Baby drive 2013


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Baby drive 2013

  1. 1. YOUR NAME: Appel • Art 2 / Art 2 GT RUBRIC: Baby You Can Drive My Car PRESENTATION: DESIGN: STUDIO SKILLS: OBJECTIVE: Your drawing has been sprayed with fixative to prevent smudging / smearing. You used a clamp light and have shown a wide range of value to create high contrast and the illusion of form. You have used sighting to accurately represent proportions, angles, spacing, etc. You created a papiermâché vehicle based on your brainstorming of where you want to go, who you want to go with you, and how you would get there. Problem criteria Every area of the drawing appears equally complete; there are no neglected areas of the artwork. You have used your background / negative space effectively to help create a dynamic composition. The drawing appears evident of quality time, thought, and care. You have created a sense of visual movement through the placement of your object, negative space, and shadows. Teacher SelfAssessment Assessment The drawing is free of excess smudges, tears, folds, etc. You used all three categories of charcoal media (compressed/ pencil, vine, and eraser) to create a full range of values, from the darkest possible darks to the lightest possible lights, with greys in between. You have avoided using lines to define your objects, and have instead relied on shapes of values and light to create forms. TOTAL: You completed a charcoal drawing of that vehicle from observation, trying to accurately “draw what you see, and not what you know.” /25 /25 /25 /25 /100 /25 /25 /25 /25 /100 ARTIST STATEMENT / REFLECTION Using complete sentences, compose an Artist Statement of at least one paragraph that addresses the following questions: • • • • Tell me the story of your vehicle/piece: Where are you going? Who are you taking with you? How will you get there (what is your vehicle)? Have you used charcoal before this drawing? Either way: What did you enjoy about working with charcoal? What was challenging? Think about your vehicle: Of what are you most proud? What would you want to improve upon? Think about your drawing: Of what are you most proud? What would you want to improve upon? DESIGN: STUDIO SKILLS: OBJECTIVE: TOTAL: Your reflection is written legibly or typed. Your reflection is written using complete sentences. Your reflection uses correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You addressed all questions completely. Self PRESENTATION: /5 /6 /5 /9 /25 Teacher Problem criteria Type or NEATLY write your Artist Statement. Grade yourself below: /5 /6 /5 /9 /25
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