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Save Mother Cow …

Save Mother Cow

Join us

Published in: Environment, Business, Technology

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  • 1. B Y G O V A T S R A D H E S H Y A M R A V O R I A J O I N U S W W W . G O K R A N T I . C O M C A L L : - + 9 1 9 0 4 2 3 2 2 2 4 1 Save Cow to Save the Planet?
  • 2. Save Cow for Milk  It gives us milk which is next to mother’s milk.  Milk, A prime food and source of energy.  Cow’s milk nourish the body and also has lot of medicinal and spiritual properties.
  • 3. Save Cow for Curd  It gives us curd, curd is very useful ingredient of our food, makes us healthy and our digestion better. It has lot of medicinal properties.
  • 4. Save Cow for Ghee  It gives us Pure Ghee, Which is required for making our food more nourishing, This also has lot of medicine value.
  • 5. Save Cow for Sweets  Milk, Curd, Cheese, Butter and Ghee are used for making many tasty sweats and other dishes.
  • 6. Save Cow to Save us from Cancer  Cow’s urine is very useful in treating deadly disease like cancer. There are many more medicines made using cow urine.
  • 7.  Cow’s dung is the essence of organic farming.  Compost made of cow’s dung increase the immunity of plants. It gives healthier and balanced food.  It protects and increases fertility of soil. Save Cow: The Soul of Organic Farming
  • 8. Save Cow to Save us from Chemical Fertilizers  Effects of chemical fertilizers are now becoming clear people are getting no. of diseases due to that. Fields are becoming baron.
  • 9.  Agriculture is becoming expensive as raw materials of chemical fertilizer are minerals and energy for processing, these are becoming expensive. Lands are becoming baron and require more and more fertilizer every year. Chemical Fertilizers: An Industrial Conspiracy
  • 10. Reason of Suicide by Farmers  Low profitability in agriculture, due to increase in the cost of inputs and burden of tractor loan.
  • 11. Chemical Pesticides: Slow Poisoning  Chemical pesticides are directly harmful to our health, it works as slow poison.
  • 12. Effects of Water Pollution  These chemicals with irrigation water moves inside the soil, pollute ground water and reaches to rivers along with rain water.
  • 13. Explosion in Major Deceases  Exponential increase in all type of deceases due to use of chemicals in the food contents.
  • 14. Save Cow to Save from Chemical Pesticides  Cow’s urine is used as pesticide, processed cow’s urine with neem makes even better pesticide.  It is cheap, can be home made and without side effects.
  • 15. Save Cow: The Continuous Source of Power  It gives us calves, they are useful for transportation in bullock carts as well for plaguing the fields.  It is non polluting, not depending on any external source, it is pure green power.
  • 16. Save Cow: The Continuous Source of Energy  Cow eats green fodder and husk, Cow converts this into dung cake.  Calorific value of wood and dry dung cake is same.
  • 17. Bio-Gas: A Useful Bi-Product  Dung cake may be used in many forms to produce energy. Cow dung can be converted in to bio-gas and other source of energy even electricity.
  • 18. What does it take?  Cow converts leafs and other biological green and leftovers in to very nourishing food products and other products.  Otherwise it may go waste. We reduce waste and pollution by feeding the cows.
  • 19. Save Cow: A Best Human Friend  Cow is a total solution for continuous nourishment, organic farming, energy requirements and healthy living.
  • 20. Critical Areas  In India where Children are dying due to mal nutrition, slaughtering of cow will further add in this problem.
  • 21. Why Mother ?  Mother gives us birth but cow supports life when we are in the womb of mother and after birth.
  • 22. Is it ethical?  Killing cow means killing of gratitude, killing of relations and moving towards a cruel world.  Approx. 60,000 cows(min.) are butchered every day for meat in India.
  • 23. Wake up? Who Kills our Cow?  Meat lobby.  Government Misdirected Policies.  Meat for export.
  • 24.  We are becoming dependent for food and energy on outside world, our independence is on the stake.  Our health and life on the planet is on stake.