Twitter basics


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twitter terms and basics for those new to twitter. do also look at twitter's help sections.

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Twitter basics

  1. 1. #beginnersguide
  2. 2. Understanding elements of a twitter timeline Tweets of all the accounts I follow are loaded chronologically Number of Number oftweets by me people /since I joined accounts that twitter follow me. Celebrities Number of tend to have people / the highest accounts that I number of follow followers This is the timeline page for a user’s (in this case me) twitter account
  3. 3. Elements of my timelineRecommendationsto get me to follow more accounts / people Popular topics / hashtags that arecurrently being usedby multiple accounts right now
  4. 4. Elements of a tweet – possible actions Twitter account from which the tweet has been posted Clickable URL leading to full article
  5. 5. Elements of a tweet – possible actions Expanded Image with the beginning of the article “Reply” automatically populates the account ids to reply to
  6. 6. What happens when you retweet?
  7. 7. How do I know I am reading a re-tweet (RT) Since Star Movies India, who I am following, has re-tweeted this, I see it on my timeline
  8. 8. How does a conversation take place on twitter– across user timelines Tab under which I can see all the times someone has used my username (mentiuons) in either a reply or re-tweet. I can also see who are my recent new followers 1. First tweet 2. My “reply” 3. Barkha Dutt’s “reply” to me These tweets are grouped together as a conversation that I can view on my Connect tab
  9. 9. Must-know phrases / icons of twitterButtons you’ll see on various websites to around twitter: When you want to When you want Tags, identifiers to “tweet” the tweets from this create trends on To write to the headline + URL of account / person to twitter account / person the article you’re appear on your e.g. #sandy reading timeline , #libya
  11. 11. Branding elements on the Twitter profile pagefor advertisers Choose a profile header that is 1252px x 626px for optimal display across all devices.
  12. 12. #EXAMPLES
  13. 13. World’s most popular “twitterati”
  14. 14. Indian twitterati
  15. 15. Currently the most popular brand account Source:
  16. 16. Example of an Indian brand account
  18. 18. Promoted Products Promote d Account Promote d Tweet
  19. 19. Cadbury @wispa •Promoted Trend increases positive mentions of chocolate bar #WispaGold 1,800% and drives 25% engagement rate for “Retweet for Sweets” promotion Full case study at : studies/cadbury/
  20. 20. VW @VW_es • To market the Polo model, @VW_es needed to engage the vehicle’s target audience: digital natives who spend most of their time online and demand new, unique kinds of brand experiences • In partnership with its creative agency, DDB, @VW_es Polo created a campaign around an online game called Polowers (a mash-up of Polo and “followers”) which people could play using Twitter to be entered to win a Polo. To create awareness for the contest with younger consumers, @VW_es used Promoted Tweets in timelines and search targeted to both desktop and mobile.The #polowers campaign exceeded expectations and reached 10% of Twitter’s users in Spain. @VW_es drove over 150,000 Tweets in the eight hours of the contest. The brand also increased its follower base by 50% with the overall campaign and its Promoted Account campaign. Full case study at :
  21. 21. #THANKYOU