DIRECTIONS: Using complete sentences, compose an Artist Statement of at least one paragraph that addresses the
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Neg space rubric : reflection
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Neg space rubric : reflection


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Neg space rubric : reflection

  1. 1. DIRECTIONS: Using complete sentences, compose an Artist Statement of at least one paragraph that addresses the following components: - What techniques did you use to develop this piece? (For example: cropping/zooming, sighting, using a viewfinder, focusing on negative space/shapes.) - How did you use these techniques to make your drawing successful, unique, and/or meaningful? - Discuss the planning process: How did you choose your final composition for this drawing? How did you choose what technique to use after finishing your drawing (example: India ink, paint, collage, writing, stencil, combination, etc.) What steps did you take in order to get to the final product? - Were you inspired, in any aspect of your piece, by any of the examples or demonstrations you saw in class? What about anything outside of class? - Do you feel that your drawing represents you as an individual? Why or why not? If it does not, what could you have done differently to make it represent you? - How could you use any of these skills in the future? (In art class or outside of class.) Please use the back of this sheet to complete your reflection. A typed response is also permitted. OBJECTIVE DESIGN STUDIO SKILLS PRESENTATION You created a Negative Space Drawing that focuses only on negative shapes and spaces rather than drawing objects. You used your viewfinder to help you depict a dynamic composition within your still life arrangement. (10 pts.) After completing your drawing, you carefully filled in the negative shapes with one of these techniques: ink, paint, collage, writing, spray paint, or a combination. (10 pts.) Objects drawn are mostly in proportion and sighting was used to depict accurate angles. (5 pts.) No lines are drawn inside your positive space (only negative shapes / spaces are drawn - no lines of the actual objects.) (5 pts.) The final design is evident of quality, time, thought, and care. (5 pts.) There are no pencil smudges, ripped areas, excess creases, or unnecessary marks on your final piece. (5 pts.) /10 /20 /10 /10 OBJECTIVE DESIGN STUDIO SKILLS PRESENTATION You addressed all questions of the reflection completely. (1 point for addressing each question) Your reflection is written using complete sentences. Your reflection uses correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. (3 pts) Your ideas are clearly communicated through your choice of words. (2 pts) Your reflection is written legibly or typed. /9 /6 /5 /5 YOUR NAME:RUBRIC: NEGATIVE SPACE drawing negative space drawing: Artist statement reflection: