UKCoD Conference -2010 and Beyond: Communication services for deaf people conference


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David Rose's presentation at the UKCoD Conference on Nov 3rd. Conference theme was focused on looking at the need for modernising current telecom relay services for deaf people.

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UKCoD Conference -2010 and Beyond: Communication services for deaf people conference

  1. 1. A foot in both camps A consumer perspective of USA & UK Telecommunication Relay Services David Rose, MA - Consultant: Deaf and Disability Matters Email address: © Conference – Nov 3rd , 2010
  2. 2. A consumer perspective  10 years in USA  Different pace of development of relay services in USA & UK
  3. 3. USA Telecommunication Relay ServicesIphone relay Video relay services Captioned Telephone
  4. 4. Such sophistication! What a choice!
  5. 5. Make a CapTel Call Via the Web or Mobile Device • Coming Soon – Sprint Wireless Captel! • Free Sprint Wireless Captel App provides word-for-word captions for your wireless device
  6. 6. Telephone Numbers for Relay Users - USA  All deaf and hard of hearing users have a 10 digit telephone number  Allows hearing people to call directly to deaf people easily  Allows deaf job seekers to list an actual phone number on their CVs
  7. 7. Relay Conference Captioning - USA  Allows deaf people to participate in conference calls  Captioned Telephone (Captel) is similar to a voice carryover relay service in near-instant captions  Specialised Telecommunications Assistance Programs Equipment for deaf blind and others
  8. 8. Relay Services in USA & UK In USA, at least 25 Relay Service companies providing multiple services - web, traditional, and video – 5 are deaf-led companies In UK, there are 4 VRS providers: o Sign Video: deaf-led social enterprise, UK o Sign Translate: Charity, UK o Sign On Screen – Deaf Connections, Charity, Scotland o Sign-Now, Company, Scotland BUT…………………..
  9. 9. What do we have now in UK (or not……) ? o We dial 16 digits number to call via Text Relay - Hearing people get confused…. o Relay Conferencing Captioning - We don’t have it …. o Captioned Telephone (CapTel) - It stopped 3 years ago…..
  10. 10. And…. o VRS services are not available 24/7/356 o VRS is limited to those with Access to Work budgets or those can afford to pay o No healthy competition in the marketplace to provide top-notch services
  11. 11. Numbers in UK? • Approx 160,000 + Deaf BSL users • Approx 9 million are deaf & hard of hearing Are they getting a good relay telecommunication service now? The answer is NOT YET….
  12. 12. What we as consumers can do about it? Deaf Access to Alternative Relay Telecommunications (DAART) – a new consumer group set up in September 2010 who firmly believes that the TRF is the way forward & to complement the work of TAG
  13. 13. What do we want? DAART is open to suggestions for expansion of services providing they meet the following conditions:  Sustainable long term funding  Fully functional equivalent TRS  Set up an independent Telephone Relay Fund (TRF) for management & development of a modern TRS  Contracts be a minimum of 3 – 5 years
  14. 14. Also…..  Services are available 24/7/365  Must keep up with technology developments  Ensure all deaf , deafened, deaf blind & hard of hearing community members can benefit  No more than the cost of normal phone call
  15. 15. And finally…..  0.5% funds be generated from telecom industry or by any other means  Appropriate terminal equipment to access different types of relay services  Consumers as stakeholders must be involved in the entire process
  16. 16. DAART Equal Access to the Telecoms Now You can learn more about DAART: o Facebook o Twitter o o Mission & Campaign Policy Statements, Response to Govt. Consultation Papers, & Consumer Views ©