2.0 Solutions for Stations


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On the 2.0 media landscape, radios need to adapt to survive. Radiobeta brings solutions for a successful shift.

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2.0 Solutions for Stations

  1. 1. On Air & Social! Feb 2012
  2. 2. Internet has revolutionized mass media Broadcasters are being challengedSHIFT IN COMMUNICATION MEDIA CONTROLAll media gets digitized and the Internet increasingly becomes the most important mode ofcarriage.OPEN AND FREENo geographical boundaries, services for free or at low cost and revenue is preliminarilybased on advertising.SHARED SOCIAL SPACEProviders encourage participation and contributions from everyone who is interested.FROM MANY TO MANYConsumers are now producers too and the network of relationships within the shared socialspace guarantees that they can talk directly with each other We are increasingly in a landscape where media is: Global, Social, Ubiquitous and Cheap.
  3. 3. The Radio is dead – Long live the Radio! Stations have to adapt quickly to surviveThe combination of an old media mind-set with the new media consumer willultimately result in disintermediation.The good news is that things can turn for the better:Radio is where the most interactive discussions around news, music,sports, politics, culture, etc. happen in major media.It’s time to take it to another level We are here to help!
  4. 4. We address all your social & web needs So you can focus on what you do best Don’t hassle about technologyWe provide a flexible structure for branded apps, a full featured API – easy to createnew products and a support team to help you align and implement your strategy. Offer the best user experienceBuild and active and engaged community Brand awareness & loyaltyBe everywhere, whether its web, desktop, toolbar, mobile, smartphones, tablets,cars, digital radios or smart TVs. Use online radio to generate new revenueAd spending is migrating online and budgets are growing – get on truck!
  5. 5. Our solutions
  6. 6. RB wallCut the noise - all your social activity in one place. Run your own ads! Ex: http://radiobeta.com/desktop/43234
  7. 7. RB Chat roomAllow your audience to connectEx: http://radiobeta.com/desktop/43234/chat/
  8. 8. Individual profiles for each showService tailored to the specific needs of your programs – personalize by formats, advertisers and demographics of your shows. Ex: http://radiobeta.com/desktop/54377
  9. 9. Facebook FantabsHave your stations and shows socially integrated on your Fanpage. Let other fanpages have them too! Run your own ads on facebook! Ex: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ex-Sports-Radio-790-The-Zone/229581823796035
  10. 10. RB webplayer Flexible, Social & CustomizableLet your fans grab it to their sites - they can be your best channel.
  11. 11. Be on every web platforms You must be where listeners are
  12. 12. Thank You! Send us an email to info@radiobeta.comwith your contact details and we’ll get back to you soon. On Air & Social!