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JMI FET Project Agenda
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JMI FET Project Agenda


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. JMI FET Project – Marketing JMI to the world
    AnkitTalwar ECE 2008
    ShariqueChishti CS 2009
    ImranAli ECE 2011
  • 2. JMIFET –
    Community Link to increase interaction between Alumni, Faculty and Students
    Knowledge Repository link to upload notes, papers etcetera
  • 3. JMIFET – The all important links!
    • Information Portal –
    • 4. Community Portal –
    • 5. Blog –
    • 6. Facebook –
    • 7. Twitter –
  • JMIFET – Where we can reach !!!
    Initiatives that will help us attain the position
    • Adequate web presence - Currently faculty does not have a separate website to showcase its potential.
    • 8. A connection to be established between Alumni and students so that students have role models to look up to.
    • 9. Clubs to be formed at JMIFET level such as incubation center to foster innovations.
  • JMIFET Project - Introduction
  • 10. Project JMIFET – Agenda 2011 - 2012
  • 11. Project JMIFET - Agenda
    • Construction of the official web portal ( of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, JamiaMilliaIslamia.
    • 12. The portal will consist of the following components
    • 13. FET Information Portal
    • 14. FET Community Portal
    • 15. FET Job and Internship Portal
    • 16. Formation of Mentorship Program for Faculty of Engineering and
    Technology, JamiaMilliaIslamia.
    • Formation of the Alumni Advisory Board for Faculty of Engineering and Technology, JamiaMilliaIslamia.
  • JMIFET Project – FET Information Portal
    The following information will be displayed on information portal
    Profile Information of all professors/lecturers in a particular format displaying their educational qualifications and achievements.
    Profile Information of successful Alumni in a particular format.
    Information regarding the infrastructure of the institution.
    Information and statistics regarding placements of the institution.
    Question papers, notes, research papers from time to time on the website.
    Job/Internship Portal
    Another sub module of the portal wherein Alumni/ companies can post job/internships for the current students/alumni. The website will also display their current profiles of the students which will help companies to select the right candidates.
    JMIFET Project – FET Job/Internship Portal
  • 17. JMIFET Project – Mentorship Program
    The program will consist of mentors - successful alumni and professors whose responsibility will be to guide students in various spheres of life and train them for a career ahead.
    As per the mentorship program the following cells are formed
    Entrepreneurship Cell: Focus is on helping and supporting entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs.
    Professional/Corporate Cell: Focus is on helping people in their professional lives with their career related mentoring.
    Academics & R&D Cell: Focus of Academics and R&D cell is to provide targeted mentoring to people who are primarily focused on R&D either in Academia or in R&D labs.
    New Graduates Cell (Currently studying and recently graduated): Individuals entering the corporate world just    after the completion of graduation/ post graduation. Programs to assist and guide students/ alumni in Internships, Job Interviews etc.
    Higher Studies Cell: Individuals who are currently pursuing higher studies or recently did their post graduation. Programs to assist and guide students for choosing the right field & pursue Masters.
    Government Job Cell: Individuals who are currently in government jobs to mentor students/ alumni, who want to enter the field
  • 18. JMIFET Project – Team Structure
    Faculty Website
    Team champions
    Team Champions
    Technical Team
    Job Portal Team
    Mentorship Team
    • Project Coordinators
    • 19. The prime responsibility of the Project Coordinators is to mentor the champions and ensure that common vision is implemented .
    • 20. Champions
    The champions will be further divided into the following :
    • PR & Communication Team Champions: To coordinate with Administration Champions/HOD and ensure activities of the institution are communicated on timely basis
    • 21. Alumni Relationship Team Champions: To maintain cordial relationships with Alumni and organize meets, send out bimonthly news letters.
    • 22. Technical Team Champions: To maintain the community website. Job portal etc
    • 23. Mentorship Team Champions : To ensure that the students are in constant touch with the Alumni as and when required, Allotment of students to the Alumni who are ready to Mentor the students according to requirement
    • 24. Job Portal Team Champions :To interact with various companies for placements and act as a link between alumni and TPO.
  • JMIFET Project – Our Approach
    The following phase wise approach will be followed for Project JMIFET.
    Phase 1 –
    FET Information Portal
    Phase 2 –
    Alumni Advisory
    Board and
    Mentorship Program
    Phase 3 –
    FET Job and
    Internship Portal
  • 25. JMIFET Project – Time Lines
    The following Time lines will be followed for Project JMIFET – Phase 1.
  • 26. JMIFET Project – Time Lines
    The following Time lines will be followed for Project JMIFET –Phase 2.
  • 27. How to register for Team JMIFET ??
    Click on Team registration link and fill a online form for working on this dream project
  • 28. JMIFET Project – Details needed
    • Team Registration Link –
    • 29. Details to be filled up
    • 30. Name
    • 31. Contact Number
    • 32. Email Address
    • 33. Branch
    • 34. Passing out Year
    • 35. Team/Committee Selection
    • 36. How do you think you can help out the JMI FET Project?
  • Contact Us
    Imran Ali
    • 37. +91-9911785603