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'Making A Difference In Tourism Education' Slide Presentation for Visit Perak Year 2012 Promotion

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Making a difference ...

  1. 1. SMJK POI LAM IPOH, PERAK. ‘VISIT PERAK YEAR 2012’ ‚MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN TOURISM EDUCATION‛ ‘Jom! Let’s Visit Perak 2012’ Choral Speaking Script written by : Veronica Woo Eu Cheng ( TESL Teacher ) Performed by : Form 2 Choral Speakers of SMJK Poi Lam ‘Green Tourism’ iEARN Learning Circle Project Project ideas sponsored by : Veronica Woo Eu Cheng ( TESL Teacher ) Form 2 Choral Speakers of SMJK Poi Lam‘GREEN TOURISM. YOURS TO DISCOVER. NATURE AND HERITAGE’
  2. 2. School Excellence Day 2011 Skype to Indonesia, Pakistan and Australia ( Rehearsals ) Perak Tourism Logo Launch Perak Tourism Newspaper Launch Skype to Austria Skype to Pakistan ( Testing Connection ) CHORAL SPEAKING PERFORMANCES ( ‘Jom! Let’s Visit Perak ) ‘VISIT PERAK YEAR 2012’ PROMOTIONNorthern Writers’ GatheringSkype to USA and The Philippines
  3. 3. Skype to Austria, Australia, Pakistan, Indonesia, USA and the Philippines ‘Visit Perak Year 2012’ Promotion Skype to New Zealand( SMJK Poi Lam / Cosmopoint College ) COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Skype to Indonesia ( Prime Minister’s State Visit ) Skype to Australia( Melbourne Writers’ Festival ) Skype to USA and The Philippines ( Northern Writers’ Gathering @ Garden Villa )
  4. 4. Veronica Woo YEAR 2005 ONCE UPON A TIME… GLOBAL CONNECTIONS 2005…
  5. 5. ‘OUR EARTH, OUR HOME’( Promoting Green Tourism & Malaysia )
  6. 6. ‘The World Is Your Classroom. The Classroom Is Your World’ YEAR 2010
  7. 7. 13 MAY, 2011 Australian Educators watching live and online in Melbourne via Skype Video-conferencing.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. iEARN ‘GREEN TOURISM’ PROJECT Project Ideas Sponsored By: Veronica Woo Eu Cheng Choral Speakers of SMJK Poi LamWelcome to Green Tourism Learning CircleStudents from various countries will learn about the role of green tourism inhelping to promote awareness about conserving nature for the benefit ofmankind in a world faced with climate change. They will collaborate and shareperspectives about places and tourism education through using computersoftware and a shared wikispace. In doing so, students will also learn aboutnature, heritage and the cultures in these different countries.Goals of Green Tourism ProjectThe goals of the Green Tourism Project are :1. to learn about green tourism and to promote it to the local and international community.2. to build and develop a sense of love for nature and social responsibilities towards it3. to learn about nature, heritage and cultures of countries around the world4. to specifically promote green tourism in line with ‘Visit Perak Year 2012’ tagline ‘Green Tourism. Yours To Discover. Nature and Heritage’.Duration of Project : 1 October, 2011 - 31 January, 2012
  10. 10. The Learning Objectives• Learning beyond borders• Global awareness - cultural awareness - language awareness - ‘green tourism’ awareness• Global competence• Promoting tourism education in a fun and interactive way to local and virtual audiences around the world.• Fostering goodwill and better understanding• Friendship knows no boundaries• Celebrating diversity and promoting peace
  11. 11. • Sharing a common school curriculum via project-based learning.• Expanding the idea of learning beyond borders to include all levels of schools and society.• Promoting tourism education to a wider audience locally and globally.• Organising programmes and workshops to reach out to more schools and communities locally and globally about the benefits of working with technology and others.• Possibility of implementing twinning school plan between schools for better working relationship and addressing the issue of equity in education ( rural vs urban, developed vs developing, etc. )
  12. 12. VISIT PERAK YEAR 2012 “Making A Difference In Tourism Education” Slide Presentation created byVeronica Woo Eu Cheng