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Kompkamp brochure eng 2012

  1. 1. COMPCAMP COMPUTER CAMP FOR KIDS DESIGN GAMES & FUTURE + FUN NOVI SAD SERBIA CompCamp Village has everything a camper could dream of and more! Founded in 2008. at the initiative of one boy, computer fan, who did not want to spend summer vacation at sea, because there are no computers. He asked his mom to make a computer camp for children, where children will spend summer vacation and be with their favorite ,,toy-machine’’. CompCamp was born to the satisfaction of all children ages 8 to 15 years. It’s NGOs, which are joined by numerous parents and children. In the first four years of CompCamp joined about 800 members. Each summer around 200 childrenWWW.COMPCAMP.NET come to camp from all parts of Serbia and from over the world: USA, Canada, UK, Russia, Slovakia. The camp lasts two months, during July and August, in five session of 12 days. Each gruop for a ses- sion is about 30 - 40 children with 5 or 6 adults : IT teachers, psychologists, counselors, teachers for sport, music, art and about 5 adults support staff - doctor, cooks, maids, guard. The camp is located in a rural environment, for peace and harmony, because of clean and fresh air and idyllic countryside. Accomodation includes food, and is in a rented place, commonly a boarding school, with a provided THE KIDS LOVE IT, program training on computers, many sports activities and entertainment. Technology is like a golden thread that goes through education. Through creative and efficient use NEED IT of technology, we learn of all the latest eachievements. Don’t just play games, learn how to make them - is the motto of our camp from the first idea of the camp. We show children how to use the time spent in front of the computer in good cause. We learn through fun, and that’s how selfconfi- AND DESERVE IT! dence is gained!
  2. 2. PROGRAMChildren learn capabilities of some of the leading programs, first of all for game design - Multimedia Fusion2 Developer, Unity 3D, Google SketcUp, Adobe Flash and web design - Inkscape, KompoZer, GIMPS, Blender,3D Games Creator, and a video creating/editing software - Windows Movie Maker on Windows OP and MacOS, expressing their creativity and intelligence through their own projects. Children are pointed to an educa-tive approach to computers.KompKamp blends the latest in technology learning with fun summer camp activities to create a well-round-ed camp experience. Sessions are 12 days long so campers have time to become part of a community, makefriends and build self-confidence. 12 days sessions also allow campers to take three different technologyworkshops each day which means more variety and deeper learning. Schedule in KompKamp The day in camp begins by waking up at 8 in the morning, morning work-out, breakfast, computer exercises that last 2 hours for each group of knowledge level, ,with a break for a snack. Sports activities by choice - swimming, basketball, volleyball, tennis... Lunch... Resting by choice... Continuation of activities on the computer for 2 hours. Next come the free activities among the creative workshops: art, movie makers, music, drama, ecology and also have health club, good behavior club, ‘the never-ending games club’...snack break, swimming and sports activities until dinner. After dinner we engage party or disco, masquerade or hanging out with guests from the art, music, and drama workshops. Many campers would like to be on the computer 24/7 but we believe that recreation and socializing are essential ingredients for healthy child devel- opment and a well rounded summer camp experience. Campers spend one of four periods each day in recreation and participate in camp-wide large group activities. KompKamp’s psychological and pedagogical workshops encourages campers to practice teamwork, try new activities and develop new skills.
  3. 3. The movie makers workshop is one of the most popu-lar. The kids, with help of a professional camera man, The Boe Bot Kit to build their own rolling robot.learn the technic of filming, and after that, write their Larn the basic or robotics, program the robot’sown scenario and film their own movie. Everyone choos- artificial intelligence and set its actions and reac-es their own role and task in the process: actors, writ- tions. Explore many variations of robot designs using this expandable kit.ers, producers... When the movie is filmed, the videomaterial is edited in either Windows Movie Maker, orAdobe Premier. And it doesn’t stop there, at the end,the video is put up on the internet (Youtube, Vimeo...).We have at least some bragging rights. We make educative games Programming games with topics: science works for health, mad math, World without borders, the safety of children in the traffic - are the part of our program, in cooperation with the University of Novi Sad, depart- ment of technical sciences, physics and astronomy. Internet can be fun and useful. We learn about safe surfing and etique on the internet.
  4. 4. Our primary goal is to teach kids howto make games, not only play them. Education and good behaviour are the key to a good life .They are happy because they learnt more about computer, got newfriends, become more mature, more independent and selfconfident.
  5. 5. The children can enjoy swimming in complex of swimming pools, play games in the pools, exercise : basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, soccer,gymnastics, modern dance, traditional dances and other sports, be creative in our painting, art labs, handicrafts, clay, ecology, theatre labs, have funin the disco, the theatre, the cinema, the pool-bar, participate in competitions and theatrical plays, karaoke nights, visit farms, run horses and havesurprise events.Everything is planned and carried out by various experienced and reliable professionals.It is a community of professionals with expertise in the field of camp life, deep knowledge and dedication to enriching group living by experiencingvarious activities. Our love for children and reliability guarantee a high quality accommodation for the campers. In this environment and thanks toour endless passion the children make new friends from all over the world, exercise, develop a group spirit and become self-reliant.KompKamp is providing an organized educational and recreational use of a summer holiday. It is a valuable way for kids to build upon technologyskills taught in schools and the technology skills needed for the 21 century .Research on proven summer programs for kids in world in the field of ICT/ informatics’ technology shows that kids playing and entertaining them-selves are more willing to learn and absorb information, ideas and experience. Comp Camp aims to use proven practices and experiences fromworldwide computer camps to awake interest and enthusiasm for learning and even possible pursuit of a career in the IT industry.
  6. 6. YOU ARE WELCOMED COMPUTER CAMP FOR KIDS Tel:+381-21/6396-774E-mail: kompkamp@kompkamp.net Novi Sad, Serbia WWW.COMPCAMP.NET About the founder: www.kompkamp.org