Hyundai i30 Break Free campaign on Spotify


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An overview of Hyundai 2012 campaign on Spotify from Australia.

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Hyundai i30 Break Free campaign on Spotify

  1. 1. Hyundai i30 Break Free campaign on Spotify
  2. 2. The challenge In an increasingly competitive market in which manufactures are aggressively competing to engage audiences in every moment, social platforms have become a battle ground of sponsored stories, branded communications, aspirational images, memes and hashtags. As a result of this consumers have become emotionally disconnected and indifferent to brands looking for their attention. In light of this the challenge was to differentiate Hyundai as a brand and cut through the noise of competitors and other brands. Instead, Hyundai communicated with their audience through social innovation at a level not seen in the Australian market before.
  3. 3. The insight Australians love music and particularly like driving to music! For generations, the experience of driving to a particular song has heightened the relationships we have with our vehicles and the memories we reflect on. Whether it's your first car and the exhilaration of freedom as you listened to your favourite song, or the tune you laughed and sang along to with friends and family, we all remember music as an emotional bond to the experiences we have when driving and can dedicate a song to a given moment or individual that will last a lifetime.
  4. 4. The idea With a growing and engaged audience of Hyundai fans, the idea was a social extension of the i30 Break Free campaign which ran in 2012. Leveraging not only the social media presence of Hyundai in Facebook, it encompassed media and the opportunities introduced through the API of Spotify music platform. As one of the most innovative and socially integrated platforms involving music, the idea presented was the first of its kind for an automotive company in Australia. Through the careful use of Spotify's API, the app merged the social sharing functionality and visibility of friends in Facebook with the millions of songs available in Spotify. By doing so, a unique, branded destination was developed and Hyundai fans were presented with the ability to browse a specially created Hyundai i30 Break Free playlist. In doing so they could listen to these tracks, search for their favourite tracks and dedicate a favourite song to a friend creating the perfect integration between music and driving!
  5. 5. The results The application developed by REBORN was featured by Spotify as a best-in-class app and presented at Spotify conferences around the world. CTRs reached amazing value of 0.87% for Homepage Takeover and 0.30% for Audio Ads..
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