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MAC212- Radio Advertising - Session 1
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MAC212- Radio Advertising - Session 1






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    MAC212- Radio Advertising - Session 1 MAC212- Radio Advertising - Session 1 Presentation Transcript

    • *
    • * Sold in 10 second stages * 30” 40” or 50” usually* Core funding element of Commercial radio* All about…. * Changing the behaviour of the audience * Advertisements inform, persuade, remind, influence, change opinions; they may even alter attitudes and feelings” * (White, 2000, P42) *
    • * Solving a business or social need * Lack of business? Wrong sort of business? Perception? Demand? Expansion or start-up? * Building (or rebuilding) a brand * Share of mind * Establish the why… * Before the “how”Brands are like people at parties, they makethemselves look gorgeous because they want toattract your attention. With radio, your brandis addressing the blind guest at a party
    • *Radio is…. * Intimate * Intrusive (it Invades Private Space) * Imaginative * Cost Effective * Less avoidable *Remember how people listen to the radio.Ask yourself, how do I get to LISTEN to thead rather than just HEAR it?
    • * 73% 65% 62% 37% 34% 31% 18% 18% Banners Popups% of ads by medium which are “hard avoided” by mediumSource: Clark Chapman Research
    • * % of adults viewing/listening 35 30 25 20 The Retail Day 15 10 5 0 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 1 2 3 4 5 Commercial Radio Commercial TVSource: RAB/BARB/RAJAR
    • *
    • *All good ads have a good brief! *Who are we talking to… *A person who… *What do we want them to do… *Make a clear point *Why should they do it… *The incentive! *Sometimes you need sell the ‘sizzle’and not the sausage (Metro RadioCreative)
    • *Don’t be too creative *Don’t over-write *Think about comedy carefully *Make sure it sells *Make sure it communicates (the right message)Radio ads arrive un-announced… Radio listeners,therefore, just gradually find themselves listening tosomething that has taken their interest (Ingram andBarber:2005: P97)
    • *THERE IS NO SET WAY TO MAKE A RADIO COMMERCIAL…*But you could use… *A slice of life? *Radio to animate objects *Music *Comedy *A straight ‘read’*Think RADIO! *
    • *A good brief will help (A LOT!)*“Pace and Lead” * Find common experiences, pace them and lead the listener to the sales message*Emotion * Powerful weapons!*Anticipation and Comedy * Can we look forward to the punchline?*Use sound * Do we jump to conclusions? *
    • * McDonalds* Recycle for London* Natural Confectionary Company* Road Safety *
    • *The best ads are often very simple…*Find the right voices for the commercials and the audience*Is it a campaign? *Common themes, styles or “tag-line”*Is it effective? *Does it work? Might the audience misinterpret the content? *
    • *Failure to attract the listeners attention*Failure to appeal to the listeners self-interest*Failure to use words that paint pictures*Being so ‘clever’ or ‘creative’ that you fail to sell*Failure to give the listener a reason to act NOW*Cliché-ridden copy*Too much copy * From www.danoday.com
    • * 1. Understand the environment* 2. Speak the listeners language* 3. Engage and entertain the listener* 4. Keep it simple*read 5. Judge what you hear, not what you* 6. Production values are important* 7. Plan your production* 8. Dare to be different* 9. Take it seriously *
    • *Listen for…* The techniques* How is the product being sold to you?* Can you work out what the brief is? * What is the call to action? Who is it targeting?* Is it effective?* How is it using the qualities of radio? *
    • Listen out for how radio is used, how the adverts connect with shared experiences*Radio Advertising*Vodafone*Ikea*Nando’s*Lexus*Gun Amnesty *Some More Ads…
    • *3 Commercials for the same real client*Minimum 30 seconds long each*Must be either 30” 40” 50” or 60” long*Must be compliant*Think about: brand values, incentives, USP’s, etc *What do you make?
    • • The 3 commercials as digital files• Your brief• Typed scripts• Copyright and Cost details –Permissions letters / Music Log –Actors Costs• Compliance notes –RACC clearance request• Research notes etc *You need to hand in
    • *Grab a copy of the Metro Newspaper*Pick an advert*Turn it into a 30” radio commercial