Home Depot Case Study


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Home Depot Case Study

  1. 1. Redbeacon knew consumers needed a better way tohire local service professionals, and that local serviceprofessionals needed morework.However,Redbeaconlacked a way to generate enough leads to acceleratetheir sales process. Radius gives them the data,insights, and tools they need to consistently growtheir lead generation efforts.case studyHow Redbeacon Slashed Research Time,Supercharged Conversions, & GrewMarket By 240% Using Radiusredbeacona Home Depot® company
  2. 2. about redbeaconcompany overview- Foster City, CA- 100+ Sales Reps- Sales Managers Build Lists- 100+ Reps Prospect & Engageremarkable faqs- Acquired by Home Depot in 2012- Built own CRM called TACO- Every rep calls 100-200 leads per daytarget market- Local service providers- 60 verticals- 7 markets & growingthe problemRedbeacon sales leadership looked toRadius to identify large quantities of qualitylocal service providers in specific verticalsand locations. Sales reps turned to Radius togain insight into every lead.With hundreds of salespeople and rapid growth intonew locations and verticals, Redbeacon was expand-ing fast. But without a constant stream of new leads,the Redbeacon sales team had no way to scale theirgrowth. They needed a centralized solution, but onlyhad access to disparate and unreliable data sources.The poor quality of their data led to low conversionrates, and sales reps wasted valuable time siftingthrough data and calling wrong numbers.To address the issue, many reps were spending hoursscanning social media sites and search results to findany insights they could about prospects. Engagementwas still low.meet redbeaconRedbeacon is the link between local, professional service providers and theircustomers. Skilled service providers create profiles and receive jobs fromconsumers who select and book with their top choice. Everything from the providerapplication process to the final booking, billing, and reviewing happens within theRedbeacon interface.“We always need to bein acquisition mode.”-firstname lastname, redbeacon ceo
  3. 3. the results+ Slashed research time while increasing conversion rates.+ Bolstered lead targeting capability to fuel expansion.the solutionRedbeacon’s sales organization fills theirpipeline by building prospect lists thatempower reps to gain insight into every lead.Through the use of Radius, Redbeacon sales leadersnow build large, pre-qualified prospect lists containingaccurate, up-to-date information on their prospects.Sales reps now use Radius’ real-time insights fromsocial media and website activity to have relevant,engaging conversations with their prospects.As Redbeacon continues their rapid growth, theyneed to efficiently and intelligently identify newtarget markets. Radius provides reps with the dataand research to identify which target markets tolaunch next.“Radius saves tens of hoursin prospecting time.”- anthony rodio, redbeacon ceomanager1. Create research list to evaluate market potential2. Build vertical-targeted prospect list for marketgeographiessales representatives1. Sync new businesses into CRM2. Connect and engage3. Close new businessesqualifying using online activity+ =www
  4. 4. contactI’m [NAME], a [POSITION] at Radius.Let’s setup chat for 10 minutes. I’d love to help.1.855.RADIUS-0info@radiusintel.comabout usIdentifying and engaging with the right local businesses can be overwhelming due to thedisorganized — and often contradictory— nature of local business information. RadiusIntelligence has amassed unmatched data that documents the existence and activities ofover 20 million small and medium-sized U.S. businesses. Using Radius, businesses areempowered to prospect smarter and accelerate sales.140 2nd Street Ste. 300San Francisco, CA94105radiusintel.comSmarter sales, faster.Data for prospecting smarter.Insights for closing faster.