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In the first ever Webinar from Radius, we brought in three sales experts, Barb Giamanco, Jamie Shanks, and Craig Rosenberg to discuss what social selling entails, how you can use it, and why it’s especially important if you sell to SMBs.

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Social selling to SMBs

  1. 1. radius webinar
  2. 2. on tuesday, march 26th 2013,we hosted a webinar about social selling.
  3. 3. social selling to the smb:how to use social media to find more deals and make more money
  4. 4. Barb Giamanco Craig Rosenberg Jamie Shanks John HurleySocial Centered Selling Funnelholic Media Sales for Life Radius Intelligence featured speakers
  5. 5. this is what we talked about:•  Why Social Selling Matters•  How to Start Social Selling Now•  Conversation Starters for Selling to SMBs
  6. 6. and this is what we learned:
  7. 7. what is social selling, and why does it matter?
  8. 8. “Social selling is the process of using social media to network, prospect, research, engage, collaborate, teach and close all with the purpose of attaining quota and increasing revenue.” barb giamanco @barbaragiamanco social centered selling
  9. 9. social selling means using social media to sell smarter.
  10. 10. “in 2012, 72.6% of sales reps that used social selling outperformed those that didn’t.” barb giamanco @barbaragiamanco social centered selling
  11. 11. social media has the power to impact revenue.
  12. 12. “if you have 50 salespeople on your team, and theaverage deal size is $50k, an extra deal per rep would equal a $2.5M increase in revenue.” barb giamanco @barbaragiamanco social centered selling
  13. 13. salespeople need to learn how to find prospects on social media.
  14. 14. how can i start social selling right now?
  15. 15. “your social profile is your brand. what do prospects careabout? on linkedin, they look at these 5 traits, in this order: 1.  Photo 2.  Activity Feed 3.  Headline 4.  Current Role 5.  Call-to-action jamie shanks @james_t_shanks sales for life
  16. 16. which means that this:
  17. 17. is better than this:
  18. 18. and this headline:
  19. 19. linkedin account executive: transforming sales through social selling
  20. 20. is more compelling than this one:
  21. 21. sales at linkedin
  22. 22. “how can you use your social channels to push your buyers off their status quo?” jamie shanks @james_t_shanks sales for life
  23. 23. your prospects want to see stuff like this:
  24. 24. more than they want to see stuff like this:
  25. 25. i’m a salesperson. •  I sell these products. •  They have these 14 features. •  They were featured in these publications. •  My company has won these awards. me me] [ex: me
  26. 26. “use social tools to find & share juicy content your prospects care about: ” jamie shanks @james_t_shanks sales for life
  27. 27. feedly:a replacement for google reader
  28. 28. hootsuite:endless content curated from all your social sites
  29. 29. linkedin signal:like google search with filters for relevance
  30. 30. how can i use social media to reach smb prospects?
  31. 31. “word of mouth is everything to the smb/vsb. every event (good or bad) matters to the smb/vsb.” craig rosenberg @funnelholic funnelholic media
  32. 32. “when selling to the smb/vsb:” 1.  When in doubt, use Yelp data 2.  Mention campaigns and daily deals 3.  Share local data on your social profiles 4.  Always follow and retweet/like prospect and customer social activity. craig rosenberg @funnelholic funnelholic media
  33. 33. small businesses know what people say on yelp. if you want to reach them, you should too.
  34. 34. and the final takeaway?
  35. 35. everyone is busy. social media helps us stand out, connect with prospects, and close deals faster.
  36. 36. about radiusIdentifying and engaging with the right local businesses can beoverwhelming due to the disorganized — and often contradictory— natureof local business information. Radius Intelligence has amassed unmatcheddata that documents the existence and activities of over 20 million smalland medium-sized U.S. businesses. Using Radius, businesses areempowered to prospect smarter and accelerate sales. Visit our website to try Radius for free.
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