How To Think Like An Alien
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How To Think Like An Alien



Think like an alien

Think like an alien



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    How To Think Like An Alien How To Think Like An Alien Presentation Transcript

    • How to Think Like an Alien in the Year 3000
    • Think Like An Alien
      • What do extraterrestrial aliens know that we don’t?
    • Think Like An Alien
      • What will humans know in the year 3000 that we don’t know now?
    • Think Like An Alien
      • It may be difficult to imagine what more there is to learn about the world
      • Over the past 500 years western civilization has made tremendous progress in science and technology
      • In physics, chemistry, biology and in information and communication sciences it might seem that we have learned close all we will ever learn
    • Think Like An Alien
      • Scientists used to think that space and time were constant
      • They now believe that space and time are relative but that only the speed of light is constant
    • Think Like An Alien
      • Astronomers found out that, not only is the universe expanding, but it is expanding at an accelerating rate!
    • Think Like An Alien
      • We have yet to come up with a unified field theory in physics
      • We don’t understand the nature of gravity or consciousness
      • While we once thought that matter was made up of elementary particles, the best guess now is that matter is reducible to bits of loopy strings (string theory)
    • Think Like An Alien
      • Black holes, dark matter, dark energy, worm holes, sub-atomic strings…
      • The pace of discovery of the essential materials of the universe is accelerating
      • This is in part due to the accelerating rate of technological progress
    • Think Like An Alien
      • The Hubble Space Telescope has enabled great leaps forward in understanding our universe
    • Think Like An Alien
      • We fully expect to eventually figure out what gravity is and how it is related to electromagnetism and the micro-forces that hold atoms together
      • What will we be able to do with that knowledge?
      • Fly anti-gravity machines?
    • Think Like An Alien
      • Maybe we will figure out that, by playing some incredible tricks, we can travel faster than the speed of light
    • Think Like An Alien
      • Another problem we have is sorting out complex systems
      • We have trouble understanding, predicting and controlling very complex systems
      • And you don’t have to look very far to find complex systems
    • Think Like An Alien
      • Any time you get even a dozen variables operating simultaneously you have too many things to think about
      • This is especially true if there are feedback loops involved, so that the emergent outcome behaviour of the variables has an influence on the subsequent behaviour
    • Think Like An Alien
      • The point of all this is that we should be aware that we are thinking inside the box 99 percent of the time
      • We think within the terms of the commonly shared ideas within our respective disciplines and cultures
    • Think Like An Alien
      • To get outside this box is really not an easy prospect at all
      • We need our shared common ideas to give us reference points and a sense of orientation
      • To step too far outside those boundaries is to risk becoming disoriented or even “unglued”
    • Think Like An Alien
      • Ideas that are too far out are less likely to stick, because there are fewer links to familiar ideas in our long term memories
      • They can slip out of our grasp as quickly as they arrive
    • Think Like An Alien
      • How much more does an alien know than we do?
      • As an individual, has the alien given up personal knowledge of many things so he can specialize in one area, leaving other specialised knowledge for others of his kind?
    • Think Like An Alien