Actually, 99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name.
  • 93. Monica Grecu Chief Translator
  • 94. OK, although everybody asked for it, I am not in the mood to sing heavy metal.
  • 95. Alexandru Molla Translator
  • 96. Everything takes longer than you think. Especially when it’s something to be translated!
  • 97. Irinel Dini Translator
  • 98. Hey, don’t be afraid, we’ll replace on the flipchart the words “capital improvement plan” with “favourite beer brands”.
  • 99. Anca Danţeş Voucher Manager
  • 100. No, you can’t use this voucher at the mall…
  • 101. Diana Ionescu Finance Officer
  • 102. In this joint, drinks are brought slower than grantee financial reports…
  • 103. Christine Jasper SFS Director
  • 104. You can’t take that! That’s one of our grantees!
  • 105. Alexa Babeş SFS Program Officer
  • 106. OK, grantees! Smile for the photo, and then quickly get back to work!
  • 107. Carmen Blăgoi Finance Assistant
  • 108. This area definitely needs some metropolitan adjustments. There’s no Diet Coke around, and most certainly no loo!
  • 109. Radu Florea SFS Program Officer
  • 110. Previous night – spent on the train… Next night – to be spent on the train… That’s why I’m a certified trainer!
  • 111. Oradea Field Office
  • 112. Livia Banu Field Office Director
  • 113. Before ending our conference, I am being told by our DCOP that somebody from the audience has placed his/her car in front of the office. Move it quickly!
  • 114. Eugen Cozma CP Specialist
  • 115. You don’t have to sign anything, Mr. Mayor, just read the damn thing!
  • 116. Marie-Odette Bunta Administrative Assistant
  • 117. The copier’s broken, the internet doesn’t work, phone is blocked… Everything is set, let’s go to the pub!
  • 118. Monica Terean SFS Program Officer
  • 119. In line with the recent funding cuts, we’ll organize our grantee quarterly meeting on the premises of this wonderful hospice!
  • 120. Third Floor
  • 121. Sam Coxson LG Initiatives Director
  • 122. I hope it’s not true that no one is listening until you make a mistake…
  • 123. Artur Lungu Assistant to the LGI Director
  • 124. Casual Friday? So… I can take my tie off the neck?
  • 125. Robert Gondi IT/MIS Manager
  • 126. Jesus, I didn’t know that if it’s paid by GRASP, I have to eat it all!
  • 127. Carmen Frunză Program Assistant
  • 128. This is the result of a week of hard working in the office… I’m sleeping while I’m talking!
  • 129. George Guess Finance & Budget Team Leader
  • 130. Yeah, I understand you’re not happy with just an apple for lunch… try writing a new proposal!
  • 131. Anca Voinea Finance & Budget Specialist
  • 132. Hey, man, get a life! You walk around that empty glass for half an hour!
  • 133. Mircea Tulea Finance & Budget Specialist
  • 134. This is my new office, a representation of what I believe local economic development means!
  • 135. Costel Todor Finance & Budget Specialist
  • 136. Hello, my name is Costel, and I live in Sibiu. I have a slight lapse of memory, could you please remind me how do I relate with the gentlemen near me?
  • 137. Mircea Alexandrescu Public Services Specialist
  • 138. Training! I love it! Free meals, pleasant company, and sometimes a perfect place for a nap!
  • 139. Mihaela Vrabete Public Services Specialist
  • 140. Yahoo Messenger user name: “ zona ”, password: “ metropolitana ”…
  • 141. Ciprian Căpâlnean Public Services Specialist
  • 142. This is an area in need of public services e.g. a phone, to call for help!
  • 143. Cristina Vladu Public Services Specialist
  • 144. Pssst! Abort mission! Abort mission! Peter, do you read me? We’re in the wrong local government!
  • 145. Nora Maderkova LED Team Leader
  • 146. This is the LED consultant assigned by the county council?
  • 147. Anca Socolovschi LED Specialist
  • 148. Strange.. How come I always get the empty glass?
  • 149. Kristina Creoşteanu Citizen Participation Team Leader
  • 150. Don’t worry about them… they project images on the wall, they don’t play loud music!
  • 151. Gabriela Căluşeru Municipal Credit Program Manager
  • 152. Everybody’s in the lunch break… Am I the only one working around here?
  • 153. grasp